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Sunderland on the East Coast Land of the Light.

Stadium of Light  is the name given to Sunderland Football Club.

Picture wikipedia  Above is the stadium of Light Home to Sunderland Football Club,

Sunderland lies on the North East Coast Of England.

The name Sunderland is made up from the syllables Sun, Land and Der, when  Der is mirrored  we get Red,

White and Red strips they are the Home colours of Sunderland F.C

In the Bible East is associated with Birth arrival.

Picture Wikipedia the shield of Sunderland has a decorative spear  that resembles a double trident on top of
the wheel of Life, in the top left corner  the Golden Sun lies behind the temple type triple Roman/Greek pillar, the foundations are  lying in Golden strip of Earth, the Gold  is linked to the five strings in the x bottom right corner, in the music scale
the fifth note is Sol which is latin for Sun, personified by Helios, Phoebus or the Lord's Son, the irregular X itself  represents the Zodiac tenth house of Capricorn, in the Northern hemisphere the darkest date of light is crossed over at the cusp of the Goat, where the light on the arc returns.
The two dark ram-pants Lions guard the Temple doors,  the gate way of Death and rebirth is governed when the Red C drys up,  and our Sol/Soul is recycled from the Black into the Light,
 in  family Goat pregnancy terms they are gifted with kids.

Sunderland F.C. alternate name is the "Black Cats"

In Bible alternate theory the Great Shield of David the Giant killer of Goliath was the "Shield of God"
whom was identified as the True God of Israel and in Paul's view, found in Ephesians ch 3

"Gentiles (genitals) are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, 
and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus."

 the Star of David is considered to represent the Temple Shield.

Picture wikipedia
Inner Loins are the keepers to the recycled  light .

The World's Great Land mass  of  Asia is followed by the C of the land of the ri-sing Sun, music is
the re-pent key to the return of the Light & the rod King of rolling  rocks.

Picture wikipedia.

The Hexagon glass Seal guards the bowl of filth and abomination, contemplation of the internal sound murmur of running water is raised with Gracelands eternal spring fountain.

The rod/dor keeper of dalet was selected by God a very, very long time ago?

The facts appear to be, that we are are all Androgynous.

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