Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The fire at Rouen France killing 13 coinciding with the start of 2016 Olympic games at Rio have links to Christ & messenger Joan of Arc

Picture wikipedia,  Rio's Christ the Redeemer, foundations of the giant structure attributed  to French engineer Albert Caquot, we gather in the shadow of the One in Front whom embraces All at the start of Olympic games August 5th 2016............

In a eerie coincidence on the Evening of 5th of August 2016 a innocent birthday gathering at Au Cuban Libre restaurant Rouen Northern France turned in to a night of death, when candles on a birthday cake caught fire to the fabric walls of the eatery, the fire spread quickly and engulfed many inside, tragically 13 people died, and many others where injured.

In Irony, Rouen is famous for one of the most controversial fire's in history, on the 30th of may 1431  following on from the unbalanced trial of epuise, young French heroine Joan of Arc was tied at the stake and set alight for her role in defence of the French realm.............the City of Rouen honors her life's legacy in many ways, which include their Coat of Arms tribute message.........

the Gal-liley remembers Loannes-Ea school of Love.........

Song of Songs 2:2

"like a lily amongst the Brambles, so is my Love among the Maiden"

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