Thursday, 18 April 2013

Full circle of Eden West Waco bomb reunites the Biblical man from the East

Genesis 3:24

 He drove out the man, and at the east of the garden of Eden (den of 5) he placed the cherubim and a flaming sword that turned every way (circle) to guard the way to the Tree of Life.

The Sold-iers are bribed to lie they are Posted at a time before time.

Saint Peter drew his sword, he was Jesus chosen Soldier to defend his Church-Kirk-Circle with in the Garden,  he cut of the Ear of his main rival Truth, with in the bubble of time we are given money as a substitute value for the great plan, every day we carry on regardless nothing is more important than paying the bills, and hopefully have some left over to spoil ourselfs and friends, to this day the Jews bought into the great deception, as they where forced by the soldiers of time to carry on the exchange of monies, effectevely concepting the phrase makeing the world go round. The ear is the shape of a arc, the English name of Ear, is made up of two words Ea and r,  Ea is a very ancient name for God that is forever linked with water, our essential source of life, r is the abbreviation for Radius

The radius of the circle with perimeter (circumference)  

with help fromYahoo best answers from earth class state.....

"divide the circumference by 3.14 or pi that will get you your diameter divide that by 2 and u will get your radius
i had the same problem so i asked my math teacher  today"

2 Pi is a decoy to represent the Lamb and his Wife at the End of the Circle Circumference, which equates to the Circle on Top of the T-Cross, the pinnicle Arch Duke and Duchess, 2 pi.

 Cross of Ea-T

The eclipse signals time overlap, in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Arrest of Jesus, brings time to a standstill. Jesus  stands on the stone Altar of his beloved rock-wife, the raged Peter draws his sword, the soldier with Norman period hair style can not look peter in the eye, he looks down upon the head of the Ram, the mature Lamb is a sign of the full circle, it's horn make the shape of C which equates to symbolic circumference. Directly above the head of the Ram is the Stone of Destiny, on it's side x marks the spot of Jacob's Ladder, a soldier uses a tuneing fork in a effort to get on the same wavelength to its telepathic secrets, caution is needed as only the pure of heart is allowed to access the loanstone's wisdom.

In the mayhem  of bodys One of the soldiers is wearing what appears to be a tutu, a noteworthy Anglo-Saxon word that translates its orgins to the village of middle line  Eddleston also known as pentjacob or friends of Mary.

 The double edge sword like the Altar, has two sides,  the sword is picked up at the very last resort in defence, the Altar is the place of  sacrifice, on the flip side it is the location where we go when we fall in Love & exchange our vows of marriage.

English Gematria  works on the 666 calculation, the number 324 equates to the value number of Love. 

Posted  in the place of no time The Arch Duke Jesus awaits us at the End of the Journey's Pinnicle.

Fertilizing the Garden of Eden is a time bomb mind bender location, that some people have arrived on the journey in front of us.   

Wicky Answers expalin the meaning of Waco next to West.

Although I have no historical or regional knowledge data to substantiate this, I imagine that "waco" is an English language spelling of the Spanish word "hueco," which would be pronounced identically. The "h" is silent in Spanish and the sound of the following "u" is the phonetic equivalent of "w" in English. "Hueco" in Spanish means "hole, hollow, recess or empty space." The term could also be applied to a well or shaft or any kind of a cavity or depression. Because of the Spanish language heritage of the whole of Texas, the area around Waco may have one or more of the "hueco" attributes, topographically or otherwise, and may have been referred to as the "hueco" by early Spanish speaking inhabitants, and the phonetic reference adopted by later English speakers as "Waco," as Texas passed into the hands of English speakers.

Empty space between the two Guardian Angels of the Arc of the covenant circle is the place of Waco, where West is reunited with East, with in the space is the unknown Never Never Land.

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