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Saint Roseline

Saint Roseline


The "cento" was contracted to two circles separated by a horizontal line from which the symbol "%" is derived. In mathematics a per-cent-age is a way of expressing a number, especially a ratio  as a fraction  of 100. The word is derived from the Latin per centum  meaning “by the hundred”. It is often denoted using the percent sign,  =“%”,  or the abbreviation “pct.” from here we can trace the word Picts, when we use the Pie circle to represent Zero % time, the Dollar name was taken by the U.S. founders from the town, at the heart of Scotland Clackmannanshire.

 During the middle ages the dominant Campbell Clan set up a recruit and training ground for Scottish and later British troops, at Castle Gloom at Dollar in Cent-ral Scotland. 

The concept circle of time is measured by the angle through which earth turns on its axis.

Keen to preserve God's day with destiny the U.S. adopted the cent and dollar money currency system.  Working for the Act of the Union, (Scotland and England 1707) Field Marshal John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll,  after the battle and victory of Sheriffmuir, was awarded the title  Earl  of Greenwich  in 1715, later in 1719 he became the Duke of Greenwich fighting under the Red coates of the Union.

The  2nd Duke of Argyll was in essence Prime Minister's Walpole's  British army commander, he could sway his opinion in many aspects of executive policy-making,  his brother Archibald Campbell, was the visionary Money Man, whom understood whom paid the Army could buy security of a nation, he set about to establish The Royal Bank of Scotland, in direct opposition to The Bank of Scotland whom in the past backed Jacobite Stuart campaigns. As the union expanded there aggressive realm abroad,  including  America, the Royal Bank of Scotland was to prosper with International trade, Archibald Campbell was later to become the 3rd Duke of Argyll after his brother's death.

Near Castle Doom, Dollar in the
Clackmannan Hills,  in the past silver was mined in this area, to produce coins for money, which gives raise the name of the town Stirling, it lies adjacent to the Clackmannan Hills, in some old maps of Scotland it is written as Sterling, the big wigs at the time considered this to be  the appropriate  name adopted for British Money of standard value after the marriage of the British Union.

Da Vinci in one of the main Messages with in the Last Supper painting has a large silver plate in front of the Lord Jesus, attracting our attention to it's Significance, the plate is empty, which suggests the bread is fully consumed. If we consider the name bread, is frequently used as a slang term for money, the very fact there is no money-bread, will be a time for great concern, as it alludes to the finish of the silver circle -cen'testimo, time for our own testimony!

The 3rd Duke of Argyll would have freaked at the ominous prospect, of going cap in hand, that the hapless Fred the Shred had to endure for his watch as boss of RBoS, signalling the end of the bread-money as told by Daniel's  "Writing on the Wall".

"Mocked by the Military"

Then the Governor's (Matthew hints at God's end of times Judgement) soldiers, (missionaries paid for money, sold-in the past to sell) took Jesus into (God's) head-quarters (Delta time) and gathered the whole company around Him. Completion of the circle of Time.

  Matthew goes further, while wearing the scarlet robe, which he was stripped and subjected to bouts of torture by the Roman military, taken from the Latin word mille, a thousand, adding the crown of thorns relates to the circle of time with Sin evaluation completed,
When cutting the red robe into 4 parts the gospel authors demonstrate the importance of  the name Delta  which is the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet, it is also the symbol that denotes  "Change of" in maths, implied with the sacred  triangle image, from here we can calculate MPH  (miles per hour) which is the speed and distance travelled over the delta time period, 100% = 21 December 2012. the full Mile in metric distance is 1609 metres, 609 in English Gematria equals Jesus, furthermore the french word milieu, means middle, which the Duke of Argyll and his ancestors the Milesians, where tenants of the divine, whom kept the sacred hall space towards the Day of return,  confirmation is found in the  Hebrew word for delta, which is daleth, which means tent-door. The Duke of Argyll family name is campbell, the camp definition is taken from the temporary lodgings often as not a tent, and the Bell is the instrument that notifies  the people to gather for a funeral, if we return to the Castle Gloom in Dollar, further evidence of time limit is decipherable when we find that doilleir in Scottish Gaelic  relates to black, darkness and a general sense of ignorance!!!

We have been Warned!!!

   The Royal Observatory was first used at Greenwich in 1676, from here Old knowledge was supported with new calculation of time, the Duke of Argyll and his forefathers held the keys to world time, Greenwich itself was used as a decoy to hide the real time line of the Rose, which in compass terms is rounded up to true North the Prime Median. 
 Saint Roseline de Villeneuve is the Patron Saint of Alchemy and has conjectured connections with the Priory of Sion, the world's historical elite master alchemists, as foretold in the book, "The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail", which also lists Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Rene d'Anjou as secret members.

Early alchemists gave sulphur its own alchemical symbol, which was a triangle at the top of a cross. Sulphur or sulphur is a chemical element with the atomic number 16. It is normally denoted with the symbol S. The dollar sign or peso sign ($) is a symbol primarily used to indicate a unit of currency,the S is taken from the latin ser(a) evening, which awakens us towards 12 o clock, bear in mind Ra the Egyptian Sun-God with the all seeing eye image is encompassed with in the word Se-Ra. Pent is the greekword for 5, the way which gives us the land of Pentland,the french word pente means angle-slope, the Marked line through the $ serpent gives us time, scales, measurement and judgement, they are packaged collectively to give us the counterfeit denotations terms we use around the globe to exchange money.We understand from bible teachings we are unable to worship both Gods, the Demon possessed Men in Matthew 8:28 the day will arrive when we need to make our own minds up. The monetary collapse of the Pigs country's, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, is a preliminary test of our own faith, we are given the stark proclamation, to repent and follow Jesus or turn back and face the consequences of the Pig headed beastly greed of the feed trough. Matthew's testi(n)mony is complete, when the Pigs fall off the Edge and liquidation it is followed with contempt,Lady of Justice weighs the evidence and the double edge sword is the final zloty-lottery pendulum. Pi is also the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, God's Golden Number which alchemists associate with Mary Magdalene, the 1st and 13th disciple, the campus divine champion whom sheds the light on the Great Seal, the True Rate attached to the pigeon-dove message of Pentecost.
History in the Bible remembers God's wrath with our appointed time, dispensed with hot sulphur the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, due to the mens "sinning and wickedness" judgement of the soul was to follow our selfish hearts where to be appraised, Abram and Lot Separate. "If you go to the left I will go to the right; if you go to the right I'll go to the left".Genesis 13:8-13 a play of words that highlights Lots chances with in the game of life he is entombed with in the circle of time and deed, the soul is reincarnated with in the womb and waters of life, Jesus washing the souls of the disciples feet is a reflection of Jesus words of Everlasting Life to those whom redeem.

Magdalene's feast day is the 22nd of July. When we calculate the yearly cycle of time, the definition of pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi is always the same number, no matter which circle you use to compute it. Consequently, numerical calculations must use approximations of π. for many purposes, 3.14 or significantly 22/7 is considered close enough. A Golden number for the Golden Lady.

In particle physics, pion is short for pi meson, and can be neutral, positively charged or negatively charged: π0, π+ and π−. Pions are the lightest mesons and play an important role in mediating the nuclear force holding protons and neutrons together. Meson is the root word of mesonic.
The eye above the pyramid is popular among conspiracy theorists, and alleged to have connections with the Illuminati secret society, founded in 1776. There have also been associations made from the pyramid to the Illuminati because it has thirteen steps. The eagle on the one-dollar-bill is also carrying thirteen arrows and thirteen leaves. Furthermore, if a Masonic square and compass is placed over the pyramid, the letters at the points will spell out the word "Mason" in an apparent reference to the brotherhood of Free Masonry. However, the number thirteen represents the thirteen colonies which became the first thirteen states. The obverse of the Great Seal portrays a heraldic Bald Eagle. In front of the eagle is an unsupported shield which symbolises the fledgling country's ability to stand on its own, unified by congress; this is symbolised by the bar on top of the shield. Above the eagle's head is a glory in the shape of the Star of David, with 13 stars. Clutched in the eagle's beak is a ribbon which reads "E PLURIBUS UNUM" (From many, one). It also holds an olive branch (which the head always points towards) in its right claw and arrows in its left, symbolising the desire for peace, but the readiness to fight.
The number thirteen, symbolizing the 13 original colonies, shows up 13 times: 13 total letters/digits in both 1776 (4) and its Roman Numeral equivalent MDCCLXXVI (9) (apparently coincidental) 13 stars above the eagle (by law) 13 steps on the Pyramid (by custom, not by law) 13 letters in ANNUIT COEPTIS (apparently coincidental) 13 letters in E PLURIBUS UNUM (apparently coincidental) 13 vertical bars on the shield (by law) 13 leaves on the olive branch (by custom, not by law) 13 berries on the olive branch (by custom, not by law) 13 arrows (by law) 13 elements on either side of the base of Washington's portrait (8 leaves, 5 berries) 13 total uses of the word one in some form. (This does not count the numeral 1, but does count all uses of the words one, united, unum.) 13 O on the reverse of the One Dollar Bill.

Sulphur, in its native form, is a yellow crystalline solid. In nature, it can be found as the pure element and as sulfide and sulfate minerals. It is an essential element for life and is found in two amino acids, cysteine and methionine. Its commercial uses are primarily in fertilizers, used for growing ........Sulfur (Sanskrit, sulvari; Latin sulfur or sulpur) was known in ancient times, and is referred to in the Biblical Pentateuch (Genesis). English translations of the Bible commonly referred to sulfur as "brimstone", giving rise to the name of 'fire and brimstone' sermons, in which listeners are reminded of the fate of eternal damnation that await the unbelieving and unrepentant.
Saint Roseline de Villeneuve was born in 1263 (1263—January 17, 1329) into a aristocratic blue blooded family near Arcs-Sur Argens in eastern Provence, in the South of France. Having overcome her father's opposition, Roseline became a Carthusian nun at Bertaud in the Alps of Dauphiné. The Dauphiné or Dauphiné Viennois is a former province in southeastern France. In the 12th century, the local ruler Count Guy IV of Albon (c.1095-1142) had a dolphin on his coat of arms and was nicknamed le Dauphin (French for dolphin). His descendants changed their title from Count of Albon to Dauphin of Viennois, after their family seat in Vienne. The ruler was known by this title until 1349, when the heirless Humbert II of Viennois sold his lordship to King Philippe VI by the terms of the treaty of Romans, negotiated by his protonotary, Amblard de Beaumont. A major condition was that the heir to the throne of France would be known as le Dauphin, which was the case from that time until the revolution. The first Dauphin de France was Philippe's grandson, the future Charles V of France. The title also conferred an appanage on the region. Louis XI was the only king of France to reside in the Dauphiné for any length of time. Humbert's agreement further stipulated that the Dauphiné would be exempted from many taxes and imposts. This statute was the subject of much subsequent parliamentary debate at the regional level, as local leaders sought to defend this regional autonomy and privilege from the state's assaults.
Roseline was renowned for her compassionate, kind nature and a mind that could act as an intermediary and intercede on God's telestic, telepathic, divine communication channel. Roseline's uncanny reputation for truthful revelations was accredited by Gods vassals at the Vatican..
Even the conscience smitten Pope, John XXII, blessed this lady, a servant of God, donating money to Roseline's monastery in 1328. A guilty, token gesture towards a shameful period of past unscrupulous morals by the church and a glimmer of light & hope towards the future. An indication history had come to the crossroads.Time for a new pathway!
Saint Roseline was a 13th Century expert in Clairaudience and Clairvoyance.
Young Roseline's compassionate reputation for feeding the poor and hungry in her local village, during a severe period of drought and failed harvests was put under pressure when her Father discovered that Roseline was stealing from the kitchen and distributing the food amongst the starving locals. Having set a trap to expose Roseline's charity, her father demanded to know what was concealed under her apron. Startled, Roseline's disguised hiding place in her apron flew open, to reveal a bunch of Red Roses!" Ahaa the miracle of the Roses".
After resisting her father's attempts to broker her a "suitable" marriage, Roseline sought the refuge of the Nuns of Saint Claire to finish off her education. Thereafter she led a life of severe austerity, devoting herself to the Church.
The family's historic charitable link was enhanced by Roseline's adorable brother, Helion De Villeneuve, who was elected Grand Master of the Knights of Saint John from 1319-46. He was generally accepted as having the foresight to create the foundations of the present humanitarian shape of the Saint John's Ambulance service. After the arrest of Knight's Templar on Friday the 13th, 1307 and several years of treachery, torture and trials, the Crusader era of pilgrimage to the Holy lands backed by the Roman Catholic Church had come to a sad end. The second time in History the proud, dedicated, Christian people of the Rooster emblemed France were refused acknowledgement for their support of the shepherd. The remnant traces of any valuable possessions were conscribed and leeched by the Roman Catholic Church or the King of France. What morsels and Knights that were left where integrated into the Knights of Saint John Hospitallers. Villeneuve's pivotal task was to weld the broken pieces of trust and carry on the Christian Torch of compassion and healing.
Roseline died on Jan. 17, 1329. The 17th of January is linked to several imponderable, thematic Grail leads that stem from this date. On this date  the 55(pent) degree latitude  time line in the sky runs through the middle of the Gemini Twin stars Castor and Pollux, said in Mythology to be hatched from eggs. Da Vinci revere's this aspect to perfection, in his Leda the Swan painting. A cunning deviation, that focus our attention towards the Alba-Calydonian boar hunt, which is played out in Scotland, and where castor and pollux are central characters, to the G-rail chase, the timeline, leaves Pollux on the 19th of January which mirrors the calender date of the 19th of July, 3 days before the arrival-mon of the 22nd of July,  Mary Magdalene's Pi day,  again Da Vinci arouses controversy, bye incorporating the Swan and Naked Magdalene in the outline shape of P & i = Pi  The double set of twins are seen near discarded egg shells,  this powerful disclosure reflects  the two opposite Time Dates.
  The Paris Roseline has been used as a prime meridian longitude since 1634, yet It was not until 1666 that Louis XIV authorised the first official Observatory in Paris, which was first used on midsummers day on the 21st of June 1667. The Paris prime meridian passes the periphery of the village of Rennes-le-Chateau.

Exhumed five years after her death, Roseline's body was found intact, with her eyes as vivid and bright as if she were still alive. Louis XIV had the story of the preservation of Roseline's eyes re-examined in 1660. His personal physician was given the task of inspecting and preserving the holy relics. King Louis was the longest reigning King in modern French history and his realm lasted a staggering 72 years. His Mother was Ann of Austria a descendent of the Habsburg family. Referred to as the "Sun King", Louis' obsessional occult indulgence with the Greek Sun God, Apollo (Celts Mabon) bordered on insanity. If his portraits, woodcuts and engravings were to have any of the King's affection, they would have to be richly decorated with the Sun-light theme, reflecting his persistent quest for enlightenment and knowledge.
A glass coffin shrine for pilgrims is located at Roseline's Abbey. Roseline's body was embalmed in 1894, nearly six centuries after her death.
Roseline reflects the aesthetic perfection of efflorescent virtues blooming from seed to bud to flower. Reflecting the alchemic transmutation into beauty, the Constant Gardener's silent truelove's gift of natures humility, purity and charity, symbolised in the Red Rose.
The Order of Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Order of St. John, Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Knights of Malta, Knights of Rhodes, and Chevaliers of Malta; French: Ordre des Hospitaliers) is a Christian organisation that began as an Amalfitan hospital founded in Jerusalem in 1080 to provide care for poor and sick pilgrims to the Holy Land. After the Christian conquest of Jerusalem in 1099 during the First Crusade, it became a religious/military order under its own charter, and was charged with the care and defence of the Holy Land.
Helion de Villeneuve was Knights Hospitaller Grand Master number 26.( 2 x 13 )
Gerard Tenc (to 1120)
Raymond of Provence (1120-1160)
Auger de Balben (1160-1163)
Arnaud de Comps (1162-1163)
Gilbert d'Aissailly (1163-1170) Gastone de Murols c. (1170-1172) Gilbert of Syria(1172-1177) Roger de Moulins (1177-1187) Hermangard d'Asp (1187-1190) Garnier de Naplous (1190-1192) Geoffroy de Donjon (1193-1202) Alfonse of Portugal (1203-1206) Geoffrey le Rat (1206-1207) Guerin de Montaigu (1207-1228) Bertrand de Thessy (1228-1231) Guerin de Montaigu(1231-1236) Bertrand de Comps (1236-1240) Pierre de Vielle-Bride (1240-1242) Guillaume de Chateauneuf (1242-1258) Hugues de Revel (1258-1277) Nicolas Lorgne (1277-1284) Jean de Villiers (1284-1294) Odon de Pins (1294-1296) Guillaume de Villaret (1296-1305) Foulques de Villaret (1305-1319)
Helion de Villeneuve (1319-1346)
Dieudonné de Gozon (1346-1353) Pierre de Corneillan (1353-1355) Roger de Pins (1355-1365) Raymond Berenger (1365-1374) Robert de Juliac (1374-1376) Jean Fernandez de Heredia (1376-1396) Riccardo Caracciolo (1383-1395) Rival Grand Master Philibert de Naillac (1396-1421) Antonio Fluvian de Riviere (1421-1437) Jean de Lastic (1437-1454) Jacques de Milly (1454-1461) Piero Raimondo Zacosta (1461-1467) Giovanni Battista Orsini (1467-1476) Pierre d'Aubusson (1476-1503) Emery d'Amboise (1503-1512) Guy de Blanchefort (1512-1513) Fabrizio del Carretto (1513-1521) Philippe de Villiers (1521-1534) Piero de Ponte (1534-1535) Didier de Saint-Jaille (1535-1536) Jean de Homedes (1536-1553) Claude de la Sengle (1553-1557) Jean de la Vallette (1557-1568) Pierre de Monte (1568-1572) Jean de la Cassiere (1572-1581) Hugues Loubenx de Verdalle (1581-1595) Martin Garzez (1595-1601) Alof de Wignacourt (1601-1622) Luis Mendez de Vasconcellos (1622-1623) Antoine de Paule (1623-1636) Juan de Lascaris-Castellar (1636-1657) Antoine de Redin (1657-1660) Annet de Clermont-Gessant (1660) Raphael Cotoner (1660-1663) Nicolas Cotoner (1663-1680) Gregorio Carafa (1680-1690) Adrien de Wignacourt (1690-1697) Ramon Perellos y Roccaful (1697-1720) Marc'Antonio Zondadari (1720-1722) Antonio Manoel de Vilhena (1722-1736) Raymond Despuig (1736-1741) Manuel Pinto de Fonseca (1741-1773) Francisco Ximenes de Texada (1773-1775) Emmanuel de Rohan-Polduc (1775-1797) Ferdinand von Hompesch zu Bolheim (1797-1802) Paul I of Russia (de facto) (1799-1801) Giovanni Battista Tommasi (1803-1805) Innico Maria Guevara-Suardo (1805-1814) André Di Giovanni (1814-1821) Antoine Busca (1821-1834) Carlo Candida (1834-1845) Philippe di Colloredo-Mels (1845-1864) Alessandro Borgia (1865-1871) Giovanni Battista Ceschi a Santa Croce (1871-1905) Caleazzo von Thun und Hohenstein (1905-1931) Ludovico Chigi Albani della Rovere (1931-1951) Angelo de Mojana di Cologna (1962-1988) Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie (1988-present)

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