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Saint George's Dragon Nailed 23rd of April 2013

“Long ago certain truths . . . were discovered and must always reappear.” – J.R.R. Tolkien 

Saint George's day on the yearly circle of the Zodiac falls on the 23rd of April, when we study the stars that lie on the timeline on that day insight to the ledgend of George become more assured as to why this date was chosen to represent the Dragon slayer, in history the evil  Dragon is also known as Satin. 

George was the Birthright Ring Keeper.  "To see the Kingdom of God we must be born again." John 3:3

The very last star in the W shaped Cassopeia constellation is the first alined star on the 23rd of April

Cassopeia constellation   is near the pole star, & can be seen the whole year from the northern hemisphere, although sometimes upside down, the W of Cassopeia then becomes the letter of M which in New Testameant time line links Cassopeia  to Mary Magdalene.

 Moveing southwards the next star alined on the 23rd  is Alamak  part of Andromeda. The star Alamak  is the very last star that is part of the flying white Horse of pegasus, the white Horse is the colour & method of transport that  Saint George uses to kill the Dragon the lance is a visual aid to represent the time line of the given date of the 23rd of April, here the white horse-unicorn links Saint George with Scotland, in the ancient coat of arms pre Union 1707 with Scotland and England the two white unicorns with chains represent holy equal love union hidden for All to see in Scotland.

Unicorn holding the crossover flag of Scotland, found in William Wallace tower overlooking Bannockburn, Wallace was knighted as Guardian of Scotland a term taken from Matthew 27:66  Wallace was considered to be the keeper of the Seal of the Arc of time.  Bannockburn  like Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire lie on the 42 degree line, also known as the Pi-Bee line.
 Royal crown holders, Him & Her leg chains of Pegasus/Unicorn links Andromeda with Scotland.

1606 was the date the Union Jack was concepted, 303 was the date Saint George died, 606 leads us to Roslin Chapel the home of the Saint/Sin Clair ones, whom William the Bastard was there leader, the see throu Clair ones where considered to be a collection of  the reincarnated disciples of Jesus, John 3:3 =303  explains Jesus own wisdom on the subject...  "I  can  assure you: Unless someone is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God"

Jesus & Nicodemus.  John 3
The man Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, he was the ruler-measure of the Jews.
John him/her self informs us we must be born again, the teacher explains right at the opposite end of the Christian Time circle 1066 John will be reincarnated  as William the Bastard, when the Sealed Tomb was made secure, the heavenly orders where given to protect the Tomb, the Soldiers of Time fought End Less Evil v Good Wars, until the Third Day, year 2000,  John had the insight gift he/she herself was none other than Nicodemus, in a future time, Nicodemus is made up of two names, that exposes the "One whom Conquers the People"

In the  mystery school of teachings that govern hidden Laws of Love & Attraction we fall for the same type of soul as ourselfs, Jesus in his Jesus body life being born from the Lord through Immaculate Conception made him a Bastard,  the mirror of Christian sealed tomb time nails the 303 John message of being born again, as John/Nicodemus resurfaced through the ring  as William the Bastard, after Conquering England the clear ones where gifted by clairvoyant Scottish King Malcom Canmore with prime locations in Scotland, Roslin area on middle earth - roseline  was there consecrated sanctuary, the bush estate lies adjacent to Roslin. 

Pegasus horse time line coincides with the 50/50 Equinox & the very last hoof of Pegasus which is the Alamak star, the white horse in turn chains us to the mythology of Andromeda whom was chained to a rock at the sea's edge and left there to helplessly await her fate at the hands of the Whale Cetus.  But the hero   Perseus arrived in time of the sea tide & saved Andromeda,  on the white winged horse of Pegasus. 

In French Cher means beloved or Dear, a white horse connection is found at Cherhill in Wiltshire, the two T-ea-chers, Jesus and his beloved take the English name from, T ea  crossover of Ea at six o'clock evening meeting at Jacob's well, (John 4:6) here  the wee hang man dipped his pier in the sea the great Ocean home of Lovers, at the last supper we are thrown a red herring with the disciple Judas,  the full circle of 60 minutes of time also leads us to the mirror of 30 silver coins, the  time for  T-ea where  cher one half of the beloved Will-i-am, makes his/her claim for reunion at pi.

Rembrandt 1606-1669 painting Tells us a Riddle at His feast

Lady of the light sits centre stage in Rembrandt's  wedding feast of Samson, the wedding dress also looks if it may be a maternal dress, two lovers at the front left of picture reflect the mood of what was going on in these days, the male lover has a sheaf with out a sword, Rembrandt suggesting he too has been ploughing his heifer, the red mantle is seen awaiting behind them, the red sheet is the sin related measuremeant of mankind, on the right of picture  Samson with a group of men are peering over  some sort of hand gesture, a great fascination of this act  has the men engrossed.

 Matthew 26:20-23  With the arrival of the passover, the 12 gathered to represent 12 o ' Clock.   While they where Ea-T-ing, Jesus said,
"I assure you: One of you will betray Me."

He replied, "The one who dipped his hand with Me, (reproductive member) In the bowl- he will betray Me.

In front of the Bride is the round Silver Platter the full circle starts to come into focus, in the middle of the money heritage representation is  a snake wrapped around the receptacle cup, a circle of garnish relays the message that this burning bush has been inflamed & consummated-Eat.

In the bottom right hand corner is a drinking vessel with in a bowl, a stone hole lies behind the bowl, the Bible contains many contentious sexual metaphors to such items.

John 4:14
 But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Jeremiah 2:13
"My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns (water bag of birthing) that cannot hold water.

In Scotland a Jimmy Riddle, is a  slang word for urinating or having a piddle, the name Jimmy is a variant of Jacob the swindler of the Birthright holder. The stone of Destiny is Jacob's stone, held in Scotland many people think it represents a soul portal.

The crossover location is connected to Pee-bles, the Scottish border town is made up of the two words, Pee to pass water and Bles(s) to make the sign of the cross. The old burgh of Peebles is made up of four gates and & ancient 144 foot Celtic hill cross that is dedicated to Kids fits the discription of Jeremiah's Northern Clans Temple, home of the 42 degree   crossover arc that in the centre has a boiling pot with it's mouth, "Tilted from North to South" , a branch of the Almond tree grows here.

The Lord watches over this sacred Altar. 1:11-19 

Mary Magdalene historical symbology Expert William Henry's informs us in his book the Illuminator,   "The Lost meaning of Magdalene."  William, pours light on the Bible significance of the Almond Tree.

Nothing should grab us more than to learn the base of the oiled Almond Tree of Luz is hollow.
Through this hole one enters an underground pass, this passage leads to the City itself, which remains completely hidden.
French mystic Rene Guenon saw Luz as another version of the Archetypal mountain/tree/cave complex symbolizing  Shambhala.  Confirmation comes from  the Norse Sham mythology of Valhalla (from Old Norse Valhǫll "hall of the slain")which is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin, cross-reference check to Jeremiah's prophet quotation.

Luz is called the Blue City.
So the question remains what does Luz mean?
The Hebrew word Luz translated is "Hazel" in the King James Bible (Gen 39:37) it is translated as "Almond" in the revised Versions Luz means "Wild Almond" in fact Luz means "Almond Tree" in Aramaic Arabic, Egyptian & Ethiopic.

Henry goes on to say, according to the Torah Anthology, the City of Luz (Mount Moriah) was indeed associated with an immense "Almond Tree"  and the water of Life  that nourished it, located in the centre of the Garden of Eden (Roseline-middle Earth.)

The association Luz (Almond) = Candlestick=Menorah
with the lit candle beside Mary Magdalene.

Menorah Luz Candlestick holder with Star of David in the middle, Temple-House of the "Beloved" School.

Henry concludes that God's Light-Luz House is the Almound Tree of Light, a place where we find Solomon's Temple & of coarse MM.

Perseus  kills the time water monster Cetus.

Cetus is the very last star constellation on the 23rd of April, by saving Andomeda-Magdalene from the Whale, we get overlap representation of Jonah and the prisoner of time Magdalene, the name Cetus is made up of three meanings, Ce means time-seal, T is the cross that also represents crossover, and us, verifys "We"  we are all in this together.

  In between Cetus in the south and Alamak we have three other stars that make up George's lance line, the next star southwards coincidently is in fact a cluster of 3 stars that make up the small constellation of Triangulum. Here George true colours are nailed as his soul was considered to be the reincarnation of Esau the hairy one that held the custodian orginal gift to the birth right,  the mental picture engrained with a maiden lying awaiting with the ambush needed to be covered over in time & seal modestyGallent knight George the Christian Soldier in defence of his Masters tomb,  is slected to kill the wicked Dragon-Satin, Georges lance dissects throu the Triangulum which give us a deliberate conjectured implant as the authentic guardian of the birthright Temple-womb-cave. 

The sister word of Alamak is Alameda which means the public-pubic walk between two rows of poplars. 

The Crux of Tolkien's  Lord of the Rings story, is located in the no light Temple-womb-cave, the near naked Gollum tests our wits along with Baggins, in the double meaning riddle word game, the "Prescious One" Ring is where the secret power lies.
English born Tolkien was a time served German language expert, he could see through the Brothers Grimm world word code, here when you try & master word source of Lexacology & the insumountable ways you can adapt, the words of the Jigsaw piece picture story book emerges, the Bible holds the foundation cement of All literature creation, but we must accept only a few people in History are Master Piramid Builders.

Tolkien's German word research, led him & his golden ring accomplice writings on a Journey with Baggins & the Twelve  to the issued cross-over challenge  name, Edelsteine,  the pinnicle capstone of his obscure composition mind bender  is now universally accepted  as cave light knowledge that goes Beyond the Edge of dark Time. 


The English swap word for Edelsteine is Eddleston,  the German translation is "The Precious Stone".

Eddleston name has had a few Name changes , I expect to hide unwanted publicity out of the Time prison, held guard by the Soldiers. When the Norman Saint Clairs arrived to the Eddleston Valley, afew miles due South of Roslin,  it went by the name Gillemorestun, the town of Gille Moire, or servants of Saint Mary, the "Precious Stone" the blind  riddle, therefore is none other than the gracious Wife of the Saviour.

Jesus painting found in Eddleston junior school, in the background is the School & Church, and the hill named Temple, a Druids worship site said to be part of Solomon's secound Bible Temple.

"When they had crossed over Jesus said to the twelve I will be ahead of you, in Galilee," (Place name meaning, “circle” \0)
Jesus awaits his "Precious Stone"

“Long ago certain truths . . . were discovered and must always reappear.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


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