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Was Christopher Columbus Christ?

Was Christopher Columbus Christ?

Trident Castle and red Lion Rampant  with golden crown, the latter is similar to the Lion in the Scottish Royal Flag, the Ram-pants (grasp for breath) as it touches out and yearns in front of the Tower-Magdalene.  Below is the Coat of Arms of Christopher Columbus. The Five Horizontal Anchors-Ank-Circle relate to the Latin word for 5 = pent the way, the 55.5 degree latitude dissects  the Time Line through Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, and relates to Pi 2012, which is the calibration of  North on the Compass Rose.    Chistopher Columbus marked the 9 o' clock, 1500 C.E. Mark of Time, with his 4 Dareing trips to the Americas, the first was in 1492.   These Journeys where to make the meek Columbus famous throughout Europe and the Americas, and confirmed to the people of the World it was indeed round, these  trips  where to secure  his legendary, status as the   "High Admiral of the Ocean"   Columbus present to  us was the start of Global Trade, our primitive lifestyles up till then where to shortly change the World forever, as  the opportunity door opens  seeking Profits was to consume and corrupt our minds towards obsession. Time now, more than ever equalled Money!  The water waves relate to Mar-Mary, the red triangle implies the Grande Pyramid the Earth's Calculation-Measure, the blue line takes us from Egypt to Scotland, where focus of the Golden Census  is illustrated with in the yellow Golden age and coming of Time
Revelations 13:18.........Here is wisdom: The one who has understanding must calculate the number of the beast, because it is the number of a man. His number is 666.

English Gematria uses the six times table to calculate the numerical value of words, A = 6 B=12 C=18 and X=144 Y=150 Z=156 
I think we may be on to something here when we calculate the value of the name Jesus equals 444 this gets us looking into the value of Christopher Columbus which = 1470, this same number value discloses a striking secret,1470 value also = "Secound comeing of Christ".

In 1470, Christopher Columbus acknowledges in his journals that he was hired on a Genoese ship to help Rene I, the Duke of Anjou known affectionately as the "Good kind hearted King". Rene I  was the father of the English Queen Margaret of Anjou, she married King Henry VI of England this couple where key figures in the "War of the Roses".

It is presumed  William Sinclair of  Roslin Castle fame explored  the East coast of America in 1398 with his fleet of 13 ships, on his return he was a man in demand, what was learned from this daring voyage  was that the earth was not flat, and ships did return from the Unknown, furthermore William Sinclair  and his men where  able to Cartograph  the  "New World"  these maps had a divine purpose........ The good King Rene, intuitively new whom they where intended for, so did the Sinclair's of Roslin, copy's of the American coast line where given to Christopher Columbis via King Rene, whom was obsessed with all things related to Magdalene, something was  in  the air in 1449 CE around the same time Roslin Chapel was being built, it is said the gift of the two handled amphora Jar that Jesus changed water into wine at the wedding at Cana was given to Angers Cathedral,  from King Rene whom acquiring it from the nuns of Marseilles, they told him that Mary Magdalene had brought it with her from Judea. Rene  helped fund Columbus early sea voyages, the name amphora comes from the Greek amphoreus, amphi means both sides and phoreus is bearer, his and hers  wedding Cup Holder.

Later Christopher Columbis lobbied the pockets of King Ferdinand II and his wife Isabella of Spain, to subsides his precognition dream challenge that he had access to through the ancient Scottish Roslin held Maps. Christos  dogged persistence was rewarded when History is made  on the 6th of December 1492 when Columbus landed at  Môle-Saint-Nicolas named after Father X-mas himself,the original Green Man, the location of his first-footing  transatlantic crossing is on the North West Coast of Haiti. As the Christian era clock struck MMX in Roman numerals which equals 2010 on  January 12 2010  A 7.0 magnitude earthquake  struck Haiti and devastated Port-au-Prince, to whom the Bell Tolls had taken 200000 of the world's poorest souls, the  epicentre was pinpointed as being the town of Leogane, on the South West coast of Haiti,  as it  turns out the  heart of the city of Leogane is published as Sainte Rose de Lima School, MMX is also the initials for the Lamb and his Wife.

The literal translation of Haiti, or Ayiti, is homeland, of Mother of the Earth. Leo in Leo-gane means Lion and gane is a variation of Auld Scots for gae, to Go, our message becomes Clear-Clair, as the wife of the Lion of Judah is celebrated on the 22 of July the start of the sign of the Leo in the Zodiac.

On Sunday, October 14th, 1492 two days after he landed at San Salvador Island, English meaning "Holy Saviour", Columbus describing the natives as "sweet and gentle", they  stood on the shore as they watched Christo and his crew bring their ships to land. By the signs they made, I think they were asking if we came from heaven? One old man even climbed into the boat we were towing, and others shouted in loud voices to everyone on the beach, saying, "Come see the men are from heaven, bring them food and drink." Many men and women came, each one with something. They threw themselves on the sand and raised their hands to the sky, shouting for us to come ashore, while giving thanks to God. I kept going this morning despite the pleas of the people to come ashore, for I was alarmed at seeing that the entire island is surrounded by a large reef. Between the reef and the island it remained deep, and this port is large enough to hold all the ships of Christendom.  (Taken from the writings of Columbus.)

Haggai was the sixth-century B.C. prophet his sermons are found in the third last chapter of the O.T. Haggai was called bye God, his mission was the call and,

"Command to Rebuild the Temple"......... Haggai 1:1

God's Temple was to be rebuilt, one day in the future the New Temple would be received as " the Treasures of all the Nations"     Christians have acknowledged this to be the appearance of Jesus in the Temple more than 5 hundred years later, but hold on a minute,this does not ring 100% true, our attention turns to the first and last words of Haggai Chapter 2 in our  "Encouragement and Promise" to find the elusive Temple, Encouragement =  "On the 21st day of the seventh month, (Day before Magdalene's feast Day) the word of the Lord came through Haggai the prophet", delivery of our Promise =....... "My servant-the Lord's declaration-and make you like My Signet Ring, for I have chosen you. This is the declaration of the Lord of Hosts". Lets get this into perspective the significance of the Signet Ring.  A cygnet is a young swan,  in  the Swans Graceful world there breeding partner is for life-Forever-Eternity,  what more powerful sign can be exchanged to your Lover than the swapping of Signet-Cyget rings, our sign as told bye Haggai as the New Temple found at the Alter. Da Vinci's Leda and the Swan embodies the message to perfection.

From here we can shed a little light on a  great Scottish favourite  name in the past Agnes, which is sometimes shortened to Agi, it too comes from the biblical Haggi.  Saint Agnes  Shared the Feast Day of Magdalene the 22 of July, before it was changed to her current day the 21 st of January, which is the cardinal opposite of Magdalenes time line feast Day.  On this double day the Time Line transcends through the Star called Altair-Altar, it lies with in the Aquila constellation, which it'self  is part of the Summer Triangle, Aquila is  named after the  Golden Eagle.  John the beloved also uses the same symbol.    Agnes is often depicted in art with a Lamb  many of the renaissance painters impersonated Agnes with Magdalene,  to  camouflage there true intent, on this premise one has to ponder on John's identity, in this decoy triangle confusion, people that have been flummoxed in the past, have claimed to see the light, which, amounts to  the exclamation of triumph, the con-sealed  Wife of the Lamb veil is lifted.

The Scottish national food dish is the Haggis, it is also known as the "Beastie"  this term is taken from John's 666 revelations, we get a insight towards rebuilding of God's sacred Temple when we think of the plural of Haggi  which of coarse is Haggis, this new "Temple" which gives us reason to think that the construction of this new Temple had more than one person in its totality.The word hagi comes from the Greek hagios, meaning in composition.

Matthew 26:7-13 Then a Woman came to "Him" with a Alabaster Jar

I Assure You; Wherever this Gospel is proclaimed in the Whole World,  History will Look Back in Time and the Story of this Woman, (Magdalene) and What she has Done, Will also be Told in Memory of Her.

The name Alabaster is thought to derive  from the Ancient Egyptian  word A-labaste, which refers to the Egyptian goddess Bast.  She was represented as a lioness and frequently depicted as such in figures placed atop of the  alabaster vessels.

Bast is the Sphinx lion- human goddess whom over seen the  Earth's great wheel's Time Clock to the End, her cult was  known as Pi-Beseth- or Pi-Bast. The Bast Pi alinemeant is also known as The Eye of Ra, Which calibrates the Line of the Grand Pyramid to Callinish Stone Circle in Caledonia-Scotland come 21:12:2012.

Ezekiel ch 30 equates this to the time of Egypt's Doom.

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