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Kidron-Kidston Valley

Kidron-Kidston Valley

The Kidston Valley lies around 2-3 miles North-West of Peebles, the ancient Britons revered this area as God's Acre, through name and Holy understanding, the Kidston Valley is regarded as the twin Valley of the Kidron Valley, in the Engish Alphabet the S follows on from R which in turn determines the logical explanation of KidRon and KidSton names respectively.

 Back in the  old Holy Land of Isreal the Kidron valley,   is where the old Solomon's Temple is found.  John's Revelations  ch 21  writes about the "New Jerusalem and Holy-Circle City" it goes on to write this is where the Alpha and the Omega is found and is the Home to the Beginning and the End, confirmation of the ancient call of completion, comes from the hill on the South side of Kidston valley, you may have guessed in advance it is called  "Time Hill".

On the west side of Kidston Hill is a ancient leyline-drove road, it is called Meldon, the meaning of the name Meldon is Hill with a Cross.

The Cross in question lies on the upper Apex of Kidston Hill, local archaeologist Doctor Clement-Gunn in the early 1900,s set about to measure the Holy Cross, startled at what he found, he went on to do a number of books of the history of the Peebles area, which included a in depth study of the Cross Kirk which lies above the Eddleston water  a few hundred yards before it enters the river Tweed,   the kirk dates back to Norman times, and maybe even before,  significantly it is one of several locations in Europe that claim to have the relics of Saint Nicholas, whom is perceived  as old Father Time himself  and conceived as the gift of new life, through the chimmy-womb he represents the pagan-druids  notion of the Green Man, we have lost our way a little by formulating the Nicholas smoke screen into Santa Claus.

Clement-Gunn was convinced the cross was connected
in some way to the Bible writings he was determined the cross at Kidston hill held the secret to the New Temple, with a measuring tape and inner intuition he set about to measure the cross, bewildered by his findings conformation came to him in number form, the four hand Cross was mapped out exactly at 144 feet,  revelations chapter 7 and 14 came to mind, here is where the 144000  are chosen with the Marked Cross on the forehead, before there are allowed to ascend, could the Kidston Cross, be the place in the future that John predicted we may find Jesus and his Disciples?

We study the scripture of John ch 18 to find more insight.........

When Jesus had spoken these words, he went across the Kidron Valley with his disciples over the river Cedron, where there was a Garden, into the which he entered, with  his disciples.

What John tells us in the word "across" is disguised term to relay a different time, or new incarnation, the "river" itself is used  as a pseudo to guise our time in the womb, from here  the ingenious John uses the word Cedron, Ce is the ancient Mark of the start of Time, that goes all the way back to the Goddess Europa and members of the white race of mankind, which includes Jesus, the  Ce mark itself many people will recognise as a modern distinction brand Mark to reflect excellence, but in truth it is a borrowed label that represents the Time Seal, of the Ce-l-tick  people, L being the 12 letter of the English Alphabet, which relates to 12 o'clock and tic(k) is the sound of time,  the garden again is a allegory for the womb, moveing on to Dron in Ce-dron, Dron is a Sanskrit name for boys meaning Teacher which again relates to Jesus, in the ancient Indian epic of  '"Mahabharat"  which correlates chapter 18, (Svargarohana Parva) it involves the Final Test, and if deemed successful is rewarded with Ascension to Heaven. 
Peebles town itself is  modelled on the diagonal cross, in its early representation the early founders of Peebles modelled the town on four gateways each forming the image of the four directions of the sacred cross, the town today still holds on to the original names of Eastgate, Northgate, Bridgegate (where the Eddleston Water was crossed to the north of town), and Ludgate (the western gate of the town), now called Young Street.

Lud is a old Scots expression for Lord, in bible terms Jesus was Born in the East-Gate and will make his return at the End of the setting arced Sun, which is the West Gate, the Eddleston water is also named the "Cuddy" the name comes from Cud, food-manna-wisdom brought back to be rechewed, which brings us back to the start of  moon goddess Europa story who  in Greek myth was a virgin Phoenician princess abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull, and raped by him, a  moderate loving  patient God has given us all time to redeem our souls, in the repeated Cedron waters of the life circle, as confirmed by John 3:3 & 3:7.

  A Cuddy is also a alternate name given for a Donkey, the chosen form of transport for the Messiah's triumphant Return?

Another local Peebles man whom was absorbed with the Peeblesshire History was William Chambers, he and his brother where better known for comprising the Chambers dictionary.  William published the History of Peebles in 1864,  in his research he tells us that Meldon the hill with the Cross, went by another name, it was called  "The hill of Fire"   suspecting another bible hidden diagnose 
2 Kings 2:11 guides us to the ultimate Bible Glory  " A chariot of Fire with Horses of Fire suddenly appeared and separated Elijah and Elisha, then Elijah went up into heaven in the whirlwind.

The Bible calls the Kidron-Kidston Valley the Valley of Jehoshaphat -  in Hebrew meaning "The valley where God will judge." It appears in Jewish eschatologic prophecies, which include the return of Elijah-John the Baptist,  followed by the arrival of the Messiah, and also the war of Gog and Magog and Judgement Day.  

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