Wednesday, 11 November 2015

31/10/ 2015 flight 7K92 68 killing 224 Russians in Sinai opens Bible pandora Bear

In the Bible the Sinai region is famous for Moses Exodus, and Mount Sinai, the Mountain  located in the South of the pen-in sula where Moses received the X Commandments  the name Sinai is considered to derived from Akkadia, modern day Iraq where some scholars believe is the Biblical Garden of Eden area, found early on in Genesis X:X  the Mighty Hunter Nim-Rod is the founder of Akkad, the name Hunter may in this instance relate to Ladies man trapper,   the male God Sin  is presider over the moon, whom is identified in Sumerian period as Nanna the illuminator-Lamp, the number 30 or XXX is often used as a timeless number substitute for Sin, along with its partner in crime South, the half of the whole hour/compass clock direction. Sin's symbol is the Crescent Moon, where the lunar cycle is 29.53 days which is the nearest whole number to 30........ the guilt hang man price, for paying the field,
in the garden lit moonlight kiss exposure.........

Mount Sinai is located near the South of the Sinai Peninsula, named after its shape,  the word Pen-in-sula derives from Hebrew/Latin, meaning Pen-in  Peace or Little she Bear, the Bear is one of the main symbols to represent the mighty Russia,  our planet's largest country.

With in the timeline stars there are two Constellations that are named after Bears Usra Major and Ursa Minor, around the date of 20th of October the timeline leaves Alkaid the most Eastern star with in the Major Bear, scholars identify Alkaid as being on the tip of the bear's tale, in Arabic the name for Alkaid is Alqaid al-banat an-nash, which translates as the Head of the Ladies at the Beargates, my reservations on such matters are questioned that i may be fed a decoy, as most bears I have seen in  pictures and the like do not have tails, adding to the mystery Alkaid is associated with gathering of mourners at the funeral of Calypso (name meaning, she whom conceals/or wears the veil, ) which thru time became the Great Bear,.......something that we know for certain with in the daily circle blackness becomes light........

with in the Bible the two bears passage  is located in 2 Kings 2:24......... on the verses that come before we learn that during this crossroads with in the Bible, Elisha is given the mantle from Elijah whom goes on to succeed 

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