Friday, 20 May 2016


MS804  flight from Paris to Egypt went missing with 66 people on board, (number of chapters in Bible) in the early hours of 19th of May 2016, Ten(X) days on from Mercury transit of the Sun, & 804 days on since plane MH370 vanished, in mysterious circumstances....... 

Above is Egyptair Logo with All seeing Eye of Horus, writer George Orwell  based his dystopia surveillance world with in the numbers 1984 the word Dystopia means a community or society that is undesirable or frightening, eyes behind eyes watching  fuel a sense of general morbid uneasiness 19-84 book written in 1948 on the Island of Jura, George (Or meaning Gold in gaelic, George's Golden Well)  predicted the dystopia date would arrive................. Horus was ancient Egypt's Sky and King-ship God, the English word Hour with the circle of 60 minutes & in turn itself times 24 number of hours that makes up a day,  is cognated to root word Horus-Time.

With in the yearly circle of the time line, the 19th of May corresponds to our transit thru the Pleiades, which is considered to be on the shoulder of the Bull constellation Taurus, Pleiades cluster is also known with in mythology as the seven sisters, whom were daughters of Atlas the Titan whom held aloft the sky and Pleione, ...........Revelations 1:16 which may indicate 16th year informs us of a vision of the coming Messiah, and the Seven stars that some say are connected to the Pleiades.......

Revelation 1:16 the 

He had seven stars in His right hand; a sharp double-edged sword came from His mouth, and His face was shining like the sun at midday. 

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Corryvreckan, known as "Cauldron of the plaid" where the "Sea monsters" abides, the whirlpool lies  between  Ju-ra & Scarba Islands,  Scarba is named after the Egyptian sacred Scarab dung beetle Kheper_Keeper for ever linked to the Sun -God Khepri  he was reborn every morning and mastered over creation, the Corryvreckan pool is also famous for the shipwreck of 1984 writer George Orwell, whom nearly lost his life here, after his Near Death experience, the author whom suffered from poor health before the freezing cold whirl pool plunge, tuberculosis set into his ailing immune system, with high blood temperatures Orwell altered states of consciousness contributed with the visionary material for his 1984 All seeing Eye Ju-Ra classic......

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Ill fated Head of Medusa, neck at the entrance to the black bottom less pit, mimics the mirror doom of the rebellion John the Baptist with in the prison circle of life and death, 1984 set in a world of perpetual war,  is the antidote to Love,  the cursed  sin of the snake is ......... "what he promised us....... eternal life" 1 John 2:25   The All seeing eye oversees the Mark numbers of creation, the frog in the right hand corner leads to the French messenger Lady & her dark date with the door to the light of eternity.     

Flight 804 fell from the skies in the area of Sea South-East of Crete and North West of Cairo, home to the Great pyramids, with in Bull mythology Crete is base to the legend of the half man half bull Minotaur, whom dwelt at the center of Labyrinth, a maze designed by Daedalus the cunning one,  an acclaimed architect and designer whom made  flying wings for himself and his son Icarus.

Picture wikipedia. Near naked Icarus standing in between the wings of tragedy, in the background is the wal-law of Man, the Bible's most famous wall was Canaan's Jericho, meaning City of the moon, for ever linked with the Goddess, with the march around the walls Seven times, the place of pleiades-plaid(welsh-meaning party) was the gathering location for those including whom's Hearts melt.    Aviary wings-feather judgement theme is prominent in many ancient cultures including Egyptian Dog Headed God Anubis whom as judge of the wicked underworld, overseen weighing of the Heart, feathers where used as the unit of counterbalance, Anubis was regarded as "Guardian of the Scales"

 Icarus own fame was to ignore his Father's wisdom and perish due to his wings over heating as he flew too near the Sun,(Blissful state of Male dog headed Ignorance)  both men laboured for the first King of Crete Minos, whom with in the house of Taurus every year selected 7 prime Male youths and seven Maidens as sacrifice, the frenzied Minotaur gorged  in the flesh of the offering,  after many epic fights the Minotaur was slaughtered by Athenian hero Theseus,  much of Spain's Bull Matador traditions are based on Taurus constellation and Theseus brave encounter with the Bull, a animal that thru the ages relates to abundance,  fertility, sacrifice, game over and start again, plaid, check-mate.

More understanding of Crete and its hidden reference to Stars, Bulls and Sex is made more aware to us, when we emit the C  letter (see the third letter) which leaves us with Rete,  a device used by ancient mariners and guides to determine time and direction, fixed stars  correspond to points set upon a astrolabe plate, a subsequent definition of rete relates to "network" often used in tandem with blood vessels nerves and fibers that make up the genital areas, hence the labyrinth matrix star seed is the labial doorway for our return, if we believe, as fore told by John chapter 3 see.

While in the dark the Bull stars was used as  one of the main ways to steer the passengers in the the right direction, with in the Bible numbers of significance are often repeated in our day to day life to give guidance or resemblance of virtue, so that we may indicate that we are on the right track, Anna, whom's name means Favor or Grace was Grandmother of Jesus, she was third generation from zero hour, from the name Anna, stems annus-year, annuity-payment and annunciation- proclamation,

one has to wonder, did  ill-fated flight 8(0)4 on the passing of 7 sisters date signify a circle with in a circle date.................

Luke 2:36–38 There was also a prophet, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was very old; she had lived with her husband seven years after her marriage, and then was a widow until she was eighty-four. She never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying.

In the same theme as annus, Uranus is the name of our seventh planet in our solar system,  returning to Greek mythology Uranus name is derived from Ouranos meaning "the heavens" it just happens it takes 84 years for Uranus to orbit around the Sun, Atlas the father of Pleiades seven sisters carries the weight burden of Uranus the "heavens" on his shoulders, on the same repeated  style, Atlas own father was named Lap-e-tus.

Picture Wikipedia, shows the blue color of Uranus

Picture Wikipedia shows the Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn, by Giogio Vajari & Christopher Gherandi

Picture wikipedia, line of flight of 804, around Northern Italy the flight path of parallelisms with the Pi-Bee line, that source from the Great Pyramids, and in Britain heads to Callanish stones on the Island of Lewis, the Clan Morris-Morrison  whom we associate May pole fertility-seed day, is also linked to Pentecost and Whitsun, dressed in White coloured costumes, dance to the music with  crossed sticks & swords and Bells, the Morris (dark-skinned) people where keepers of the ley line with in Britain

The Holy Quran Mu'min-believers

40:8 Those who bear the Throne, and those who are around it, glorify their Lord with His praise, and believe (Mu'min) in Him, and ask forgiveness for those who believe, saying: ‘Our Lord, Thou dost comprehend all things in Thy mercy and knowledge. So forgive those who repent and follow Thy way; and protect them from the punishment of Hell.

4:80  He who obeys the messenger has obeyed Allah; but those who turn away- we have not sent you over them as a Guardian.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Winged Messenger Mercury transit on the feast of "Christ carrier" Saint Christopher day 9/5/2016

On the 9th of May 2016 at 12:12 BST planet mercury known as the "Winged Messenger" as viewed from planet Earth
starts its transit of around 7.5 hours over the face of the Sun, this is the first time since November 2006.  The passing of Mercury bought with it a mini heatwave with mercury raising in thermometers & breaching over 26 degrees on the official Met office in Skye Western Scotland, which is double the average temperature for the month,  following a bitter chilly week end, people welcomed the heat by heading out doors and exposing the skin......... bringing  with it a rise of fancy notions towards others that enter the mind, indeed our forbearers named the poison plant Mercurialis Perennis translated as  the Dog's Mercury on the back of such observations that went before.

The Dog is associated  with the hel(l)iacal rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, which in ancient Egypt its hieroglyph was a dog, around 3000 B.C.E. due to the precession of the equinoxes Sirius return coincided with the summer solstice, due to the warmer weather on the mountains due south of the Nile, snow melted which in turn meant flooding in the Northern Delta mouth, subsequently the hottest time of the year, was regarded to be between the two Dog star constellations of Canis Major marked by Sirius and Canis Minor's Procyon, meaning the "Dog in Front" or the "Preceding Dog" these two constellations are sandwiched between the horned white horse unicorn Monoceros, which historically is tied with Sin and Judgemeant, indeed from the word Procyon, we get Pro, used as a abbreviation for prostitute, C equates to the whole 100% circle while Yon(i) is the Sanskrit word for "vagina" or "womb"its shape is forever linked to the Goddess Shakti  or Devi(l) and is the personal property of the God Shiva, a name that means seven, and tied with the mini circle where a happy blissful heavenly state that is often considered the pinnacle of achievement, indeed  "Seventh Heaven" is regarded as place where God dwells over the Angels, the souls of the righteous, and tellingly the souls of those yet to be born or reborn, effectively the "Women on the Beast" area of Revelations 17:1 (1-7-1)

One of the Seven Angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, "Come", I will show you the punishment-judgement of the great prostitute, who sits by many waters.

Picture Wikipedia.  The Mercat  Cross White Unicorn holds the pole, located on the Royal Mile Edinburgh, close by is the Highest Law Courts of the Nation, when the act of the Union marriage of Scotland and England took place in 1-7-0-7 Scottish Law was one area that was Non-negotiable, like Rome the home to the word Romance, Edinburgh, the garden-burgh of Eden sits upon several hills.

Stained Glass Window located with in the William Wallace monument at Bannockburn, the chain around the body of UNICORN/monoceros, is attached to the Golden Dog collar Crown, seen as the flag carrier of Saint Andrew's  Cross, the first Disciple, the X design also represents, Love,(war) Ten,(net) Jesus (wife) & Crossover, (death-rebirth, depart and return of the soul) the Unicorn is seen adopting the sitting begging posture, which we identify with Dogs, its Master, Discipline and Gifts, the French perspective may view it as the mercury-mercy- thank you seat, a dangling stray tail is seen at the bottom of picture that gives the impression it is placed between the unicorn's legs, this tail is not in character with a white horse unicorn, it's appearance resembles something you would see at crufts, returning to the main colour of the flag, blue, associated with depression the blues, (jazz) dinal opposite is Orange-Gold, which make up the two main colours of the Scottish national flags, 

 today the time window of the two Major Dog stars of Sirius and Procyon with in our circular year is around the 4-5th of July and 18-19th of July with in the constellation of Cancer, regarded in masonic symbolism as the Key stone highest point that bridges the door way of Royal Arch Symbol and entrance to King Solomon's Temple, the mid point of the Dog stars falls around the 12th of July, marking the Orange/Gold day, also the birth date of Scottish War of Independence King, Robert the Bruce, the Sirius Dog star link marks United States Independence Day, with in the circle of the Dark side this mirror date celebrates New Year's Day, which lies with in the sign of Capricorn, the Goat beard reminder is a constant visual that ties us with the circle of our Black and White duality world.

Mercury crossing of the Sun  in 2016 coincided with Saint Christopher feast date on the 9th of May, this date is also regarded  as "Victory day" in respect of the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Russian Red Army, in some countries a day's hoilday is held to celebrate the End of WWII , with in the Gregorian calender May 9 is the 129th day of the year or 130th in leap years, count crab number 69 or 70 days forward & we reaffirm the importance of 18th-19th July and the other Dog star Procyon,
which ties with the 200th day of the year the 19th of July

Picture Wikipedia, painted by Hieronymus Bosh 1485 shows the giant like Chistopher  with child of Jesus on his shoulders, seen wearing red outer garmet Matthew 27:28 reminds us of the scarlet military robe that was used after stripping Jesus & mocking him, the Roman soldiers then dressed him in the "Whore of Babylon" colour , Revelations  chapter 17 &18 does not hold back in the potency of Red,