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Blue Star Love review was Elvis soul really a reincarnation of Aaron Moses brother?

 In the morning of the 22nd of March 2013, my copy Maia Chrystine Nartoomid's book Blue Star Love, was delivered through my letter Box  by Royal Mail, it coincided with the 2013 Equinox-equal spring cusp.

Takeing the brown Amazon wrapper off, the book cover most promiant colours was the black background for the heavenly stars, and the white Horse-Unicorn with Elvis riding & wearing his traditional  all in  white jump type suit, the spring Equinox in the northern sky is named after Pegasus, as the yearly time line trancends through the heart of the winged flying white Horse, from the word Equinox  we get 50/50 equal share or equilibrium state of balance, also Horse minded people will pick up on the sister word Equine, which on the whole means any thing to do with the Equal Horse.

Both Jesus and Mary Magdalene through out History have been repeatedly symbolised as the White Unicorn, today Scotland's coat of arms has the chain link tied to the Unicorn's leg.  Before the Act of the Union  22 July 1707 Scotland's coat of Arms assigned the two emblazed White Unicorns to reflect the link of Divine Love held with in the Bible embers that hold secret past aflamed passion history that lead us to the law abiding solicitors ministry that endorses Sweethearted Lovers, the Scottish main Gateway today as yesterday by foot, horse or car is the Scottish border village of Gretna, the village is famous for Runaway Lovers that are allowed to Wed by the blacksmith, in front of the Anvil, the Grail romances written by the great litery agents of the time captured the triumphant glory to God, that recollects the Scottish Smith wedding ring endowmeant of Love, that forged together the Romance, of Jesus and his beloved wife Magdalene, the orgins of the Horse shoe Wedding Favour orgins makes a little more sense when we swap the 50/50 Pegasus  Equinox flying Horse with the White Unicorn. 

Haveing read with  somewhat stunned bewilderment, "The Holy Land of Scotland" book,  with revelations by Maia whom helped Barry Dunford, access the sacred akashic records allso known as the book of life, this service can only be reclaimed bye a privileged few on Earth at any given time. Maia is one of the chosen ones that rank alongside esteemed  bible writer, "John the Beloved", whom was allso  given favourable  knowledge gifts from spirit that help bridge the two worlds and tagged official Akashic agent.  Only the True and pure of Heart are slected to read and convey privileged extracts of the Book of Life's contents, haveing   enjoyed a small sample of Maia's books before I was looking forward  with a open mind to what soul nourishment may be held with in the occult palate of the book "Blue Star Love's" contents.

The day my book arrived  forces of nature highlighted a freak snowstorm, which hit Northern Ireland, Mull of Kintyre, Isle of Man, Newton Stewart area of Galloway and the Isle of Arran.

All the places mentioned have significant connections to the Roseline story, the Isle of Arran, which takes it's name after the first 5 chapters of the Bible writer Moses brother Aaron.  The Isle of Arran's power supply  was totally wiped out, with power towers and poles toppled with the Ice and snow weight,  as emergency generators where shipped in, this slow back up service, reconnected the supply bit by bit with isolated areas with out power for over 5 days, a consistant cold blast hampered the efforts of the 400 engineers drafted in to help with the reconnection, the Island employs only 2 full time electric maintenance men.

As Arran was wiped out I in turn was reading book of life reader Maia Chrystine Nartoomid's Revelations on Elvis the King of Rock & Roll, one heart surcharge moment of  cormfirmation of a riddle that was previously out in cyberspace was somewhat confimed by a knowing of Truth that we carry with in, as told by John 2 1:2

To the elect Lady (John) and her children, whom I Love in Truth- and not only I but also All who have come to Know the Truth,
because of the Truth that remains in us and be in us forever,
in Truth, Grace  and Love.

The Long Lost Key had been found with

in, Maia's disclosure, the feeling of Truth is complete, that Elvis Aaron Presley soul was the reincarnation of Bible Moses, brother.

On the same day 22 March 2013 just one week in service to the Keys of Saint Peter,  new Pope Frances, address to the College of Cardinals, pertinently and rather perturbly  he recalls the words cited by his predecessor.......

"But there is another form of poverty! It is the spiritual poverty of our time, which afflicts the so-called richer countries particularly seriously. It is what my much-loved predecessor, the dear and venerated Benedict XVI, called the ‘tyranny of relativism’…”

This Jaw Dropping statemeant beckons a signal to Investigate under the cloak & trews of the previously unmentionables,

A Tyranny is a Cross Dresser, ot the Dresser of the Cross, which denotes a woman dressed as a man or equally correct a man dressed as a woman. The word  Relativism  comes from the latin word relatus, to bring back or recall, it takes the concept that points of view have no absolute TRUTH  or VALIDITY, having only relative, subjective value according to differences in perception and consideration. There are many forms of relativism which vary in their degree of controversy. The term often refers to truth relativism, which is the doctrine that there are no absolute Ttuths,  i.e., that truth is always relative to some particular frame of reference, such as a language or a culture.

 John holding the Grail Cup with small Dragon peering over top, found in Covenantor  Village of Muirkirk  in Church of Scotland Kirk.

Around the world the name John is one of the most popular used Christian names, it has many variants, the Dragon flag Welsh people for example  include Ieuon, Ifan, Iwan Evan and Sion, also utilised is the beloved  name, Taffy.

Sandy Mactaggart said: “The Kintyre peninsula has experienced unprecedented localised weather conditions – it is no exaggeration to say no-one involved has ever seen anything like it before".

 Parnassus tri colour Jubilee throne.

Pagasus the white Horse of the Equinox links The White Horse and Rider of Revelations, finished Arc of the Covenant  a Golden Promise awaits at the Grail Anvil.

Exosed Red mantle wearer passions of fire held in the flesh  leads us to the pinnicle arch  of Gretna Gateway the destination of Lovers intent 2 = 1 the Golden ring is forged by the Blacksmith above the Altar.

The 22nd of March 2013 date coincided with another Head line News  story, when the ice blast gale winds
 trapped a unsuspecting driver whom was rescued from his overturned articulated lorry when it was blown over into a ditch a few hundred yards from the Leadburn X four way road junction. 

The Lorry was a egg delivery vehicle owned by Robert Burns Ltd, the corresponding name is identical to Scotland's national bard, whom charmed the nation with his 1794 poetical sweetheart Song praise,

"My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose."  Elite Master Mason, Robert Burns based his Red Love Song on traditional Scottish sources, the first line of the song poem is viewed underneath.............

O my Luve's like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve's like the melodie
That’s sweetly play'd in tune.

In the heart of the Leadburn road junction Crux decussata (diagonal cross) is a slip entrance to the farm Rose May, directly overshadowed by the Pentland Hills in West & Dundreich hill a few miles South East.  In Scotland  may is the 5th month that comes from the name Mary, while the next month on June is named after the Roman Goddess Juno wife of Jupiter, identified with the Greek Hera, the number six comes from the Latin word sex, that equates to the six month June.

The beautiful Juno was the protecter of marriage and guardian of woman from birth to death, planet Jupiter also known as Jove  a made up word of Love and J for Jupiter, his partner is the brightest star of the planets, Venus that transits next to Jupiter, as seen from Earth in our solar system circle. Venus is the Goddess of Love & patron of the flower Garden, the Queen of flowers in the Wall Garden is the Rose, which the ancients identified with the Mons Veneris, the fatty elevation on the human female pubic symphysis, thus the "Garden" rose  relates to Rose of Sharon death and the crossover rebirthing from new tomb-womb.

John 19:41-42

There was a Garden in the place where He was crucified.
A new Tomb was in the Garden; no one had yet been placed in it.
They placed Jesus there, (reincarnation) because of the Jewis preparation and since the Tomb(soul portal) was nearby.

The Ea-ster Egg symbol of rolling away the stone connection comes into the light at Leadburn 2013 When  we are informed on the first day of the week, Mon(s)-day that equates to the year 2000, in Peter's 1000 year one day calculation, Mary Magdalene/John came to the tomb early, she saw the stone had been removed from the tomb.

John 20:8 gives us a first hand account of the "Empty Tomb." 

The other disciple, who had reached the tomb first, then entered the Tomb, saw and believed. For they still did not understand the Scripture that He must rise-rose from the dead. Then the disciples went home again.

We are left in the dark whom this "other disciple" was, John being the author of the 4th Gospel was the only person whom it could possibly be, he/she was the crossdresser- trany,   that was the informative spy that  held Jesus tete secrets, she/he was the incognito first person to reconise her a-rose Husband after the 3rd day.

Trans-vestite refers to a person who cross-dresses, Magdalene/John is our Omega watchtower of the flock, the New Juno Goddess. Mary with her "beloved"  husband had a family whom fell from Grace like Lucifer,  the orginal fallen from sin  reincarnated Earth prison Angel.   God sent Jesus to us so that we could find a way Out  of our prison to redeem ourselfs from the sin of the flesh, the "beloved" being the Saviour's Wife was the misunderstood Saint whom seen over Lovers with in the Garden, she was the new Human Head Goddess that many of the Saints invested there Faith & Hope.   John  the Queen of  Hearts now held seat in the land of the Jocks the home to our soul portal  crossover. All over the global net,  man's ensnared  "Rib of Woman" is the Venus fly trap, here as told by Samson, the power of man lies in the hair,  as above & so on, entaglemeant leads to the  reincarnation birth-death circle.

Lord of the Rings Author J.R.R. Tolkien, borrowed many aspects of his epic story  from "Lady with the Ring" based on Bible writings that the foreign armys invading britain had new understanding with the collection of intelligence sources that inspired European folklore, one classic example of the story of the premature burial  persevering Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault or "Little Briar Rose" by the Brothers Grimm, the  classic fairytales involving a beautiful princess, enchantment of sleep, buried or entombed while wearing a valuable ring, that ends with the arrival of a handsome prince (Jesus) waiting patiently at the altar for her long awaited wedding, the essence feast that we can all consume with  the reawakening third mon's day, where finnally the stone-egg seal is pushed to the side, this  brings the advent of the light on switch for "All to See" the buried Gold band of the 2 pisces fish kept seperate from each other, re-emerges with,

 "Lady with the Ring."  


The clairvoyant John informs us in the very next verse the confirmation to the hidden 2000 year secret of the identity of John, the "Beloved"disciple.

Mary Magdalene Sees the Risen Lord.

"Woman," Jesus said to her, "why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?" Supposing He was the gardener, she replied, "Sir, if you've removed Him, tell me where you've put Him, and I will take Him away."

 Juno the Home coming Queenly Woman.

Leadburn was the focus of attention On Rememberance November week of 2007  Local Newspaper Peeblesshire News printed a article on page 3
with Headlines that read,  

Prophet of Leadburn 

"Something is about to Happen"

Peeblesshire News reporter David Knox writes...........

A self-proclaimed prophet has arrived at the site of Leadburn Inn exactly two years after it was burned down.
The 39 year old Egyptian Mohamid Rassul Akai pitched his tent near to the former Inn this week.

Scholar  Akai speaks Arabic, French and English,

He told us in broken English:
"I am sure something is about to Happen- I can not say What"
"I may be a prophet maybe not, but a prophet will come Here."

The  Leadburn Inn built on the year 1777 was destroyed the day after Saint Martin's rememberance Day on the 12th of November 2005 when Michael Newton's car ploughed into the front of the popular Cross Road located Eatery.

The Spanish word to Eat is the  "comer"  in English language this word relates to Sexual intercoarse, John ch 6 keeps us guessing what she/he was trying to postulate with out sanction of ecclesiastical authority, the impasionate word Eat or consume undoubtedly it  is the hidden Bible  bond of union that makes the two bodies stick together, it worthly to note where else to look to get confirmation of the Beloved's role other than John Six, the latin word six is derived from Sex,


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