Monday, 25 July 2016

Full Moon in Cancer's 19th of July 2016 housed in the opposite zodiac side of Capricornus energizes the Jedi-Giedi master star.

Above is the Capricornus sign with upper body of a Goat and tail of sea like creature often comparable to the tail of the Mermaid, the horn on the Goat marks the star  known as Giedi-Jedi, taken from Arabic that means  Billy Goat or kid. Billy, is often used as a proxy name for William, which has a number of meanings that include "Helmet protector" "Strong will Warrior" and Hebrew,  "The Guardian" while the Irish favour Liam, made up of  L the English 12th letter that is home to North on the compass and 12 o clock on the time face (L) i am,  further-more, this may tie in with the Holy land's North District which includes Nazareth the home of Jesus, the Book of Isaiah 11.1 states..... "from (Jesse's) roots a Branch will bear fruit" the name Nazareth is considered to mean branch in Hebrew, reaffirming God's conversation with Moses found in Exodus 3: 14 (pi number associated with the wife of Jesus & the circle) God said to Moses, "I am who I am," and he said , Say this to the people of Isreal, I am has sent ME to You"   (our journey via the cycle of the Red Sea crossing)........... for believers in cross-over ever lasting lifes,  droping the 12th letter in Lazarus we arrive at azarus, A-Z ar-us from here word formula takes us to Lazuli Lapis. La-pis is French for  Golden water, for lapsters it is one of the main agents needed to get from A to Z also lapis is the Latin name for stone, in Greek myth involving snakes and hair, turning into stone is the ultimate price paid for looking at something that is deemed to be precious beyond view of humans, seemingly a price that for ever and again is worth paying for many of us.  Azure blue heaven, is also the colour we associate with the Sea, from here the Great Battle of our Earthly existence, Good v Evil  is openly played before us, as the name Mary means bitterness from the Sea-See-Wormwood............      William- Cornus Horn Head and Tail are time served sexual euphemisms that are intended to protect the innocence of the Kids, follow on inevitable degree from Adult sin act union........ in the essence of time the Lamb follows on from the Ram-Mar..............

Revelations 21-(12)-6

He said to me; "It is done. I am the Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End".
"To the thirsty i will give Water-Ea with out cost, from the spring of the water of life".

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Picture wikipedia

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