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BBC provokes satire on noon Crucifixion Easter Friday 2013 outrage affilates Magdalene's relationship with Jesus?


Daily Telegraph  Easter Saturday 30th of March 2013  reports on the timely BBC broadcast that questions the Role of Magdalene with in the Christian theorem.  The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the former bishop of Rochester, said the programme, presented by Melvyn Bragg would be “hugely offensive” to devout Christians because it amounted to the “sexualisation of Christ”

Just  One year on  from Vatican's Easter Urbi et Orbi Blessing and Message, which is delivered to the awaiting masses, the voice tone and sober, bordering on confessional, the contents from Pope Benedict XVI  confusing,  like a sinner in Hope of forgiveness, the Lady  whom has troubled Saint Peter and his establishment, her voice has finally been given permission to be aired, a long awaited admission that quite a number of us already knew ?

Saint Peter holding Keys, Jesus holding the Lamb, and that "Woman"  is holding the Grail Cup, Muirkirk stained Glass window  belonging to Church of Scotland.

A secound Ayrshire church at Straiton,  with the true face of the beloved Saint John?

Jesus says "Conquer I await You, We await You "  ( As foretold by Maria Valtorta (14 March 1897 – 12 October 1961) 

Key opener of Saint Peter's Church. Courages Pope Benedict's 2012 Magdalene Revelation, one year on this message proved to be a step too far, for others, Benedict resigned while new Pope Francis, wasted no time to mirror the gesture of Magdalene by washing the souls of the feet of a Lady prisoner. Soul washing is a biblical metaphor for reincarnation,  a blatant rebelliousness  act of contempt in support of Benedict's Love of Jesus and his "Woman" provoking yet more confrontation .

Saddell Abbey marks the spot of the Covenant Saddell Circumcision, the Isle of Arran named after the bible Aaron brother of Moses, whom was considered to be the reincarnated Soul of the Rock and Roll King, Elvis as told by the book Blue Star Love. Arran Island takes on the impression of the Testicle, the manna-bread from heaven, while the Mull of Kintyre resembles the shape of the male Phallus.

Over the years there has been many names used to name God, in fact God in the English language is a some what new name for the Supreme Creator, Moses was informed that his name was,
 I Am That, I Am. 

One does have to ask the question where and why did we adopt the name God, the Scottish Gealic Language may give us some sort of clue, as there name God  means Toss the Head, a hazard that Romans Soldiers had to encounter as there wages where bribed to lie, instead of the stark truth, as Jesus head was repeatedly hit on with the provocable reed-pen-mark, a cover up needed to be dealt with, "to keep the sold-iers out of trouble".

They striped him and spit on him and took the reed to his head again and again.

God created man in His own image, some what fulfills the mental naked tansfer perception of Mull of Kintyre and Arran, that in turn seeds the circle of life.

The week before Easter 2013  just after the cusp of the equniox the Mull of Kintyre and the Isle of Arran, which resemble the male reproductive organs suffered there worst snow storm for 50 years, the power supply for Arran was totally castrated for around 5 days in many parts of the Island.  Hundreds of Electric service engineers where drafted in from all over Britain to rebuild the Electric towers and poles mangled by ice  on the isle of Arran-Aaron.

Cabala  Confessional  time. Tossing the Caber calibrates our true values, answering to the tests of mankind with in  the par of earthly lifes. Rounds of reincarnated bodys of mankind with the same soul  results in our Graduation degree, even Jesus fell in Love, and chose to be Baptised to wash his sins. so that he could  be in service of the Lord's new Laws for us to follow.

Caberston farm Walkerburn, lies in Peeblesshire-Tweeddale next to Holylee, on the East side and Pi-rn Hill on the West side, the forrestry commission description of Caberston links the area to a Hill fort that dates back to the time of Jesus on the Hill of Pi-rn overlookin Inner-leith-on........

About Caberston

This is a conifer forest with an important broadleaf wood at the Pirn.

An uphill climb takes you on a circuit of Pirn Hill where there is a 2000 year old Iron Age settlement site at the top of the forest walk. This short walk onto the Pirn hillfort gives you some fantastic views of the Tweed valley.

Caberston marks the South East gateway, on the Pi-Bee line 42 degree angle that links the Grande Pyramid and Callanish stone circle on the Island of Lewis.

Cross of Ea-t marks the overlay of the area, if you follow the South East Angle from Caberston you will come to the Hill of Dundreich the most westerly of the Moorfoots, it overlooks the village of Eddleston. 

Dundreich was considered to be the "Watering Pool", how it got this name is not exactly clear, but some historians fancy that Dundreich may even be hollow, that contains a vast reservoir of water, my gut feeling is this was a fanciful whim to prehaps doctor over another type of bladder, what we do know of Dundreich was, it was also known as the Hill of the Druids, whom set camp here to protect it's sacred heritage,  a battle of unparalleled compromise was fought here between the locals and the Roman Army, such was the nature of this fight, a forbidden taboo by both sides cursed the ill-fated area, the unspeakable events went underground, the truths where rewritten to avoid unwanted repeats of History, in reflecton Man had over-stepped the Mark.

 Later Emperor Constantine's remit was to salvage the honor of Mankind, and given divine gifts to bring about the New Creation, thus helping to wipe the tears of the Lord's people.

  The Holy orders where the Tomb seal was to be shut and secure until the third Day, even dynamic Evil himself Hilter and his like minded Generals drive to prematurely open the third Day Seal under the guise of the ambitious Grail fervent name the Third Reich whom's name orginated from  the three day seal, as a direct result when the Roman army void was replaced by Anglo Saxons, when they arrived in the Eddleston valley, they felt the shivers,  the dark conspired secret was too much to bear of what went before, locals where to scared to talk of the horrific ghost story, fear of exposing the time seal, and faceing the wrath of God the elders put scorn on anyone whom dared talk of historys past, one subtle clue was left for others to stumble open in the future, the Angles Angle that crossed the Hill of Dundreich.

The Axis architect of Evil would  not  be allowed to open the Hill of Reich- Dundreich's time Sacred Ark of the Covenant seal, on the back of internal brotherly fighting,

Historical Bible expert and Daily Mail WWII  reporter Comyns Beaumont had  imformed us with pertinacious forbiddance clarity what was at stake in and around the area of  Dundreich.

 Steven Spielberg Raiders of the lost Ark mind impression lasting scene,  had  reluctant hero, Indiana Jones & Marion tied up to a post, Indy gives shouting commands to past Love interest Marion to close her eyes, as the lid of the Ark of the Covenant was prised open by the Nazis, music off heavenly realms played in the background as the lid came off to reveal a celestrial world of Good looking Aura light spirits, as the music turned into our worst nightmare threat, the Good spirits quickly transformed in to Goulish evil dark spirits intent in destroying anyone whom witnessed the sacred seal opener,   acid type fire  was thrown onto the faces of  whom viewed the wisdom held with in the Seal of the Arc, we the audience where agape in awe, of the Master of drama, Spielberg's supreme Bible interpretation.

 The Lord was precise in his instructions of how he wished the day of Light  would arrive, only Love and promise of Marriage had the power to sway the Hand of Providence, pretenders on the long road to the throne of Jesus the Prodigal Son's date with Destiny would be swept aside.   

Frozen in I-ce the three day time seal of the Bible, the Nazis used every invention & resource possible to prise open the sacred seal of the Hill of the Third Reich. Dundreich lies 8 miles due South of Roslin Chapel. Matthew even hints some of the Nazis may even be reincarnated souls of a slection of the Disciples whom would have known where to look for lost Decepted Treasure?

Therefore give Orders that the Tomb be made secure until the Third Day.
Otherwise, His disciples may come, Steal Him, and tell the people,
"He has been raised from the Dead"

"Then the Last Deception will be worse than the First."

Rod of Ra alines the Arc, Stamford Bridge Battle 1066  sits on the Pi Bee line 42 degree angle, another term for the Arc is Bridge, Stamford Bridge London is where 2012 European Champions Chelsea play, named after the 1066 battle & alinemeant that is located in Yorkshire,  the name bridge has a number of meanings that include a structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier, such as a river or roadway.
2. Something resembling or analogous to this structure in form or function:

Stamford Bridge Ground London, a bridge can indicate a number of meanings, but traditionally supports the means to get from one place to another.

The Battle of Stamford was the Bridge that the Normans used to get to where they wished to be, at a later date.   Under the command of William the Conqueror who was known as 'William the Bastard' used as a preconceived passage way to gain power first by defeating the English Army at Hastings, and then being Invited by the Scottish King Malcom Canmore (Reign 1058–1093)  to share power in his country. Canmore through divine communication, and spiritual insight help from his secound wife Margaret new the inner secrets of the Saint/Sin Clair ones, they where considered to be again a slection of reincarnated disciples with the Head answering to William the Bastard, whom himself was considered to be the reincarnated soul of Mary Magdalene, as foretold by Old Testameant prophet Micah.

We have to accept that Jesus haveing no Earthly father was off the cult of Bas,T, Ard that leads us to Egypt and Ard is a Gealic word used to name the "Supreme Ones" or "The Highest degree" that corresponds to pi. Ard is used frequently in place names in  and around Argyll  the  North West  corner of Scotland & its Western Isles, here a great cluster of places with the name Ard leave us a trail that  bridges the time arc mirror reflection to the lion with female head Sphinx guarding the Grand Pyramid of Egypt.

Wikopedia written by the people for the people interpretation of Bas cult assembles the Bible Alabaster initiation with the Pi angle line and the Mirror lioness- Lion of Judea, that in turn bridges Scotland and Egypt that connects the crouching Lion of Arthur's seat with the woman headed lion of Egypt's Great Sphinx...................

Bastet, or Bas is  the form of the name which is most commonly adopted by Egyptologists today.
 In early Egypt  her name appears to have been bastt.  
The town of Bastet's cult  was known in Greek as Boubastis.   The Hebrew rendering of the name for this town is Pî-beset "House of Bastet."
What the name of the goddess means remains uncertain. One recent suggestion by Stephen Quirke (Ancient Egyptian Religion) explains it as meaning "She of the ointment jar". This ties in with the observation that her name was written with the hieroglyph "ointment jar"  and that she was associated with protective ointments, among other things, this guarded time secret has implicit ramifications that lead us directly to the feet of Jesus, as told in,

Matthew 26 :13  (13 +13+13)
Matthew is the Saint/Sin Clair patron of Roslin Chapel.

Bast was the goddess of protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits.
She is also known as The Eye of Ra, that is for ever connected to the Rod of Ra, as seen in the Chelsea football Club badge.

From lion-goddess to cat-goddess

From the third millennium BC, when Bastet begins to appear in our record, she is depicted as either a fierce lioness or a woman with the head of a lion. Images of Bast were created from a local stone, named alabaster  today, that also link Jesus with his beloved, Love and "Rock".
Originally Bast was viewed as the protector goddess of Egypt.  As protector, she was seen as defender of the Pharaoh-(Jesus)  and consequently of the later chief male deity  Ra, who was also a solar deity, gaining her the titles Lady of Flame  and Eye of Ra.

Her role in the Egyptian pantheon  became diminished as Sekhmet, a similar lioness war deity came to prominence, in Bible the military where given Jesus mantle, to guard the 3 day seal, no one out of Time would have the power to open the Arc of the Covenant Seal.

Parnassus Bridge Painting. Pegasus the flying Horse holds the Keys to the Arc of the Covenant, even Magdalene-Exposed pi military leader William the Bastard had to have a life of a fighting Soldier to reclaim her Love? The nine Muses dance to the music. Naked Ard Lovers are kept apart and Suspended by the Roman Soldier, there boss is the Church of Peter.. The ribbon behind Magdalene's back outlines the number 8.

Micah 4:8
And You, Watchtower for the Flock,
fortified hill of Daughter of Zion,
the former rule will come to you,
sovereignty will come to Daughter Jerusalem.

From Exile to Victory 
From Defeated Ruler to Conquering King.

In the first millennium BC, when domesticated cats were popularly kept as pets, Bastet began to be represented as a woman with the head of a cat and ultimately emerged as the Egyptian cat-goddess. In the Middle Kingdom,  the domestic cat appeared as Bastet’s sacred animal and after the New Kingdom she was depicted as a woman with the head of a cat or a lioness, carrying a sacred rattle and a box or basket, a number of  different Armys accepted the Red Mantle Cloak time prison symbol, including William the Bastard, repentantly in this carnation he expounded his role, on approval from the higher realms.

 The Anvil holds the Key to our day of prison release, only Love and the promise of Marriage can open the Arc Seal. Jesus was stripped and whipped and repeatedly prodded with the reed, by the soldiers, in a blatant act to recreate the Bible's book of life  Over review,  we are informed  our period of given time is now accounted? The face of shock Points to Parnassus the home of the 9 Muse Goddess, whom where greatly influenced by the next world.

Gretna Green is the marriage village in Scotland in recent years  a flock of starlings that has tens of thousands have alerted attention to the subconcscious. April 2013 Swindon town has taken the mantle home to a large flock of starlings,  the name Swin(e) means Pig and Don is a name used for Master, Pegasus, itself means Peg the marker of Sus the Pig, related to the earthly Pig Ge-Je-sus, flying Pigs or Pigs might fly are wrapped up in the Equinox date of Cross/over, him and her equals 50%.


The Mirror of Jesus had to be fullfilled so that the complete circle of the two Halfs had been made perfect, the thinking being is that  there Earthy training to move on to the souls next level needed a full spectrum of lifes that have to be entered so that we feel what it is like to walk in other peoples lifes, Male-Female, Rich-Poor, Healthy-Diseased, and so forth, the Clair ones where given their pick of lands with in Scotland, Roslin Chapel area was slected as there most prestigious gift, here the relations of William the Bastard built the foundations of the Castle to be used as a  Bridge from yesterday to connect today.  


Elvis Aaron Presley died on the 16th of August 1977  aged 42

After Falling in Love with Sweetheart Priscilla Ann Wagner, while posted  in Germany with the U.S. Army the King fell in Love with  the Beautiful princess Priscilla, this romance had its issues, with Priscella being only 14 when they first met.

With a troubled premarital relationship Elvis finally married Priscilla on the 1st of May 1967 this wedding was to bring  the World a upbeat Heart Lift at a time when neutral mankind was mentally disturbed due to the shame and dark horrors of the "Nam" war, given a chance man can easily dismantle our honor  and grace to our brother. With the aid of global television to the masses, the double edged sword turned, when the magnetism enchantmeant  attraction of the Black and White,  Male and Female eclipsed energy sparked the magnificent Provident Energy of the King and his radiant Bride,  beaming from with in their happy emotions, to others  a electric current of shining Love rays and feeling swooped around the globe,  the stunning looking couple embodied the Creator's glorious Harmony of Love that embraced the ultimate tale, held deep with in the Bible intertwine braids,  (Matthew 26:13) 

For weeks on end the catchy melody, "Can't help falling in Love with You," was aired at every available chance, at the height of the flower power Hi-pi movemeant,  a imprint of the Love feeling unquestionably give, many a implosion charge, that they had arrived at the Edge of the Promised Land, manna was thier gift from God.

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you

As Elvis spiritual soul reawaken to whom he was in past life carnations, spare time looking after his needs to his Lovely Wife where somewhat neglected, Elvis inner journey set him on a quest for knowledge, where he engaged  his time in the Bible and spiritual minded books, with over 1000 amassed, Priscilla's patience run out, she wanted out, of her uncared for Love tie, the pathetic preamble past life of  Biblical Aaron and his strict code of morals, did not satisfy the daily needs of this young tired mother,  on February 23 1972, six years on from her pinnicle white day, she had seperated, and requested a Divorce.

Insight to this Love black death shock may be summed up to perfection in Elvis formulation of words and harmonic tone delivery song,

You are Allways on my Mind........

Maybe I didn't treat you
Quite as good as I should have
Maybe I didn't love you
Quite as often as I could have
Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time

You were always on my mind
(You were always on my mind)
You were always on my mind

Before the split with his wife Priscilla, one Looking in from the outside in the life of the "King," Elvis,  he seemed to have it All,  yet  a painful divorce, that exposed the inner secrets of the Presley family confirmed, that both partners minds where distracted towards other pursuits.

Maria Valtorta (14 March 1897 – 12 October 1961) was a Roman Catholic Italian writer and poet, while bed bound for most of her life, due to a Iron bar incident, Maria had a number of Visitors with important messages.............


"In the Paradise which Love has made you contemplate, Maria, 

there are only the 'living' of whom Isaiah speaks in Chapter 4, one of the prophesies which will be read the day after tomorrow. And how this 'living' existence is obtained is told in the following words. 

With the spirit of justice and with the spirit of charity those stains that already exist are annulled and one is preserved from new corruptions.

This justice and this charity which God gives each of you and which you must give Him, will lead you and keep you in the shadow of the eternal Tabernacle (The womb tomb/tent that Aaron and his three holy helpers held guard over. )

There the heat of the passions and the darkness of the Enemy will become something harmless, since they will be neutralized by your Most Holy Protector Who, more loving than a hen for her new-born [chicks, one of our main third day Easter signs,] will draw you into the shelter of His wings and defend you against every supernatural assault.

 But do not ever leave Him Who loves you.

Think, My soul, of the Jerusalem that was shown to you. Does it not merit every care in order to possess It? 

Conquer. I await you. We await you.

Oh! this word that We want to say to all that are created, at least to all Christians, at least to all Catholics, which We can say to so few!

Sacred Heart of Jesus by José María Ibarrarán y Ponce, 1896 (picture wikipedia)

because you are weary, Maria.  Rest, thinking of Paradise."

"The Lord God planted a Garden in Eden, to the east.
And He put there the man He had formed."

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