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Hairy Esau & Patron Saint of Animals Francis of Assisi links Gorilla and Soul's Tree of Life.

When Rebekah time came to give birth, there where indeed twins in her womb. The first came out Reddish, covered with Hair like a fur coat, and named him Esau, after this his Brother Jacob came out grasping Esau's heel with his hand. So they named him Jacob, meaning circle deceiver.

Genesis 27:11

"But look," Jacob replied to Rebekah, "my brother Esau,  is a hairy man and my skin is smooth.

2 Kings 1:8
 They replied, "He was a hairy man, and he wore a leather belt around his waist." "Elijah from Tishbet" the king exclaimed.

Matthew 3:4

John’s clothes were made of camel’s hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey.

The name George comes from Geo  the Greek  meaning composition of the earth,  equally correct  is Old Norse gully or creek, from here we can define the orgins of the word gorge a valley or ravine, also a fish-catching device, it  may be come in handy if we are to find the Man and Woman of the Piscis age, a hairy gorge ties in the birthright holder of the earth, the private part soldier keeper, that has secret rites to the celebration of the Orgy, worshiped by the cult of Bacchus. 

Hairy man of Gor 

 This in turn ties in the Hebrew the meaning of the name Edom used as a  alternative name of the Old Testament character Esau.  Edom means Red,  which links  in Red earth of Eden and Geo composition of the earth, being the orginal Birth right holder, there would be no human life with out the help of the circle of the Red Sea Menstrual period,  from which the Old Testament Adam himself was created.

Birthright sign of  Saint George Red Crossover where every body has to enter.

Man and Woman in the Garden.
God had not made it rain on the land.
After the rain came  God formed man out of the Dust cells of terracotta, brown-red  Earth.
A root recycled process where we All now originate from.

 Francis of Assisi was Baptized as Giovanni di Bernardone, in honor of Saint John the Baptist.

Authentic Birthright holder reBirth's the Master.

After a NDE Francis awakened to guiding voice with in, his brush with death was the catalyst to be in the service of the Divine,  born into a rich family, young Francis enjoyed the trappings that accompanies  such privileges,  consistency supply of wine, women and  general Bacchus merrymaking was the style of life Francis became accustom,  his NDE  vocation made him follow a different path, to come to terms that you are being monitored from with in, and acknowledge the fact that every thought that entered our heads is being read by somebody else, brings a change of life style and a New Mid Life reBirth, washing away the Sins of yesterday is a act of conviction for new life style approbation Tests.

Crossover Keeper with tree of life & Deer, the Deer is the main clan Symbol of the Clan Keith, this clan in Scottish History where responsible to Guard over the "Kings Crown Jewels" which was used as a double pun to Guard the King's reproduction marriage rights, the leotard is the last line of defence in modesty that relates to Samson's wife infidelity, the Ard and Lion in turn is a alternate road name for the Egyptian-Pi-ctland  Cult of Bas-T-Ard that both Jesus and his reincarnated  "Dear" Wife where followers, William the Bastard returned to fulfill her/his reborn proclaimation found in John 3:3.

 Francis turned his back on his Old ways of sin and walked out his Father's business, this rash decision was to see Francis hit the streets of Assisi with begging bowl. His time of expressing his willingness to suffer the feelings and stress of the poor was to bring him closer to God, his arc of passions give him the powers of empathy he understood more than most how the human mind worked, this gift of entering into the spirit of peoples emotions was transcended to the animal and bird Kingdoms. 

Francis was able to communicate telepathically, the birds and animals could sense the genuine Love held in the Saint's Heart and felt at peace & ease with in his company, many people whom witnessed Francis phenomena where in awe of how the Animals and Birds wished to express there mutual Love, in return a truly amazing spectable of a pocket bubble World of Harmony, earned him the Supreme Achievement bestowed on fellow Man, on behalf of the Animal Kingdom,
Saint Francis is Patron Saint  of Animals.  

The learned men of the Masonic order main entrance, the first stained glass window visitors encounter is of St Francis Assisi located in the hall Baptistry at Roslin Chapel.

"My hero is St. Francis of Assisi because he understood the connection between spirituality and the environment. He understood the way God communicates to us most forcefully  through the fishes and the birds and the trees and that it is a sin to destroy those things."  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

Man of Birds whom wore  Feather Coat was Quetzalcoatl.

The Feather is the Measure Unit of the Egyptian God of Judgemeant.

The name "quetzal" meaning comes from   "large  tail feather"  or "tail coverts of the quetzal"  the hanging tail is often used as a expression for the penis, quetz itself  means "stand up"  & used with a Bird & Bee wink to refer to the upstanding plume of feathers.
The word "quetzal" was originally used for  the famous long-tailed Green & Gold quetzal of Central America which is the national bird and the name of the currency of Guatemala dollars.  It still often refers to that bird specifically but now also names all the species of the genera Pharomachrus and Euptilotis.
Pharomachrus is from Ancient Greek pharos, "mantle", (Moses himself was considered to be a Pharaoh) and makros,  "long," referring to the wing & wink of tail coverts of the Resplendent Quetzal.  The mantle or coat has a long tradition in the Bible, the English name coat itself is derived from COA, Coat of Arms  and T the Cross-over, which is a tampered term for the birth-death portal. The name Coat is found with in Quetzalcoatl, whom is often speculated to return at the End of the Age, the letter L found at the very End of his name, is one half that makes up the Square, when the mirror is reflected with  the Comeing of time of High Noon the 2 L mirrors with one upside down make up the Square, this time equates to Nehemiah 8 Water Gate and the Public Reading of the Law.

 Holes and Serpent Mouth Tales, sum up our repeated Male-Female circle Lot.

Many Citys including Enoch's and Kentigern's Glasgow have the "Square" incoporated as the main feature to remind us of our time wheel Covenant, the Glasgow Square is named after the messenger St George.
The Water Gate and Quetz are now held to Account at the Bar.

Like Esau Quetzalcoatl was considered to be a twin whom was allied to the Morning Star, Venus the sexual indulgence Lovers starlight found among the very last words of the Final Chapter of the Bible. 




Returning back to the Birth of Jacob and Esau.

And the Lord said to Rebekah;

Two nations are in your Womb;

One people will be stronger than the other, 

and the older will serve the younger.


 The proud nation of Scotland's identity was to descend into the abyss when English King Edward I took advantage of internal discord and invaded Scotland in 1296 the deceiver Edward understood what was regarded as Scotland's most prized possession, the soul portal dream stone of Jacob, gifted by God, used by the Kings of Ireland and Scotland as the coronation seat, whom in there right mind would dare risk the consequential wrath of God by stealing it, unless Edward was given clearance from above, so that the scriptures may be full filled.


Only the reborn Soul of Jacob would have Jurisdiction right of divine Law to attempt such a vulgar ostentation.


The people of Scotland morale hit a new low as Edward took what he considered to be his Special privilege birthright gift.


Our morals of Biblical Righteousness  are put to the Test, could it really be the case that the Great Deceiver man,  that pulled off the original hairy underhand trick, was the role model for us to follow, our own Code of Conduct is now transparent, the questionable crossroads  choice towards our own integrity is laid bare in front of us.


The Stone of Destiny is reputed to be able to telecommunicate, the call to its rightful owner was heard, William Wallace the Bravehearted Guardian of Scotland, was directed to put it in a safe place, that was protected with the Seal of Time.


 Above is Loudoun Hill Ayrshire, it is here William Wallace  soul of Esau started a Gorilla campaign against the English Army whom had poached the Scottish lands under the rule of King Edward I, Wallace's father amongst other Nobles had been captured and Hung by English commander Fenwick, Wallace had been informed he would be passing the Loudon Hill pass, and lay in Ambush with his men.

Matthew 27:65-66

"Go and make it as secure as you know how."

Then they went and made the Tomb secure by sealing the Stone and setting the Guardian.



Hairy Gorilla 

                                                illa is the Hebrew name meaning  "tree"  Tree is the name given for a blood family and there relations, tree can also relate to the Hidden Soul family illa-tree.

 The name Gorilla is derived from Greek Gorillai, meaning "tribe of hairy women"  a distorted pun that links Bible's Esau  and Jacob's birthright channel wrangle, the modern day hair removal fashion was preceded with whole furnished natrual jungle, then  most women where Hairy at the entrance to the sacred ruck birthright water well.

Jesus and his Beloved best friend whom he Loved most left us a delineation path for us to follow.

John 4:14
But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

John 7:38
Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.'"

The Monkey family are closely related to  Apes  being generally smaller in size, the Ape is considered the King of the Hairy Primates and the Queen is the Monkey, there English name too is considered to derive from the Easter Monday seal and stone, Key  as told in Matthew 28:

Arose in Resurrection Morning.
After the Sabbath (Easter Sunday) as the first day of the week was dawning Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the Tomb-Seal-Key.

After the "Third Day" post  the year 2000 ce the Stone-Seal-Key was opened by the Angel of the Lord.

The Mon-key  is the door opener,  the word wrench itself arrives from wench a mistress or whore, the contestable "Woman" in history, was some what redeemed by Pope Benedict XVI  extraordinary Easter message in  Rome, on the  8 April 2012.  This  courageous Pope tomb opener indebted himself  by giving the light to the Masses, he himself fraughted with the administrators, and in the ultimate gesture of God over peer direction, with in the calender year, with inner tensions mounting, on the 11th of Febuary 2013 Benedict called a summit to relay his notice of employmeant, he scantly informed us of the tumultuous agitation  he himself had been subjected towards..........   17 days later he resigned from office on the 28th of Febuary 2013   Benedict's domestic dispute rocked the Christian world foundations as he became the  first pontiff to resign  in 600 years. 

 Patricia Cota-Robles writes ........

 "The Pope"

"Another outer-world sign that took place after the Birth of the New Earth was the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on February 11, 2013. This unprecedented event captured the attention of the entire world and created a collective cup of Humanity's consciousness through which the Company of Heaven could intensify the purging of the abuse of power, the corruption, the perversion, the deception, the manipulation, the greed, the suppression of women, and the separation and duality associated with all of the world religions."


On the same day as Benedict handed back his Crook and Keys papacy, a  Lightning  fork struck  St Peter's  dome,  a number of photographs captured the dark clouds over the Vatican with a Telsa type Bolt upon a coil, this dramatic image appeared in many of the  Global Press next day March 1 front pages,  this light signal had many questioning their inner minds, 
Angelic Intervention or Bizarre Coincidence?

The search was on to elect a new Monk-Key holder of the Christian Seal.

  Just as the British media news was broadcasting the Falkland Islands vote to remain a British territory on the 13th of March, Argentina people where celebrating their own  unexpected victory.

Named after the Hairy one Francis, the humble Argentinian football loveing Pope  was duly elected.

With in 13 days of Benedict's declaration the white smoke at the vatican, signals to the World that we have a New Christian Church Leader,

at 13 minutes past 8.00 pm on the 13th of March  2013.

Mon-key Wrenchs  Key to the MM door?

3/14/ Pi day

Village of the Covenantors Muirkirk Ayrshire stained glass trio of figures window, on the left the   bearded Saint Peter holds the enlarged Keys,  next to him also supporting hair on face is Jesus while John, with undercoat of royal purple and blue, he/she holds the Grail Cup with dragon peering over, the symbols below the figures are Saint Peter's crossover Keys, the Lamb of God with St George Cross, lies beneath Jesus feet and John has the symbol of the Eagle, the latin name for Eagle is Aquila, which is used to disguise Aqua-water,  from here we  get the Gaelic name Muir(e) that also means water as does Mary, two fingers held aloft on her left hand confirm our date with destiny.

Esau the authentic hairy birthright holder, Jesus conveys  a little sense to us on such hidden disclosure when he carefully slects the words "Born of Woman,"

Luke 7:28, Jesus declared John the Baptist to be the greatest man to have ever lived: "I tell you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John ..."

 Rebirth Light on the Etymology of Judea can now come into focus as  Jud is a boy's name, that is a variant of Jordan  (Hebrew), the meaning of Jud is "down-flowing or praised", and Ea means God, or water, the "praised" birthright portal was carefully hidden the decoy water rebirth in the river Jordan, that flows into the D-ea-D  Sea, the letter D is named after the river triangle Delta, in human representation it takes on the image or likeness of the watery heaven  of the womb, where the good people go when they die.

Jesus arrival was signalled by the 3 Kings from the East whom followed the Eastern star, after the Death of Jesus we are informed of the three ladies whom represent the prison mirror Arch of Time standing at the foot of the Cross-over. The Lord works in many mystrious ways for us to take notice, 2013 seen the release of the 3 ladies in Prison, whom where incarcerated in the land of the "West"  Cleveland  Ohio street number 2207 pi.

 The Cronis-berry of the contract of  time has spoken, the door of Pi-Ramesses was opened by Ususpecting neighbour Mr Ramsey himself, on returning from a visit to the Eatery of Golden M arch  of MacDonald's, our Hero heard the Call?

  Time to awake from a great sleep?

The West Bank circulation of Money comes full circle as the Truth about the Soldiers Bribe is found at the Crossover of Pi.

General Moses Cleaveland  named the  town after his visit  to Cleveland  on Pi Day July 22, 1796    Cleaveland oversaw the plan for what would become the modern downtown area, centered on Public Square  before returning home, never again to visit Ohio.  The Public Square relates to Nehemiah ch 8 the Bible WaterGate,  a unsuspecting time of Truth & Judgemeant of the People, DDay pubic mile mark, haughty turns to humillation as Castro's trial puts us All in the Dock for soul time related late-x sins.

The precious Golden ring  is central to the plot in  J. R. R. Tolkien's   Lord of the Rings  the epic high fantasy novel plays a skilled game of mind riddles in the Cave, here the allmost naked Gollum puts us to the test in the ring recircle game of birth and death, the Golum heights  overlooks the Sea of Galilee and the River Jordan,  Mount Hermon resides as a natrual Church Spire to the whole Golum area. Undoubtedly Tolkien's  Gollum relates to Golum  in the Book of Enoch Mount Hermon  is the place where the Grigori  ("Watcher") class of fallen angels  descended to Earth. They swore upon the mountain that they would take wives among the daughters of men and take mutual imprecation for their sin (Enoch 6).

The cave is a bible metaphor for the womb, the anvil on the altar respects God's laws, even Jesus whom wore the Red Mantle fell to the fire temptations of the flesh, his wife awaits him at the 3rd day Arc.
Fallen Angel Lucifer located at Roslin Chapel, are we not all Lucifers to the Act of Sin? The rope is a feature you find in many of the Scot clans coat of Arms, the Rope represents the tie with the umbilical cord, our feed source in heaven.

The crossover T-ank symbol, container of living water, the "Living Water" is the heavenly timeless home to all Babys.

Insight to the English word for Baby comes from the Egyptian variant Babi, the Egyptian God Babi  was often depicted as a hairy Baboon whom was forever and again connected  with Judegemeant  fertility & reproduction.

Wikopedia states  Babi's  role of  judging of righteousness was an important part of the underworld, (inside the knickers.) Babi was said to be the first-born son of  Osiris, the god of the dead in the same regions in which people believed in Babi.

Babi-Thoth  with palms of truth face down, bible testameant in the dock has traditionally held the Bible in the Palm of the hand,  the Male reproductive member faces the book of Judgemeant.

Baboons also have noticeably high sex drives, in addition to their high level of genital marking, and so Babi was considered the god of virility  of the dead.  Babi is usually portrayed with an erection,  and due to the association with the judging of souls, was sometimes depicted as using it as the mast of the ferry which conveyed the righteous to Aaru,  a series of islands. Babi was also prayed to, in order to ensure that an individual would not suffer from impotence after death.

Penis-Manna Stone located in the small town  in Clackmanna central Scotland,  the word God in Scottish Gaelic means "toss the head" the Manna stone used to be located on the Island of Inch Keith in the Firth of Forth estuary, in the Bible Genesis 9: 6-7 we are informed God made Man in his Image,  "But you, be fruitful and Multiply" is often substituted by the phrase  go forth & multiply, the name Ke-ith  in Scottish Gaelic means Ce, the seal and ith to Eat,  from here we can get insight to the English name consume to Eat and Drink and the sister word consummate, to make a marriage legal by Sexual intercoarse.

Jesus made it clear to us at the Last Supper the decoy misinterpretation  that he particpated in when he Drank & Eat his Manna "rock" Bread.

Many aspects of Babi where represented or doubled in the Egyptian God Thoth, whom like Babi sometimes shared the Baboon image, his most universal transformation of Thoth  is regarded as the Ibis headed God with human body often seen with Pen and notebook in hand.

Thoth's roles in Egyptian mythology were many. He served as a mediating power, especially between good and evil,  making sure neither had a decisive victory over the other. He also served as scribe of the gods, credited with the invention of writing and alphabets (i.e. hieroglyphs) themselves. In the underworld,  Duat, he appeared as an ape,  A'an  the god of equilibrium, who reported when the scales weighing the deceased's heart against the feather, representing the principle of Ma'at, was exactly even. ( source wikopedia)

Through the age of Linear Bible time there was considered to be three  Death & Rebirth soul portals. Starting with Mount Hermon, the  Nile Delta up till 722 B.C.  was considered to be the location of  the secound souls portal. King  Pi-ramesses II was a branch pi-lot  of the Trinity house certificate, with intimate guidance from Sekhmet-Hathor the third portal was Calibrated from Egypt Delta region, to the land of the Pi-cts.  Many light workers over a period that spanned hundreds of years, travelled back and forth from Egypt to Scotland, there Job  through  meditative contempation was to help open the portal for the future date, this work was deemed hazardous, the evil Set would create many obstacles, but Ladies of the nurturing stronger Sex will would go to any lengths to make sure, there babys would return in the future. The Game of Tennis is based on the Pi-ramesses too & fro  Tanis, birthright portal. The city of Tanis was said to be the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, in the Epic Hollywood  film Raiders of the lost Ark search for the Ark by the occult Nazis centred around Tanis  

After  the date 722 B.C. many of the ancient wise people believed the Arc heaven gate had moved to Scotland. Amen-tet  the End meeting place of the secret Lovers, is translated as the "Mountain in the West."   Yesterday's seers considered, West Loch Eddleston, as  the Key third day Mon-arch  of the Ark(Arc) of the Convenant, this location takes on a new Omega- Alfa significance, that implicates Revelations John 22 The source of life "Watchtower of the Flock".

Crossover burning Coals lead us to the mirror of the Periodic table  value of Coal that equals 6 the water loch mirror clue of Rembrandt's Rest on the Flight into Egypt, 606 is the number of masonic lodge Roslin, the light filters in through the clouds of darkness, a gloomy dark silhouette of a Castle-Watchtower holds centre stage.

 One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.........

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

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