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Was Dundreich Hill the Well Where Jesus met the Samaritan Woman?

Crossover Point?

Was Dundreich Hill the Well at Sychar where Jesus met the Samaritan Woman?

Dundreich Hill marks the spot where the Pi Bee Line intersects with the Roseline, which is the south end of Solomon's metaphysical Temple, as foretold and illustrated by Scots based researcher David Ritchie, he himself got the information from the Bible book of Numbers, a few miles due south of Dundreich is the town of Peebles, evidence that others knew about Solomon's Temple before David stumbled upon his findings, can be found in ancient farm name of Jedderfield, on the South-West fringe of Peebles, Jed and Jedder  are variants of  Jedidiah meaning in Hebrew "Beloved of the Lord"
Jedidiah was the Hebrew name for Solomon, blessings of Pee nature guide us to.........

JOHN Chapter 4

When Jesus Knew that the Pharisees heard He was making and baptizing more disciples than John, 

He left Jud-ea and went again to Galilee, (meaning Temple or porch entrance).

Locked secrets with in the name Pharisees leads us to the Temple door of P-Pee the Golden Gateway, while Hari is the absolute supreme being in Hinduism

Picture Wikipedia shows Hari the "Shining" One or is it Two into One?  Guardians of the Temple door of Fertility, the pink neck garland with pink shoulder scarf is the yoke bond with the Delta of Evil=Devil, while  the colors Gold/Yellow and Green root origin in Sanskrit are procured from the word Hari, Green and Gold colors are the foundation elements for the Great City   Revelations ch 21-22 where Urban dwellers are created  with in the  Great Golden wheel of fortune with its Green Tree of Life and 12  types of fruit, each with a Gateway to the other World, Hari seen with Green skin is the archetype for those whom believe in ever lasting life, while Gold is the transmutation Pee conduit to the Great Holy Temple  a 2nd meaning of Sanskrit Hari is Lion, which further ties us with Solomon and Judea, what is uncommon with Hari is He has four arms, which may give us understanding to the first verse of John ch 4...........
 "When Jesus Knew that the Pharisees heard He was making and baptizing more disciples than John"  Each of the four arms has its own distinct item, one holds the Golden Disc which represents time, the Mace or scepter is the Male reproduction organ while the Conch is the Female, the Lotus flower acts as the Fore-four play stimulate, the English word for Hairy itself a blend of Hari, which in turn gives rise to harem, the women's forbidden quarters, while the Bible birthright stew and deception between brothers Jacob and Hairy Esau in classic French style, serve us the main coarse of "Haricot Casserole" much more to see when the 100 = C is dropped.

He had to travel through Samaria, (Sam-Samuel-Maria-Mary) so he came to a town in Samaria called Sychar, meaning "End" near the property that Jacob had given his Son Joseph. Genesis 48:22 Jacob's gift was a portion of Shechem, that alludes to she chemistry, while others consider it to be the name for a shoulder,  in Norwegian language their word for shoulder is skulder, which leads us to skull while der in French for the End......... the place of the crucifixion Calvary also known as Golgotha, the place of the Skull-Dead-End, investigators on the trail of the Love of Jesus find clues with in paintings......... the skull with bare shoulder is often  features that are associated with Mary Magdalene 

Picture Wikipedia  Nicolas Regnier's Penitent Mary Magdalene...... the Lap highlights the location of the End & Beginning place.
from the Hand (meaning John) of the Amorite ( the French use the word Amour for secret Love affair) with my Sword (representative of male reproduction) and Bow. reaffirming Cupid's Love Messenger.

WELL-llew meaning Lion was there, and Jesus, worn out from his Journey sat down at the Well. It was about Six o'clock in the evening (T-ea Time that insinuates the number polarity of John & Jesus) .  A woman of Samaria came to draw water.

The four Heads of the 4 Kings, pinpionts the mirror of  the M-eat rib of Ea, the Nazis used the Cross Patte  sign as there "Third Right Day" named after Dundreich Hill?

The Five-pent Kings whom faced the 4 Kings in the Valley of Siddim Genesis ch 14 have a number of metaphorical meanings, the Tar pit itself is used many times in the Bible as a Sexual  Euphemism, the English mirror word of Tar is Rat, one of mankinds top Dream interpretations when seeing a Rat means illicit  sexual encounter, a pit meaning in Gaelic is the vulva.

The Four Kings took All the Goods of Sodom and Gomorrah and Eat all the food & went on. 

Hidden tale of Ea-t the dead end Sea, spot where the four Kings encountered the Pent-five Kings. (coat of Arms pernission from Celtic radio)
Now the Valley of Siddim was full of tar pits, and when the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, some of the men fell into them and the rest fled to the hills.

In search of truths of the word Sychar, I came across a website that names itself "Life bearing Wilderness, which is apparently written by a unamed priest in Wichita ministering in the church of Saint Mary's, he gives insight to our Promised land Journey that leads us to Sychar and the Hope of Freedom...........

"In the famous story of the Samaritan woman (John 4), this distinction is central. The woman of Samaria came from the city of Sychar. The root of Sychar in Hebrew implies one earns a living by work as a servant/slave. The fact there is little to no evidence such a city ever actually existed by this name indicates John is using the word as a play on laboring as a slave. John then contrasts Sychar with the Greek word kopio, which is the term Paul uses to speak of laboring for the Gospel. The difference between “Sychar” and “kopio“, of course, is that the laboring for one’s desires brings about discord whereas the laboring for the peaceful message of the Gospel brings salvation and healing to broken people. In other words, the laboring for the Gospel leads to rest. I went on this sidetrack to help show how the Gospel of Jesus is rooted in the Old Testament. Even in the story of Isaac/Jacob we see the distinction between laboring for our desires and resting in God’s promise.

The English word Cop-out derived from Kopio is

a person who fails to fulfill a commitment or responsibility, they fall off the path,  the word cop alone is the head or top of anything where the ultimate pi in the sky road ends, cop or copper also means to cap-ture  by the man of law the policeman, a copper is also a name given to money, when we arrive at the End of the Road cop-out day,  to take our Soul to the other side, we need a copper to pay the Rose of Sharon ferry man, variant of kopio-cop-out is  coop  a prison for animals, in Scotland the stone walls are sealed on the top with the coping Stone.

Liverpool F.C. Cop End, a  steep place to Exit  after a indifferent result.

The spion Cop is a name used by many football teams around the Globe to relay the Sin days of the Valley of Siddim that contained many asphalt pits, and as the Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, some fell into them, but the rest (coped it) & fled to the mountains, or steep terraces as the case may be.

By homeomorphing the word spion we can turn our attention towards " Spy on" in the Bible, Numbers Chapter 13  Scouting Out Canaan.

The scout emblem is a fleur-de-ley with in a circle, the fleur-de-ley is considered to be a likeness of the male reproduction organs, the pent double 5 lead us to 55 degree land of pent, and the Royal Purple is the root meaning of Canaan.

The Lord spoke to Moses Send 12  chosen men from your Ancestral Tribes  to Spy out the Land of Canaan.  Moses give the 12 clan  leaders instructions "Go up this way to the Negev, then go up into the Hill country. See what the land is like, and whether the people who live there are strong or weak, few or many. Is the land live in Good or Bad? Are there cities they live in encampments or fortifications?
Is the land fertile or unproductive? Are there trees in it or not? Be courageous. Bring back some fruit-berrys from the land." It was the season for the first ripe grapes.
The key word here is Negev which translates in hebrew as South or desert-wilderness, in English language the variant of Negev is negativeness, which means the tendency to do the opposite of what one is asked to do, in true  Espionage or spying  essence the dirty dozen give us a red herring spin around, there intelligence gathering  trip would in fact be in a Northerly Direction.
So they went up & scouted out the Northern border of the Promised Land
They went up through the Negev & came to Hebron, where the descendants of  the Anaki-Ea where living.
In the valley of Eshcol   the twelve spies obtained an enormous cluster of grapes in which they took back with them to the camp of Israel as a specimen of the fruits from the Promised Land.

Naked Lady carrys Devil's fruit, a large cluster of grapes, we are slaves of time that enter thru the hidden V door, the pent angle on the third eye of the goat  head gives us clues to where our death and rebirth rib portal of "woman" is located, the grape is another word for the devil's fork.

On return of the 12 spies, 10 of them give a Invalid account of there trip, they paid the ultimate price for there lies, only Joshua and Caleb conveyed the truth, by demonstating the elimination of the 10 we where given a true test of our powers of awareness in bible study, the Roman number for 10 is X which is the symbol used for one of two main flags for Scotland the Saint Andrew's cross, the negative side of the picture now some what comes into view.

James Tissot's promised land mission,  with two spies seen as carriers of the cluster of abundance of grapes, on a pole, "they also took some pomegranates and figs fom the valley of Eshcol." All four items are Consistently  used in the bible as inventive metaphors  that relate to human fertilising. 

Numbers 14:24

But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.
Zoan  was according to the Bible is a city of Egypt in the eastern Nile Delta. Numbers 13:22 says Zoan was built seven years after Hebron  was built. Psalm 78:12,43 identifies the "field of Zoan" as where Moses performed miracles before Pharaoh to persuade him to release Israel from his service. The fields of Zoan are thus considered to be another name for the Land of Goshen.
Tanis was known by many names. Ancient Egyptians called it Djanet, and the Old Testament refers to the site as Zoan. Today it's called Sân el-Hagar.
  references to Zoan existing previously as early as the time of Abraham are taken to mean the old Hyksos capital at Avaris and the nearby Ramesside capital of Pi-Ramesses, about 25 km. from the site of Tanis.

In the Hebrew language Eshkol word means Raceme, which means tree,  from here we can trace the roots of the  family tree, a person, plant, or animal that is descended from a particular ancestor. A secound meaning of  Eshkol gives way to a  rich collection of knowledge, e.g. in the phrase ish-eshkolot, literally "man of racemes", which is the Hebrew term for polymath someone that is a expert in many fields, the kin of Ea-Anaki intermingling with the 12 spies, whom had given away many secrets, plus being hand slected by Moses would have indicated they where handsome and probably desirable  marriage material, there would not be a better excuse to return one day, if they had not taken a "Cluster of Grapes"   the Ea ladies being guardians to the well of Dundreich, the  source to the tree of Yggdrasil, they would make good witnesses under cross-examination


At the End of 40 Days  they returned from scouting out the Land.

Eshcol One of three Amorite confederates of Abram in the Hebron area, who joined their forces with those of Abraham in pursuit of king Chedorlaomer and his armies who had taken Abram's nephew Lot and others as captives. (Genesis 14:13-24)

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