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Babylon's Tigris and Euphrates river valley heralds Revelations "Great Mother of Prostitutes"

Mark ch 8

Feeding the 4000 (D)

In those days there was again a large crowd, ( see Genesis 19:4-5  the whole population surrounded the house of Lot, sex was on the mind men-u)  and they had nothing to Ea-t.

He summoned the 12 disciples and said to them, 
" I have compassion on the crowd, because they've stayed with Me three days and have nothing to Ea-t.
If I send them home hungry, they will collapse on the way, and some of them have come 
a long distance."
His disciples answered Him, "Where can anyone get enough bread here in this desolate 
place to fill these people?"
"How many loaves do you have?" He asked them.
"Seven," they said. Then He commanded the crowd to sit down on the ground.
Taking the seven loaves, He gave thanks, broke the loaves, and kept on giving them to 
His disciples to set before the people. (Bread is symbolic of the body, the 12 disciples represent the 12 hours the set time also the 12 zodiac signs with in the circle of one year, Jesus is the axis mundi/ world pillar/world tree)
Jesus gave thanks, broke the loaves, and kept on giving them to His disciples to
 set before the people.
So they served the loaves to the crowd.
They also had a few small fish (symbolic of semen, Ea was the water/semen god of Mesopotamia, the name Mesopotamia means the land between the two rivers, which returns us back to the two great Bible rivers the Euphrates and Tigris, the delta mouth with two land pillars, they where considered to represent the human female reproduction form, when semen crossed over and fertilised, the euphemism net resulted in the name origins of Ea-T, mesopotamia region takes on further Bible End overlap days of significance as this area was known as Babylon, from the lions of the......... 

Great Mother of Prostitutes Here lies the Vile

 Things of The Earth

The Garden of Eden is considered to come 

from Hebrew eden, meaning pleasure or

 delight the Sumerian word Edinu is thought

 to stem from the same source, the 

hierophants name for Eden was "wilderness" 

come 40 weeks in the Ea/water paradise, the 

Baby of the Lions gate would open his/her

 eyes to 
land of Giants.

In the Bible Eden is written 20 XX times 

in the 2003 film Matrix reloaded

the two Ladys tried 

stop their kingdom from being destroyed 

from the great boreing worm, the

lady's took up arms

with the antitank (womb abuser) double barrel 

Bazooka, the unscupulous evil-doer rocket 

had a potent message on the

case holder, on view was the vigesimal  

number XX etched on the outer case,

  persistent hell-fire missiles in the direction of 

the Misses D venery mouth of time has a 

price to pay, man has been at war with

himself due to  

wick of the serpent, the net

result, for tampering with the  Bag

of Dad that holds the holy ground 

with in the rivers of creation.

  "God put enmity between

man and woman for

 the exchange of his

seed and her seed"

From the start of time right to the End a Great 

War has been ongoing enslavement between 

Men and Love sadism, even our Saviour 

suffered the pain torture for his and our sins,

this continous war, brings promise of a day of

peace, we live in a world of Eternal Hope


 In Latin 

the number 20 is named Viginti it is the Holy

vine yard garden named on behalf of the 


The great boreing worm of Babylonian Basrah 

again came into world mind concious, on

the 3rd year of the Millenium the same year as

the Matrix reloaded film, in March, April 

and May 2003 Basra region was the 

battlefield of the British 7th Armoured

Brigade, in the matrix reloaded film, only

the man of Light can halt the Great war,

against the evil worm, 

Deuteronomy 23:2

No one of illegitimate birth may enter the

Lord's assembly; none of his descendants, 

even to the 10 (X) generation, may enter the

Lord's assembly.

The man of X light returns us back to

the door of Lot,

Genesis 19:9-11

"Get out of the way!"

they said, adding,

"This one came here as a foreigner,

but he's acting like a Judge!

Now we'll do more harm to you than them."

They put pressure on Lot and came to break

the door down.

A blinding Light stuck both young and old,

they where blind and could not 

find the door.

Then Evening came, and then morning; the 

sixth day

In Arabic the name basrah means over 

watcher, the all seeing eye is symbolic

of the trinity, the meat and two veg of man, 

again found in the film the matrix reloaded

when Neo is stranded at the station the,

place in between worlds, death/birth,  the Love

 of Trinity, 

a woman rescued Neo from the station prison,


brought Neo, meaning New again,

 back to Earth,  Neo the "One" had unfinished

business to attend.

Basra is home to the epic sea sailor

Sin-bad, the 7 voyages  of bad-sins alluded to 


7 seals, 7 trumpets and 7 bowls,

in Genesis the number 777 directs us  to the

age of 

Lamech, we are advised to pay attention

to his words, for 

he killed a man and and a boy and

 had two wifes,

these amassed sins would be avenged 

77 times over, while Cain's punishemeant

for killing his brother amounted

to the more lenient sentence of 7 times 


suggesting the two wifes of Lamech,

held corruption of law that needed 

a more severe penalty.

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