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Raphael's Sistine Madonna links Hitler, Scotland & Joan of Arc.


Sistine Madonna, is a controversial painting by the Italian artist Raphael. Commissioned in 1512 by Pope Julius II as an Altarpiece for the church of San Sisto, Piacenza.

Like no other work of art, Raphael's Sistine Madonna in Dresden has fired the Germans' imagination, uniting or dividing them in the debate about art and religion.... Over and again, this painting has been hailed as 'supreme among the world's paintings' and accorded the epithet 'divine'..........( as told by Renaissance masterpiece experts Helen Atkins & Hans Belting.)

Julius was not the first pope to have fathered children before being elevated to the Chair of St Peter. His only known daughter to survive to adulthood, Felice della Rovere, was born in 1483. Pompeo Litta  mistakenly ascribed Felice's two daughters, Giulia and Clarice, to Julius. Felice's mother was Lucrezia Normanni, the daughter of an old Roman family. Shortly after Felice was born, Julius II arranged for Lucrezia to marry Bernardino de Cupis.
Despite an illegitimate daughter, rumors also surrounded Julius' sexuality. Casting himself in the role of a warrior Pope, this inevitably created enemies for Julius—many of whom accused him of being a sodomite.  (Source Wikopedia)

 Picture of Gloom & misery Pope Julius II reflecting on his misgivings, his two right hand  fingers point to the area that give him the doleful expression, the clairet bag ensnared this little Red Riding Hood Grandfather, five-pent rings bring awarness to Ellasar-Elasar Lord of the Rings day of Judgemeant, overseen by the 4 Arch Angels, in the time circle of the Arc of the Covenant. Sistine Chapel secrets  unite Rapheal with  Micheal. On the High Church throne chair, the  tassels lead us to,

Numbers 15:19

You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember all the commands of the LORD, that you may obey them and not prostitute yourselves by chasing after the lusts of your own hearts and eyes.

Zeisig is the German name for Siskin, it also means, a bit of a Lad, a rake or a Gay Dog.
  There is a German Legend  which says that Siskins guard a magic precious stone in their nests that makes them invisible, the German word for "precious stone" goes by the name Edelstein, in English  it translates as Eddleston.

The Siskin  birds have Sexual dimorphism there is a distinct appearance difference between males and females of the same species, the Siskin bird  representation highlights a  some what blind  embodiment of values held by the Christian High Church  whom viewed the Sis-kin as  inferior   gnat'ling under studys that did not measure up to society's standards.  The ideology of the All male testosterone exclusive club following of Saint Peter that opposed the ornament grace & beauty of the Beloved, whom put her hunted family first, by makeing herself invisible, her role model of dedicated motherhood  is now comeing into the light, the recorded history for us to review, is now with in touching distance of God's test held with in the Mark of man,  the testicle.

Naked man lies are exposed for all to see, inside the testicle God embraces Woman & the Children, as he puts a finger of truth out man reluctantly poses in a somewhat direspected manor to his Creator, the Four naked Kings remember us of the sinful offences of our ancestors, highlighted in the King's Valley of Salt-Seamen where they was many "Dark Pits"  the mirror Arc of Sodom & Gomorrah is the Sandal strap thread of time.
Abram is blessed by God most High,
Creator of Heaven & Earth,
and give praise to God Most High
who has handed over your enemies to You.

And Abram give him a tenth of everything. 


Pope Julius II commissioned the destruction and rebuilding of St. Peter's Basilica, plus Michelangelo's decoration of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

  Julius II Uncle was Pope Sixtus IV whom has been accused of having had male lovers, as mentioned in the diary records of 1484 of the historian Stefano Infessura.  Infessura called him a "lover of boys and sodomites", and suggested he awarded benefices and bishoprics in return for sexual favours and nominated a number of young men as cardinals, some of whom were celebrated for their looks (including his own nephews).

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Deluge, which relates to Noah's Arc & the Sodom and Gomorrah peoples escape to the mountains, the Deluge fresco is number 8 from the altar, the number 8 is employed to represent ate or Eat, the well of Ea is considered to be the home of Caleb & Joshua's promised Land, the place where you will find the two helpers on top of the Arc of the Covenant, in the prison of arc time, the Lord's Guardians are none other Than Raphael holding the Gate to the East & Micheal commanding the West Gate, when the time prison arc is complete,  the Lady usually dressed in Blue the colour of Truth comes into the Light, Joshua insight is further araised when we consider the English name for Joshua in Hebrew is "Yehoshua", meaning   "Yahweh is our salvation." 

The Popoular Holman Bible pays esteem honour to Christ in Joshua.......

The very name Joshua is a variation of Jesus. Joshua's leadership of God's people in taking the Promised Land X is a foreshadowing of Christ's leading the people of God to their eternal inheritance. Joshua is only one of a few Old Testament heroes pictured without major flaws or sins.

The Captain of the Lord's Army  Joshua 5:15 was doubtlessly Christ in preincarnate form.

One day, the "Secound Joshua" will smite All evil with His Double-Edged Sword 

as told in Revelations 19:15. 

Bible's Lot was rescued by his Uncle Abram, later Lot engaged in incest with in the prison earth cave with his daughters, a reverse mirror tale comes into view that has many hallmarks of the events that cloud the rein of Pope  Julius II, Micheal & Rapheal direct our sign post Journey. 


After the Death of Pope Julius II in 1513  the next Pope to be sworn in was Pope Leo X

                      A great opportunity presented itself  to cleanse the Rome power house, of the frocked dogma stigma  Homosexuality transgressions, regretfully the recapitulatory nature of the negative melancholy dark side of the homo erectus, arose again in Pope Leo X's watch................. Wikopedia states......

"Several modern historians have concluded that Leo was homosexual. Contemporary tracts and accounts, including those of two of the leading papal historians of the time shared a belief that Leo engaged in "unnatural vice". Francesco Guicciardini wrote, "At the beginning of his pontificate most people deemed him very chaste; however, he was afterwards discovered to be exceedingly devoted – and every day with less and less shame – to that kind of pleasure that for honour's sake may not be named". Bishop and writer, Paolo Giovio, also explained that Leo seemed to have "an improper love for some of his chamberlains"

Over viewers

Michael and Rapheal had suddenly more improvisation panorama M-eat involving contradiction of values, they set about the proportion relation of one thing to another in magnitude, as a net result we can observe the simple public image of the kin-sis love doorway to freedom. Micheal & Rapheal's mutual  artwork is  "supreme among the world's paintings."

 Behind the Papal Julius Veil, Europe was awash with embarrassing high church of Rome rumours, the Siskin sexual scandal Jokes threaten to implode with in God's man made Church the strong character of Julius managed to intimidate his rivals, fear of retributions would silence his main enemys, he was  nicknamed "The Fearsome Pope."
Julius II's illegitimate daughter, Felice della Rovere (in black), on the left of the altar, at the top of the steps, portrayed by Raphael in The Mass at Bolsena 

A show of  hands  in various gestures give us a insight to the double standards disgrace that Haunted Julius II rein,  a pair is clasped in prayer,  the white clean one in the front is held up like Pontis Pilate not wishing to get invoved, the one behind holds the red beret, that relates to Joshua-Jesus & his secret spy mission to the Promised Land, Julius daughter clutches her bosom with her right hand, the feminine milk of the human maker  can not be overlooked, her left hand holds the red hood of the red robe, that attaches Jesus mantle-robe that was given to the four Roman soldiers of the time prism-prison,  another hand that seems to be lacking a arm or body could be expressive of  end signs  that auger in "The writing on the Wall" the hand covers the right ear, to show inclination that the Pope heart is harden and refusing to hear the story of the shiny entanglemeant Lead-Hair-tale.    A look of cross aggravated disgust is seen in the man's face, here is a man of honour, that has been taken for a ride, his anger is vented towards the dirty gray curtain. Above the heads of the  trident of people a polished steel axe blade is perched on a pillar, a circle shield  integrates with the blade, the circle of time is unified with our day at the bar.

 Saint Barbara is the other Lady featured in Raphael's Madonna painting, standing on the vewing side of the Curtain Veil, the far side has faint spooky soul like figures that one could interpretate as being a metaphor for a soul station waiting to be rebirth throu the Greenman/woman curtain venus clamp wings.  Quite often we can find secret clues with in a name, Bar-Bar-A unfolds before our very eyes to connect us to the day of answers and our calling to the King or Queen's counsel, the name Barbara equates High Rank greatness of mind & character.  

Barbara's Feast Day is December 4,  which eclipses the Roman Goddess of Bona Dea whom was the Goddess of fertility, healing, virginity, ... Her secret rites, where held on December 4th of each calendar year, by strange act of coincidence Pope Julias II birthdate was the 5th of December.

Meeting us at the day of the Altar Saint Barbara takes her homecoming Queen servitor dutys seriously, her bible study leads her to her own destiny sraight line date at the altar. Wearing the Greenman/woman robe of reincarnation Saint Barbara is the patron Saint of Prisoners, Maths-Numbers  Artillerymen whom carry the offensive weapons of war, (a creative dig at Mans reproduction organ) and Arc-hitects, which are all consistant to the informatory knowledge to the soul and person that represent the female inflamer Joan of Arc.   Robert Campin's 1438 painting has the window light of time, several years after her fire stake death, the coal fire in the background of Barbara-Joan reclaims, Joan's preincarnate  role as truth questioner to Saint Peter when he was warming his backside at the fire, denying his friendship with Jesus.

The Denial of Peter  refers to three acts of denial of  Jesus by head Apostle Peter   as described in all four Gospels of the New Testament.

The Coal Lady Messenger, by Caravaggio
Heaping coals of fire on the Head found in Romans 12:20 is a mirror seal phrase that is applied to the Christian ethic feelings of remorse and repentance effectively returning Good  with Evil.

Saint Michael is often seen or pictured as the Sword carrier, he is regarded by many as the "Captain of the host of the Lord" encountered by Joshua in the early days of his campaigns in the Promised Land (Joshua 5:13-15)  it is the sword of Destiny that Joan of Arc was instructed to find with the help of Michaal behind the Altar at the Church of Saint Catherine of Fierbois. 

 In the book of Joshua's account of the fall of Jericho, Joshua "looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand". When the still unaware Joshua asks which side of the fight the Archangel is on, the response was, "neither...but as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come"  at the very start of the book of Joshua  we are informed that after Moses death  Joshua takes on the role as leader, he and his people  prepare to Cross Over  the Jordan  to the land that I promised, I will give you every place where the Sole of your foot treads,  Dumfries is the main solway town of Dumfries & Galloway area its patron is Saint Michael.

I will give you every place where the Sole of your foot treads,
The South-west tip of Scotland is shaped like a foot, Luce-Lucifer bay is named after the original fall-birth Angel. Luce is the name chosen for the start of the solway-soleway entrance, accordingly to John 3:7  "Do not be amazed that I told you that You must be born Again."  When Joshua's  writes about the peoples crossover of Jordan this may be a enclosed metaphrase for rebirth reincanation in a new body with same soul, many of the Saints would have made a return trip in the flesh to the Promised Land, this  included Mary Magdalene/John this time as the 6 o'clock  Christian Circle time homecoming Conquest King, William the Bastard. 

 Wikopedia writes  in 1069, Scots King Malcolm Canmore and William the Conqueror  held a conference regarding the claims of Edgar Atheling to the English Crown, they met at Abernithi – a term which in the old British tongue means a port at the mouth of the Nith.......... where present day Dumfries town lies, local football team is appropriately named as Queen of the South.

  Introspection into the name Nith brings with it yet more peeling away at the onion Johnnie layers, in Gaelic the letter N answers to Nuin which cohorts with Nun the father of Joshua, while the name ith in Gaelic means Eat, a well used bible parable word that often relates to Sexual  Intercourse, that in turn leads to small fry, a secound Gaelic interpretation of ith means corn, the Renaissance painters mastered the co-heir power house relationship to perfection with the clever zigzag integration of corn heads made to look like "corn exchange" pl-eats, a secound difinition of the Gaelic  letter N answers to the Ash Tree which in Norse folklore is the World-Tree known as Yggdrasil  the 'Venus of the Forest'  or excelsior taken from the latin word excellere, exit out & up.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Madonna of the (Rein) Carnation is a classic example of Corn Exchange braided Pl-eats, the heel of the baby leads us to the pot of Gold crossover fold, the Madonna's right middle finger points to the Rib of man, a often misinterpreted  oestrus time ridicule eat-teaser.

Genesis 2:21-22

So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man's ribs (circle) and then closed up the place with flesh-M-eat, to “satisfy his own carnal lusts."

From the area known as Nith we can  gain understanding towards the word  Zenith which is the point on the celestial sphere vertically above the observer's head, it is one of two poles of the horizon, the other being the nadir the mirror word of ridan, from which we can correspondingly trace the orgins of the two English words prime meridian  a circle of constant longitude passing through a given place on the earth's surface and the terrestrial poles.

The two poles carried by Joshua a Celeb in Numbers 13:23 lead us on a long journey to Nithdale a Land of great promise,

Living in the arc prison of linear time, takes on a alternate perspective when wave goodbye  & die, by  adopting John's 3:3-7 reborn proclamation, effectively the time in between lifes does not exsist, the place of  our soul Zenith with in our 365-6 day circle allways relates to our Hi-Pi  Happy Birthday throu out our yearly circle we are remembered on our day of birth a Zenith year high  point with in a circle where the radius point Allways relates to Pi, Nithdale lies in the land of Pi-ctland. 

Hypotheticaly death & rebirth crossover bring  discontinuity or distortion occurring in the flow of time that would move events from one time period to another or even suspend the passage of time, the Red Sea dry up & Crossover takes on a double generation rebirth meaning, as does Joshua's 
Ch 3 Crossing the Jordan.

Joshua started early the next morning, after 3 days he commanded the people,
"When you see the Ark-Arc of the covenant of the Lord, You must follow it.
But keep a safe distance of 1000 yards 10x10x10 =1000.
The water flowing downstream into the Dead Sea was completely cut off, and all the people Crossed Over. The priests carrying the Ark-Arc of the Lord's covenant stood firmly on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan, while All Israel crossed on dry ground until the entire nation had finished crossing the Jordan-reincarnation.

When they came to the valley of Eshcol, they cut down from there a branch with one cluster of grapes, and they carried it on a staff between two men, as well as some of the pomegranates and the figs.

The valley of Eshcol can also relate to the 318 day of the year which corresponds to the 14th of November, with in the yearly circle of time  aline Kochab and  Pherkad, found in Ursae Minoris, theses two stars are often referred to as the "Guardians of the Pole." Between 1500 BC and 500 CE, the two stars served as twin north pole stars before Polaris took over. 

William's  visit  started  a new ascribed common purpose between the nations of France & Scotland which seen many elite familys intermarry, the Bruce & Balliol  are both high profile clans that share Scots-French Royal  bloodlines, with clan grounds in the promised land south-west corner.   Refound  knowledge  came to the light with the  Bas-t-ard's timely return,  a few decades later the French Cistercian  monastic community recognised the magnitude of the Conqueror's appointmeant, & helped establish  Saulseat or Soulseat Abbey  located on the Ankle ball socket of the land shaped foot at Inch  Wigtownshire, the Soulseat Abbey 
was regarded as the first and the senior Premonstratensian house in the Kingdom of Scotland, the word premonstatensian comes from premonition forewarning. 

  The clan keepers of the Holy lands surrounding Soulseat Abbey was the powerful Kennedy Clan, in English the name Kennedy means "To know one's End."  Castle Kennedy address also lies with in the sacred Ankh-Ankle loop.

Fittingly Hugh Kennedy a priest turned Soldier heard the divine call to pick up his Arms, the heel'er travelled to France to assist Joan of Arc's mission. By all accounts Hugh Kennedy was a respected pleasing man that became Captain Commander of the Guard of Joan's Army.  

Soulseat Abbey is  also called Viride Stagnum the "greenman/woman loch" while the sister word of Cistercian-cistern means a artificial reservoir or tank for holding water, used as across word for the womb, which recycles us back to Raphael's Sistine-cisterna blue robed Madonna with baby.

The etymology of Dumfries equates to Dum(b) to be quiet and fries is the Third person, present tense of fry, collectively relating to a swarm of young, often used to describe newly spawned fish, or very young "small fry" babys.

One Day, the "secound Joshua" will smite All Evil with his double-edged sword.  Revelations 19:15 

 Relocated to Dresden from 1754, the well-known painting has been particularly influential in Germany. After World War II it was relocated to Moscow  for a decade before it was returned back to Germany.

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