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12-12-12 Door to the King. Kingledoors in the Tweed ValleyMAP7

The Last Supper ceiling  has a network of criss-cross lines, this pattern is affiliated with the River Tweed Basin and it's classic repeated crossings of rough wollen tweeds that are used for men's suits.  On the Map Kingledores Farm lies on the Saddle Abbey  circumcise -circumference-covenant on the 55:5 line of latitude  the farm Christian Bank lies at the arc end of the British mainland on the covenant line.   Kingledores farm is the Door to the King, the  A701 Road and Tweed river run through the Valley, on the other side of the Tweed Valley is the farm Hearthstone.

In the last supper above the middle window is the 180 degree Pi  arc, 12 noon marks the Zenith of the light, the 3 windows represent the 3Visitors that arrived at the tent circus door of Abraham, Genesis 18:6 tell's us that with the events that preceded the three Holy Visitors Abraham  was expecting their arrival but not eactly sure when they would turn up.   When the Omenous 3 did come Abraham  Bowed-Arc his body and head to the floor he knew in his Zen heart what, and why they had come, we obtain the catch 23  clause of the problem when the 99-100 cent-year old Abraham informs his Wife Sarah to be Quick, & prepare "Knead of three measures."

The King Jesus sits in the zero meridian middle Earth seat, opposite him on either side is two sets of 6 disciples, 606 is the number of the Zenith light of the Rainbow Arc with Blue-Green Cayn colour the 606 THz number  that corresponds to our Max-I- Mum  masked Lady of the Arc. Cayn is pronounced Sion, which in Welsh Language means John.

The Crossover brings the seal Rib of John to the Light.
Genesis 2:21-23
So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to come over Man.
God took one of his Ribs and closed the Flesh at that place.
Then the Lord God made the Rib He had taken from the Man into a woman and brought her to the Man.
And the Man said:
This One, at last, is Bone of my Bone,
and flesh of my flesh;
This one will be called "Woman",       (See Matthew 26:13 equates to 13+13+13)
for she was taken from Man.

In front of the King Jesus, is the silver plate coin of Time 100 Cen-T make up the full circle.

In the map Oliver Castle in upper tweed valley sits like a beacon  for us to be drawn like a midge in High Noon summer night's campsite.   Bowls and Circles in the Christian subject, do we ever get enough to Eat. Jesus was scant in detail in his real mission we have spent 2000 years in endless impenetrable pose questions why and what was the reason  for the Star man's arrival.  English author  Charles Dickens may have relayed a cyber communicative message for us to latch on to, with his Classic tale Oliver Twist,  the dissatisfied  Boy whom asked for More is the node point with in his novel, we can picture the dramatic jaw dropping image with the David and Goliath representation, the Brave bare foot child clasping his round Bowl in hands has all eyes looking at the Twist of Oliver in a new light, when we consider a few miles down Tweed river from Oliver Castle is the village of Broughton in and around this area Grail wizard Merlin Caledonia lived much of his life, Dickens eating bowl circle may have been out of time/sink, (1838 CE )  that may be the hidden reason why it was empty, Oliver Twist was  also known as The Parish Boy's Progress, the Journey goes On! 

 Twist and Torc-Torque are similiar meaning words Torc in Gaelic means Pig the converter is the turning moment, above is stained Glass window with 2 white Boars and white rose is the  coat of arms of the English Royal blood King  Richard III of England (1452—1485, reigned from 1483) this King was Obsessed with Boar mania, his Grave tomb opening in Leicester City on the fall of 2012 has caused Boar Resurrection awarness.

 Allt nac Torc, means the river mouth of the Pig which is found on the 444 m High Speinne Mor hill, which is part of the hill range that lies behind Dervaig Church Island of Mull, home to the stained Glass window of Jesus and Magdalene  where the Roseline Journey story started. Water's of Life is a allegory for pregnancy, as told by John final chapter 22 in Revelations.

Fire and Water fusion is the core to the understandings of the Jesus story.

Eclipse of Sun-Son fire with water circle of Magdalene tower surrounded with, leafs  & grapes that represent wine- human blood,  stained glass window found at Straighton Church, Ayrshire.

In Da Vinci's Last Supper a curious anomaly lies  Directly in the front of  Jesus, the outline of a gray Fire place is seen, which may indicate this is the back side to the fire, and the fire may also be on the reverse side faceing Jesus, this in turn, alludes  to another theory,  that Jesus and his reciprocal pottage Love with Magdalene, they themselfs are the "Heaters." Jesus the Hot coal burner,  opened the Temple  flood gate of desire, here the Hot pok-er or porker Head wallowed in the regenerative glory Vat.   

John 21:9

When they "Crossed Over" they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread.(Bodys.)

Roslin Chapel stained glass window in the Arch Vault-cave with Jesus in front of the two Gold shaped fire Diamonds. The highly prized gemstone is crystallised carbon with the same atomic number as coal, that equates to six, the symbolisim of the trinity of three kneeling prayer men, on holy ground bare-soul feet,  equates to the untimely arrival of the Omonous 3 high noon visitors,  that avenge hurtful morals,  606 is a code for Jesus coal burning crossover return.

Romans 12:20 (mirror)

To the contrary, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; (penis)

 If he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals  on his head.”

The Centre Mantle Piece-Table  with impassioned under currents, Da Vinci prompts our inquisitive nature, by inserting a radom fire place, we are invited guests of Da Vinci's Hearth, the central node of the architect design with in a house of the master builder, the Hearth  is planned around the home circle-kirk. The name Heart derives  from Hearth, the letter  H in gaelic corresponds to "Point."

Hearthstone Farm and the Standing Stone on Hearth, lies on the adjacent side of the River Tweed to the Door of the King, Kingledoor's.