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Pope's Magdalene 2012 Easter Message

Pope's Magdalene 2012 Easter Message

We arrive at Easter 2012  a moment's pause on our journey,  the stage is focused on the yearly  Vatican's Easter Message, which is delivered to the awaiting masses, the voice tone and sober ,bordering on confessional, the contents from Pope Benedict XVI  confusing,  like a sinner in Hope of forgiveness, the Lady  whom has troubled Saint Peter and his establishment, her voice has finally been given permission to be aired, a long awaited admission that quite a number of us already knew ? 


In the message, Her Name was repeated, again and again,  we awake to the content with in the message,  the chains are shattered as the true teachings of Jesus were allowed to come to the Light.

The Temple door Handle is opened with a symbol of the Red Rose.

 This brave Pope  in the twilight of his years, was going to make sure whom ever followed him,  out of the stigma shadows  of pretence, they would not have the Mary Magdalene hidden Legacy  that others had to walk the formidable ecclesiastical path that, contractual sworn duties conflicted with their soul's morals,  the minefield of lies and torture and Death, which kept the party intact for around 2000 years, and put the fear of God's wrath through human dictatorial control served the power of the teflon Church  virtually intact in its present format.   The time has now come to Embrace, Embellish, and Forgive. 

 In her writings the Wife of the Lamb, was-is the murmuring spirit of Love,  the Jesus story from start to finish in the Gospel is the Longest Romance in History.

The Romans at the start of the Christian era found the Gift of the lovers that the Lord sent to teach us, initially  offensive, and saw it as elaborate wind up, which they could not grasp, but a rare opportunity to embrace Christianity and seize the initiative  for ambitious Roman rulers was a present set in front of them that could not be refused.

In their haste to set up council and break into new frontiers, and potentially amass more tax revenues towards the unofficial  Bank of Jesus and unite sworn enemies, through the back door of nationalized religion,   this juicy temptation was too great a prize  for hungry possessed Roman leaders, eager to portray their own stamp in the annals and keep the reputation of this  mighty power crazy Roman lust  machine intact.

As a result  Much of the loving sensitive meek nature of Jesus and his Wife's wisdom was overlooked, the Saints along with others including the Cathars and Covenanters to name a few of many, would sacrifice every thing in an attempt to put what was wrong right, their plight on the whole was faced with bitter animosity their inner knowing that helped strengthen their courage, with their dying shouts for truth  falling upon deaf ears and hardened Hearts. 

 Like Genesis  and the story of the handsome Joseph whom was thrown into prison for his innocence that involved the spurred lust of the Wife of Egyptian Captain of the Guard, Potiphar ("he whom Ra gave life"),  Joseph's faith in God and his moral temptation stance, set a example for us All if we wish to gain our Freedom.

Heartend by Joseph's stirring inspiration, the Magdalene converts perseverance of the  misinterpretation gospels, would come one day in the future be unearthed, what had been hidden would be uncovered and the Naked truth would see the light of Day. 

Confirming their hearts intuition that the blind cause was Just, living the life of lies, is a life with too much conscious guilt attached, especially so, if we have a Judgemeant test pending!!! 

Genesis 39:9

"He has with-held nothing from me except YOU, because You are his Wife.

So how could I do such a great evil and Sin against GOD"?       

 As time comes full circle we have a Wedding to Look forward to at Canna, as this is "The First Sign"  as told by John 2:1  the Saint's and people of the truth, will be awarded with their dogged endurance, as told by John in the bible, He/she knows the feelings of our Hearts.

 We have come along way, the souls of our sandals worn out to the bare skin, the keys to the prison door are unlocked by a very surprising Old & Weary Prison Guard employed as the head of the Church of Saint Peter, just as bible prophseys predicted.

"A-rose has risen" told by  Pope Benedict XVI. Urbi et Orbi - Easter Sunday 8th  April 2012.

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