Sunday, 1 November 2015

JOHN One Ch 1: 1-2 =3 "The Word" Creative Circle.

John, 1:1-2 &3  Labour the point on the key to the Lord's text is the Use of the "Word"........

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
He was with God in the beginning.
All things were created through Him,

Returning to Matthew 26:9-11 and the Word, "Bother" may be viewed as the shield  to camouflage clandestine  Love.  The word  Bother is essentially made up of two words, fundamentally "Both" which means the Two, the One and the Other, while Er is chosen to express hesitation often in tandem with er(a), which in turn is a series of years reckoned to be from a particular point, in a second meaning ER initials represent the Doctors Emergency Room, where often sadly it is the case, it is the grim doorway at Death, in the medical profession Saint John is our much loved adopted healing patron..............


Today Bible inspiration is frequently borrowed in movie home town Hollywood  where time and again screen writers repeat the same old classic theme, for Actors and Acts, (Acts is the name given to the  NT fifth gospel) our heroes and ever increasing numbers of heroines have to overcome extreme forms of adversary before faint signs of hope start to change the game turn around, time and again we see the dark influences of woe, trauma and mental and physical torture, and Death, then at the bottom of level of despair.........., the victim(s) whom are lucky enough to survive or other characters whom are  some way emotionally tied put on the mantle-coat-cape and have a chance to overturn the negativity  towards positive belief. 

This Blueprint is something that every one with in the audience can relate with, after the darkness period, often it is replaced with  Light, Love, Happiness and Marriage, and may be even bundles of Joy,

 Jesus and "that Women", served as the ultimate Love curse story where sensitive  Hearts where united then broken............."that Women" understood the Scriptures and the nature of the game better than most, as her writings testify...............John 3:16.........  

 "For God Loved the World in this Way;  He gave His One and Only Son, so that EVERY-ONE Who BELIEVES in Him will Not Perish but have Eternal Life"...... with God's repeated gifts of the circle of Death follows Life..........the Saintly patience of St John's heavenly healing  is Testament to All believers whom accept that Love also is Never Ending...with the Er extended dark period now turned ...........

"That Women's Heart" will be Renewed and ever Faithful and True, be-livers signals, a nod and wink for more Good Deeds Done,   xxx

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