Tuesday, 11 December 2012

12-12-12 Sin of Flesh awaits us at the Bar Judgmeant Day Bar-Davaar Island signals Christ return? MAP5

Davaar Island lies just off the shore of Campbeltown the Gaelic name, for Davaar is Eilean Dà Bhàrr.  "Barr's island"  the name Bar(r) has a number of meanings that include the place in court where the accused stands during trial.

Davaar island is also known for its seven caves,  one of which contains a life size Cave painting  depicting the crucifixion,  painted in 1887 by local artist Archibald MacKinnon after he had a vision in a dream suggesting him to do so. The painting caused uproar in the area as it was seen as a sign from God; it is said that when the townsfolk discovered it was MacKinnon, and not God, he was exiled from the town indefinitely. Restored several times since, including twice by the original artist.
(Source Wikopedia)

Christ at the Bar
Jesus said After the Crossover " I will go ahead of you and meet you There."
Archibald MacKinnon's  controversial Davaar's Island cave painting.
Some pictures paint 1000 words this one may help us understand the 2000 year formal agreement promise?

Davaar Island lies off the Bay of Campbeltown.