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Penicuik Time Reservation

Penicuik Time Reservation

Saint Mungo-Kentigern Church  in Penicuik as a holy site, which was  consecrated by the Saint  for it's  befitting  role of a bridge from past to present.  Being a short distance from Roslin time-line, on the setting sun  South-West alignment on the date of the equinox,  around the 21 st of September,  Mungo the messenger was to leave a important sign post in the 6 th Centuary  as a reminder of things to come, some where along the time line, the message has been diluted misinterpreted or even lost.

The town of Penicuik lies around 4 miles South-West of Roslin Chapel, the heart of the town is centred around the ancient Kirk of Saint Mungo-Kentigern. Through Faith of Christian ideology Mungo  become a good friend of Merlin Caledonia the wizard of the grail fame. Mungo  baptist Merlin  in the river Tweed in the Merlindale Valley Peeblesshire, which is around 20 miles south of Penicuik, the two holy men understood the furnishings of Penicuik's reverent location which implicates the writings of OT prophet Ezekiel and his measurements.

 They in turn go further back in time to Egyptian wisdom Goddess Seshat the architect of the sacred Temple of Ra whom helped Ibis with the sacred funerary time writings, she is often depicted in ancient Egypt with a helmet of a bell shape over her head,and a 7 leaf Cannabis plant perched on top of her skull, the bell and tree of life are fundamental key symbols of Mungo, which have been adopted by Glasgow City in there coat of arms.

 The permanent fixture of the abyss-abis Judgement day looms heavy on the writings of John in revelations, on a brighter note the Canna marriage, is John's first of the seven signs?  Matthew alludes this is yet to happen?

 Mungo was a visitor to the Holy Island of Iona, here he found his calling,  which was to turn his life into a mission, he was devoted  and inspired by Saint Columba,  whom many consider to be Christ in a reincarnated body. The ever assiduous Mungo with determination zest to support his friend Columba, set about to affirm the saviours legacy and leave  a diary of  marked wisdom, on the Ce-ltic time seal  for us to remember.  After leaving Penicuik Mungo on  his journey followed close to the time line southwards, at  Caldbeck  Cumbria  he  managed to get the locals  into his way of thinking and they helped him set up Saint Kentigern's Church Cumbria a rebuilt  modern version can be seen today at Caldbeck, the message soon became a fashion  a second church directly on the Timeline was also built for the Saint at Crosthwaite Keswick Cumbria. 

Tapping into the time line's  knowledge was the monk Jocelyn of Furness, (1175-1214)  the Cistercian  hagiographer, wrote about the life of Saint Kentigern, based at Furness Abbey Cumbria, which is  almost directly south of Caldbeck & Crosthwaite and Roslin, the etymology hagio-grapher word comes from another Old Testament prophet Haggai, during his ministry remit, his job was to reestablish the true worship of God at His Temple, here the practise of the blessings of salvation are promised in his book, to those who are seen to obey the divine commands.
Haggai name and his proclamations in Scotland are some what revived with there national treasured dish the Haggis and its address.

 reaching Wales and even Brittany in France.

The town's name is pronounced 'Pennycook' and is derived from Pen Y Cog, meaning "Hill of the Cuckoo" in the Old Brythonic  language (also known as Ancient British and the forerunner of modern Welsh.

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