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XX City of Glasgow Common Wealth Games Ends 100 years on from the start of WW1

City of Glasgow XX   Common Wealth Games Ended on the 3rd of August 2014, as Mr flash Bolt flew back to sunny Jamaica and the last fireworks exstinguished in the gray skies over Glasgow
the volunteer army whom in unselfish enthusiasm  folded the nations flags  away with the giant teacakes and Kylie's  herculean pillar boots, stored into the memory vaults of roam 101, the Glasgow games where hailed as the "Best Common Wealth Games Ever" a place where sport over comes politics and unites nations, if only the future could follow the example of friendly Glasgow ................ while  in other parts of the world, people where paying respects to the millions whom had fallen in the field of duty,  in late July early August 1914 the Great War of the World started in Earnest 100 years on from  the clash of Glasgow's XX "friendly games"...... sadly the trench along with its  contentious middle ground will allways be a battle we will never forget.

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Man's on going battle for the holy middle ground is a war fought around the globe since the sin of Eve and Adam, we will allways remember....

Proverbs 7 :21-23

She seduces him with her persistent pleading;
she lures with her flattering talk.
He follows her impulsively
like a Ox going to the slaughter,
like a deer bounding toward a trap
until a arrow pierces its liver,
like a bird darting into a snare,
he does not know it, but it will cost him his life. 

Reading into the value enmity distance from global foe to friend  with in the number value X x X
 number 100 equals the full  circumference with in the pie % cake thus
  introspection to Glasgow's relationship with X directs us to its co-patron Saint Ten-eu  also known as Saint Enoch, this name found in Genesis is connected to a yearly/life circle in the view that Enoch life lasted 365 years, or  before God took him to walk with Him, a mind puzzle that hints that Enoch may indeed be still alive with in God's timeless circle?   

 Saint Ten-eu/Enoch is considered to be buried in the center of Glasgow with in Enoch's square, in ancient traditions  with in the heavens  the circle may be divided into a square with the aid of the lines of the equinoxes and the two solstices, the four horse and riders of revelations many people consider they represent the seasons,  to have summer we need  winter, to have life we need death, overseas the sacred holy building  at Mecca  known as the Kaaba which is a square/ black cube, Islam's most  holy place where many pilgrims make a yearly visit to walk in anticlockwise circles around the square several times,  the reverse clock direction mirrors the Earth's orbit around the Sun, while the number seven is the bible holy day of rest date that completes the weekly circle, the number seven is also one of the numbers that honours the finished Temple of Solomon, that housed the Ark of the Covenant which later with the New Covenant honoured women,  the other half needed to complete the full circle and more,

the jigsaw pieces start  to come together why Glasgow's Enoch exalts a Lady, while walking with in the eternal Shadow of  the Bible's Enoch we the journey people of the arc of time, come to learn and respect the X command laws given to man from God with each and every circle with in the larger circle.

Araise from the circle of Death/Birth, today Glasgow is twinned with Bethlehem named after the House of Meat or Bread, while Beth by itself  is considered to be the House of God, in the Bible Bethlehem is the Birth location of Jesus, the architect's Son................

Whom seen over time itself  "In his Father's House"

Luke 2:41-49

Every year Jesus parents traveled to Jerusalem for the Passover Festival
Jesus was 12 years Old (the circle of the clock face of our daily time)
after 3 days (may relate to the third day,  & 2ooo years + lap over)
they found Jesus in the Temple complex.......

"Why were you searching for Me?"  He asked them.
" Did you not know that I had to be in My Father's House?"

But they did not understand what He said to them.

1Kings 9: 10

And it came to pass at the end of twenty years,XX when Solomon had built the two houses, the house of the LORD, and the King's house,
(Hi-Ram (Jesus) King of the Tyre-circle)
King Solomon give Hi-Ram 20 towns in the Land of Galilee. (Hebrew meaning of Galilee is Circuit)
               Hi-Ram asked Solomon "what are these towns you have given me brother?

Solomon replied "here lies the Land of Cabul."  (Cabul means Nothing/zero)

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Millions of people come to pay respect to the cube, the two pillars looking from above help support the Temple complex. The Mohammedan  pilgrimage is known as hadj a name that  is connected to Hades the place of hell and the dead, the sister word hade is the name given to the angle made to the vertical by the plane and the fault, clarity in geometry practice is somewhat restored with the help of the term "had-I-wist" which means remorse and with vain regret.

Ironically Glasgow's own tarnished history in the Wealth of the City in days past centered around the slave trade, following on from the union marriage of 1707 a new sense of home stability arrived, which enabled 
the great British merchants of the day a firm base to trade anything that would make profits, the American colonies needed cheap 
Labour to work the fields, many of the Glasgow traders where willing to oblige in the soul less trade of
slavery in pursuit of yet more Common Wealth.

Walking around Enoch square 7 times may God  & Mr Bolt Please forgive us? 

In Roman Numerals 100 equals C pronounced see 

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