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Gren-Fell-Green-Man Tower Disaster & Bible link to 14:6 or 6:14

First of All I wish to pay my deepest Heart felt sympathy & respects to Every One caught up in the Towering Inferno Disaster at Grenfell.........

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In the Early hours of the morning of 14/6/2017  news reports suggest a Hotpoint fridge-freezer blew up on the 4th floor of the building, following the explosion fire broke out and engulfed the 24 storey Tower Block, it quickly emerged the insulated cladding was a major factor in the rapid fire spreading of the building, aftermath pictures show much of the 3 storeys below the Hotpoint  remain intact along with the Tower Entrance and Banner,   named  Gren-Fell this tragedy is located at North Kensington. London.

With in the Dictionary the name Gren is the woody part of a tree  & trunk the branch is connected to the Gren, also the word Gren is used a bridge-branch to link other meanings, the boy's name Gren stems from ancient Denmark & means Branch, which takes us to Gren  the diminutive of Green add the Man to the equation we arrive at the Green Man Door.

Picture wikipedia Green Man associated with Doorways & Fertility

 Ancient Egyptians,  Pagans, Druids & Vikings  amid others associated the color Green and the Tree with Man & the soul's reincarnation, the Tree of Life is the axis pole in natures recycling infinity,that the Bible relates to Sin, which links us to........ Fell itself has a number of meanings that include, a hill, upland moorland, or to cause to fall, knock down or cut down often used as a term for tree harvesting, another meaning of fell is skin, the membrane covering of rough hair, a fell monger is someone who prepares skins for the tanner, the NT Fifth (floor) chapter  Acts 10:1-16 Cornelius vision  gives insight to the nature of the Tanning process, a Tanning person is someone that thru alchemy of acid from tannin obtained from sources such as Oak Tree Bark, turns animal skins into Leather, Cornelius name is associated with the Horn of Plenty being a centurion of the circle his vision has Simon-Peter meeting the mirror of Peter a tanner at the Sea town of Joppa famed as the port Jonah sailed from & links Jesus NT prophecy with a sign, Peter goes up to the Top of a house to pray at Noon, in the Time Cross Noon at 12 o clock is one of Four Gateways, to source, Jesus and John the Baptist  born 6 months apart are considered to be Guardians to the North-South Axis, which may be interchangeable due to the never ending rotation cycle 4th NT Gospel John 3:30 highlights South & East numbers respectively of  Birth & Sin 3:30........"He must Increase & I Decrease"
Jesus before his perceived Death handed the Gateway keys to Simon-Peter

Picture wikipedia  Treasures of the Bible  by Henry Davenport North-rop, shows the 4 corners, with sheet of Animals (or is it people) Hotpoint being carried by the Four Angels, the Oak axis May pole tree trunk  is behind Peter-Simon's back while the gateway next to "Sea" water is seen in right hand bottom corner, notice the Wall prop, North-rop gives us something to ponder on for a later or may be earlier Gren branch.

On the Top of the house at Noon, Peter became Hungry & desired something to Eat, now famished, Peter fell into a deep trance and saw the Heaven open up, a sheet with animals & birds held by the four  descended from the sky, a voice came upon him "Get up Peter; Kill & Eat"
But Peter said "No Lord!!"  "For i have never Eaten anything Common or Unclean!"
The voice reiterated, "What God has made clean, you must Not Call Common."
This took place Three times before the Object ascended.

Kill and Eat directs us to the word Carnivore, a animal that feeds off other animals, while the sister word Cardinal is a high ranking church official whom pertains the right to electing a new Pope, while the four corners in Peter's vision answers to the Cardinal- Car-dine points, North, South, East & West, the Kill & Eat Love act is usually played out on affairs that impinge the Cardiac Heart stimulant that require a Fellow-Fell-low mate,  equal partner, the Fellatio & Carnal desires of flesh eaters are encoded with in the Solstice and Equinox gates, in ancient Egypt the Cardinal line is equated to Love, the four Central players take their turn at each gate, the "straight" line, which  is a very ancient term that means, exclusively attracted to the opposite sex, once grasped the door opens to the Queen of the South, Ends of the Earth.

If we remember correct while the Cock Crows Jesus did warn us that Peter will be in Denial
no less than Three times, returning to another meaning of the word fell, which answers  to Cruel, Fierce, Dire, Ruthless and Deadly which may sum up much of the feelings of authority  held with command of Saint Peter and his vessels tenure of office, with a missing Ear & heavy engagement of the sword, the Rooster's Call  on predominant testosterone influence written official history records delete the three Fallen Acts of Sin & Light, the tanner man may be forgiven when he hides his blushes in the cured and clean Leathers.......
this English word, holds L the 12th letter-equal to Noon (or 24) & Eat Hers, evidence suggests a practice participated by Common  Consenting Fellow Adults?

Hotpoint U.K. head office is located in the Burgh of Peter Town -Peterborough.

Gren-fell disaster on 14th of June 2017 became a Hotpoint political battlefield, just a few days following the General Election on the 8th of June.

Back in Mid April 2017 Riding  High in the Polls dominant P.M. Theresa May with 20 + points advantage over Labour  lame duck unelectable leader Jeremy Corbyn considered the gamble to be worth taking, if the polls where correct  she would be able to strengthen her team with a vote of confidence & give her more leverage to negotiate a successful day in politics can be a very long time, eight weeks in May's life leading up to Poll day on reflection might of seemed like a eternity.

Labelled the "Submarine" by Ex Prime Minister David Cameron for her tactics during the UK vote to stay in Europe, with the unexpected result, to leave the EEC  David Cameron done the honorable duty of vacating his post, after a party leadership contest Mrs May was elected Queen May of the House of Commons on the 11th of July  2016

Following her surprise announcement to call a General Election May adopted her Submarine stratagem when asked to debate and air her policies in live T.V.  along side  other leaders of the opposition parties, her
refusal to engage, was viewed by her foes, as a sign of weakness. with Britex high on the Agenda, May seemingly give little time & thought to her parties manifesto, and employed key aides Nick Timothy & Fiona Hill to help draw up a plan going forward, when the manifesto was aired the content infuriated a great swathe of the general public, taking away free school meals, make more people pay for elderly care, and winter fuel subsidy cut to many pensioners, May and her team miscalculated the forlorn reception, with Jeremy Corbyn offering Hope with £10 a hour minimum wage on the Horizon & a more pragmatic view on how to deal with Britex, the 20 point lead started to crumble, the unelectable  Corbyn  surge was gaining momentum, also with three high profile terrorist attacks to contend with during the campaign, May's focus on voters was submerged in very Dark & Cold waters.

Picture wikipedia House of Commons the Elected Heads of the Common people.

On the lead up to the Election, Corbyn sensed May's campaign was in trouble as wavering voters became unsteady with May's pitch, Corbyn now with tailwind gaining force was looking around for allies to form a unforeseen  coalition,  following the day of Polling and results declared, on 9th of June 2017  May's majority was crushed, a hung parliament with no Over All control was the embarrassing result for the once Commanding Leader.

 May herself with cap in hand, seeked help from Northern Ireland's right wing DUP party & their 10 Mps whom where seen as the most sympathetic party to help form a Government, despite a Gulf in views over such issues as Gay and Abortion, May was willing to sacrifice her principals in order to cling on to the keys of number 10, into the mix,  words of warning where fired by Gerry Adams ex-leader of Sinn Fein,  he considered a deal with the DUP may be a breach of the Good Friday Agreement.

 Over the week end following the result Corbyn  recognized DUP & May's negotiations would be tetchy, and put his newly elected opposition party on stand by for another Election, in the meantime May was forced by a possible leadership contest in her own party if she did not ditch her inner circle advisers  Nick Timothy & Fiona Hill, for their part in the putrid advice given in policy, with in a day of Election result  the two consultants where booted out the door, further exposing the P.M's. vulnerability  former Chancellor of the Exchequer to David Cameron's Government, George Osborne a former co-worker of May's now out the Commons House and editor of the London Evening Standard was called in by BBC Sunday morning Andrew Marr politics show and amid a interview, he did not hold back his feelings & called Mrs May  a "Dead Woman Walking" for her fiasco in her handling  in recent Political dealings,

With all this malignant diplomacy forced upon in such a short space of time, spare a thought for Mrs May's mind, the  pressure crush on the "Submarine" Iron out shell,  must of been  somewhat reminiscent of the  mirror of Edvard Munch's Scream painting.

With  so much uncertainty & scepticism in the air,  after a grueling election battle, the P.M.   may have been forgiven for getting a little night time rest, to recharge the mind & body batterys, with less than a week following polling, alarming News of the Fire  at Grenfell reached Headlines around the Globe, just when we thought Mrs May's life could not get any worse, the Fire Tower from Hell entered the troubled Head of Commons.

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with in the name Babylon we have the English word Baby, L  this letter at number 12 conforms to the complete circle at 12.00 -(24.00) and On  is our Continued existence, the language of Sex is Common the World over.

Picture Wikipedia Trump-T-Rump-Tower Head Quarters of the Trump Organization.

The Tower pleasure/guilt is one of the main emblems of World number One leader at the date of Gren-fell Tower Inferno, President Donald Trump, whom coordinated his campaign towards election, from the Lofty imperialism of Trump Tower, the 2016  U.S.A.   election hit new lows in Moral Laws, by Fanning the Flames of Venom Boa, in a Trinity of Live Prime Time  main stream view transmissions, the All-Seeing Eye of BiG Brother T.V. broadcast into the Homes and Minds of the Masses, engrossed in the strategy, the theme of Political views, soon turned to farce, as policy was superseded by crude secrets of Master Tempests  Bed roam conquests, Trump in his War to the Summit, expected backlash to his own Sexual seduction success...... with Revelations coming thick and fast,   The Feast of Trumps was Now being Revealed........

Donald Trump's sex boasts: 'When you are a star they let you do anything"

 at a very vulnerable position in the race for the White/Black House, the electorate & others where witness to a extraordinary exploit of one-upmanship, Trump gathered together a selection of Ladies whom had humiliating tales to divulge

CNN reports........."Less than two hours before he was to debate Hillary Clinton Sunday night, Donald Trump tried to wrest control of the political conversation and shove it toward her husband by live streaming an appearance with three women who have in the past accused former President Bill Clinton of inappropriate sexual behavior."

In supreme ability to show others his cunning guile, Trump the once Victim of accusations of lewd assault conduct, turned the Tide of bewildered middle ground respectability and

 wasted little time in discrediting the shame of his Nemesis Mrs Clinton(-See-Linton) and her Husband, "Bill's" Transgressions........

Picture Wikipedia The Trinity sided symbol that in many ways pays the price of Green-Back wickedness, flashback to the foot of the Cross & the Three Ladies whom had to live & endure the pain and guilt of the Lord's Son's Sin.

muted & with eyes wide open, ablaze in horror, in the audience the camera turns the lens & catches  a well known pale face gray haired man, isolated & in deep psychological discomfort........the Once mighty Hunter of the Nimble Rod cult, Wilhelm, the head of the hell-met, is now held captive with in his own body of indiscretion........

Hillary now off Air and time to put away the smiles of  insincerity, outwitted and the establishment now rocking in fear of collapse, in a rage of fury and panic, prompts aid Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary's director of communication  to grasp and respond to the double standards of vengeful evil slurs, and comes out to blast Trump's wounding hotbed of rumor, and sends more shock waves with her own innuendo counterpunch..........

"We're not surprised to see Donald Trump continue his destructive race to the Bottom."

Picture wikipedia  Set of first Trump v Clinton debate on 26/9/216  located in New York, watched by a record George Orwell related number of 84 million viewers.

Trickster Trump in his on going raise to power, borrowed the services of  Brexit Rebel Nigel Farage, fresh from his unexpected Victory to Leave the European Union, Nigel the Joker,  Against All Odds,  was the Neo David whom slew the Old David (cameron) & EEC Giant, now a Hero for the little man, with new exciting prospects in the Horizon.

Picture Wikipedia Nigel Farage leading the Brits to the Exit Door.

As a man whom is renowned to get his own way,   the Ever resourceful Donald, was quick to befriend goofy Nigel, and  invite him to the U.S. & help front the camera's center stage,

Picture wikipedia  In the House of cards, the Double Trump Joker takes many tricks,  above, his  Character is seen with Green Hair, the Joker has the mastermind of a psychopath whom laughs his way throu his unprincipled accomplishments.

Donald  in his decisive moment of opportunity opening to glory, relished  his good fortune  to court the pack's other laughing joker, with Golden grins and firm embraces, and talk of "Special Relationships" Donald & Nigel reflected a union of  long lost best buddys..............  due to his U.S. warm welcome, when back in U.K. Nigel the "Joker",  himself  considered himself to be the perfect fit as the U.K.  Trade Ambassador with the U.S. stating "Its COMMON SENSE"............... in this instance P.M. May & the People in the House of Commons did not share Nigel's sadistic sense of humor vision............... interesting to note Nigel was born in the village of Down/Downe, next to Leaves Green village

Catching the theme of Fire satire, the extremely popular

Saturday night Live show ,with Alec Baldwin (Donald) and Kate Mckinnon (Hillary) give new understanding to the  Dante Divine Comedy  the "INFERNO TOWER"

Bible Proverbs 6:14..........The Malicious Man.......
"Who plots Evil with perversity in his Heart,
He stirs up Trouble Constantly"

Picture Wikipedia   Is the Tower Boss the Neo Trojan Horse?............  Donald Trump shares his Birth-Date with Gren-Fell Tower Disaster 14/6  Trump's Trade mark Red Neck Tie, binds us to Judas & Judea Lion, the  King of the Animal Kingdom, a devotion that couple's us to the Seven Deadly Sins of Lust, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony & Wrath......... which mirror aspects of the Bible's  Book of proverbs .......
  1.                                                    A proud (vain) look
  2.                                                    A lying tongue.
  3.                                                    Hands that shed innocent blood
  4.                                                    A heart that deviseth wicked acts
  5.                                                    Feet that be swift in running to mischief
  6.                                                    A false witness that speaketh lies
  7.                                                    He that soweth discord among brethren

Picture Wikipedia  Mu(40)see Orsay-Gold talk in Paris.    Dante's Tower is closely associated with the Gates of Hell,

Tower card in Tarot deck, act of God thunderbolt lifts the crown off the burning Tower,  the Tower on Rock has  resemblance of phallic nature, the trinity of windows reaffirm the  generative link, also with fire showing, lust and passions are known to be represented by fire, old flame is a prime example of someone's Ex sweetheart, on top of the building just beneath the Crown,  a Golden Salamander is viewed, the Salamander is connected to the Messiah Jesus, the One whom was Baptized & walked on Water, & was also the One whom "Went Ahead" for us. 22 Yods  on either side of the Tower mark the 22 pairs of chromosomes plus two Sex chromosomes, the couple seen falling  from the Tower give us a formidable 46 Sign, for us to take Heed confirming the letter W with in the lightning strike, in the English Alphabet W letter is number 23 Half of 46, with in the periodic table number 46 corresponds to Palladium, discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, whom named it after Pallas, a neat sidestep of Phallus to avoid shameful humiliation.

The Watchers of wisdom are keen to incriminate the parallelism of Tower failure & W with in us, with the Bush man, "George W Bush" his legacy along with his Army returned us to the mind seed  gate area of Ishtar's Babylon, George named after the Saint whom killed the Dragon, the name George with its four arm cross  is also the award for outstanding courage.......Out-standing courage indeed, of Love-Sin against the Great Heavenly  Battle of Hell & Torture is the recurring theme of our existence.........the Cancer War over Heaven is encaptured with in Revelations 12:7-17 Arch Angel Micheal being the principal that carries the Dark Battle dualism War side of the Christ Consciousness...........Revelations 12:7

12: 7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon; and the Dragon fought,
8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in Heaven.
9 And the Great Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the Earth, and his Angels were cast out with him.
10 And I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the Kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, (Christ's off-spring) and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. (Blues depression the dualism mirror of Orange order day 12:7)
12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the Devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
13 And when the Dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the Woman which brought forth the man child.
14 And to the Woman were given two wings of a Great Eagle, (symbol of John) that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the Woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. (Orgasmic cock-tail famed in the topography underworld spot/location of New Orleans  )
16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the X commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Picture wikipedia

The Palladium Representation.

 Female Angel with wings,  Gabriel the "messenger",  and Male Warrior,(Mars-God of War, on the reverse Love) in-between  them is the Male phallus pole entering the Female ring, the entwined snake is the Genesis related poison Rod, sin of  Man's downfall, atop of the pillar is the "One whom went Ahead "   Number 16  is the Tower Card figure, the square root of 16 is number four, with in the male & female Genitalia our DNA is encoded with the House of God,  Four Principals of the NT Bible which include Light Bringers Jesus & Gabriel, while holding the Dark side corners is Jesus partner Mary Magdalene, (Magdalene means Tower) and Fore-Four messenger, John the Baptist,  the Fore-Four skin & Four-Fore play, gives name clue to our DNA Crown & Glory secrets.........which may be found with in John 14:6 number accord...........

Jesus said to Him, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
No One Comes to the Father(hood) except Through Me"

 the Cross with its Four directions may be portrayed as a sign of Death, but the flip side is a sign of Conception followed by the miracle of Rebirth.......A Round peg in a square hole is a  Antiquity phrase that has its wisdom in basic laws of flesh recycling,

John 16:16

Sorrow turned to Bundle of Joy;
"A little while You will No longer see Me; wait a small period, then you will See Me"

Picture wikipedia  a Island-you-boat with in the Sea, sound waves are
 the Key to our Reemergence from the Mother vessel/ship.

Genesis 6:14.......
Make yourself a Ark (Arc) of Gopher (go-pee-her) Wood,
roams you shall make in the Ark,(womb)
and pitch it inside and out with pitch (pitch meaning frequency or tones one of the main criteria required when formulating the embryo into developing a baby)

Semen/Seamen Great battle against the enemy/ourselfs, to have access to the Ark is foretold with in..... 1 Samuel 4:5 "going forth to Battle against the Philistines" (lovers)

In more recent History, "The ruler of the waves Britannia" British Fleet's Emblem  centered around the Biblical  name Ark Royal, first commissioned in 1587 one of Five named Ark Royals that often held the 14/6 post as the Flagship.

Picture wikipedia HMS Ark Royal 1937-1941 was sunk by Gerry U-Boat

Picture wikipedia

Enter-the-Prize at will, our Mother-Ship goes back to the start of time, our evil immorality lies with the circle with in the stars.

  also another meaning of fell is gall & bitterness 

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