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10 of January Star Man, Death Bowie time line connects 12 of July & M 56 star in the constellation of Lyra

X- of January Represents the passing of David Bowie

The Name Bowie has a number of meanings that include the Archer, the Bow and Arrow symbol are often used to represent the messenger.

1 John 1:5-6  NKJV

Fellowship with Him & One Another
This is the Message which we have heard from Him and declare to You,
that God is Light, and in Him there is No Darkness at All.
If we say we Have Fellowship with Him, and walk in Darkness,
we Lie and Do not practice the Truth.

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All seeing Eye in Darkness with in circle of Fire views All whom "Sleep" & Lie.
The Ring is the Symbol of Marriage, with in chivalry the Knee bend, is the veneration of Knights & Noblemen.

In the world of J.R.R. Tolkien the "Fellowship of the Ring" is the first title given to the trinity of volumes with in "The Lord of the Rings"

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 Ship is the mode of transport that transports the Dead to Life-Reincarnation,
The bow is the forepart of the ship, to have "starboard" is the right hand side when facing forward, following conception as we grow in the bowel-womb the day arrives for our delivery, heavens gate opens with a date with in the 365 day star board circle.
Falling Low is net-ten result that often produces the Light of Lucifer, re-emerged from a period of darkness.

In Back to Front-Front to Back Esther Parallelism,the Fell-Low-Ship  of the Ring is followed by "The Two Towers"

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World Trade Center Twin Towers, the Oldest Trade in the Bible was Adam's Love for Eve-Eve's Love for Adam,
since the first fire union of flesh in Genesis, Man has Fallen due to the allure of twin Calfs & Burning Bush Sin.

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Come what will, On the Third Day year of 2001  George W. Bush was a name patsy to the Milk & Honey field trap of Goshen, Genesis 45:9-10 in the plague of Darkness, a Great modern war inflamed the fringe of Susa & exploded with in the region of the Baby-lons, many tortured in hell like conditions & died for the Sold-iers cause of Duty, to defend the ancient right of power  with in the Ishtar Gate Temple Holy of Holies district.
Ishtar's influence presides over Political Power,  Combat & War,  and being a Duality Goddess, Sex, Desire, Fertility, Beauty, & Love, Oppose each others Principals.
Soldiers from both sides may have lost the Great Heavenly Battle but the Darkness of War Victory over Love & Light shone in & outward from the fertile strip of Goshen.

2  Philippians (Lovers of Pi-iP & Ian's-John)  9-11
Therefore God also has Highly exalted Him and Given Him the Name
which is above Every Name, that at the Name of Jesus every Knee should Bow,
of those in Heaven, and of those in Earth, and of those under the Earth,and that
every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,

and "The Return of the King"

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X -Ten  on front of the King's chest,  unlocks the door to the King's jewels?
The Crossover fingers, is the Luc(k)ifer needed from source to bring us bundles of Joy & Light.

Messenger Bowie  Fallen Day of Light was the 8th of January a day shared with in the ring of yearly time
with another King, and fellow musician Elvis Aaron Presley.

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In the Fellowship of the Light there is No Darkness.

2017 sees us 40 years in the Wilderness since the cross-over of the Heavenly Sweet Voice of the King,
could it be the preachers of the Faith are All ready cross-over with in the Light?  If we practice the principals of  "Belief in Everlasting Life", as foretold  by John chapter 3 both Jesus and Elvis are the Songs of Song  passion of Fell-Low Sin and have Sailed over Dark stormy Seas to be some day reunited with their Heart's Destiny?

The messenger Music man Bowie's last words........
"Music has given me 40 years of extraordinary experiences.
It has been my Door-Way of perception and the House I live In"

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Nunki lies with in the constellation of the HORSE & ARCHER MAN  the name Sagittarius  stems from Latin and means Archer which in turn gives us the relative Bowie, the Horse is sometimes called the "Beast" which implicates the Beast and Revelations

Nunki Star held with the forefinger and thumb/seal of the Messenger Arrow, "See".

With in the Heavenly circle of the Yearly time line, the star known as Nunki corresponds to the pass thru date of 8th of January. The name Nunki  comes from the Chaldean distant past and means "Edict of the Sea" edict itself meaning, proclaimed by authority, or a order issued by a King or Lawgiver, the sister word of nunki is nuncio, meaning the Messenger, with in the art of word homeomorphism, Sea is converted into C the Roman numeral  for 100 which gives raise to the Latin word Centum-mu the 12 letter with in the Greek alphabet  has the value of wilderness number 40  points to zero time, our birth star alignment date-sent-out-of-tum. With in astrology  practice the position of our birth stars has influence with our character and behaviour. Also if we value 12:00 midnight as New Year's Day with in the 100 % Cent calendar,  1 day has the the value of 3.65 days, thus the Third  homeomorph Letter C  has the approximate value that lies between day 7 and  day 11 in January, which fits neatly into the Birth of the King and David Bowie, whom blows our minds  with the "Black Star" - "Star Man" singer's crossing, which links the Centaur 100% circle and the Golden spirit Aura with  Sagittarius,
Furthermore the word nunki along with ate-eat or the homophone eight forms the basis of the enlarged word annunciate meaning to proclaim or announce to the public, which appends  Luke 1 26:38 Bible incarnation by the Angel Gabriel whom predicts the Birth of Jesus

Nunki lies with in the constellation of the HORSE & ARCHER MAN  the name Sagittarius  stems from Latin and means Archer or the Bowie, the Horse is sometimes called the "Beast" which implicates the Beast and Revelations

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