Monday, 25 January 2016

Does 25th of Janus doorway in 2016 open the Bible prophecy, "No SIGN will be Given, but the SIGN of JONAH.

In the Bible Matthew, Luke and Mark, make it clear NO signs will Be Given but the SIGN of JONAH.

January month is named after Janus the two faced God of ancient Romans whom was
the God of Doors, Portals Entrances and the like.
Around 23-24 of January 2016 East coast of Northern America was hit by a 1000 mile width record
snow blizzard, bringing much of the region to a halt due to the sheer depth and volume of snow, New York City and immediate districts where classed as the Bull's Eye of the apocalyptic ice storm, a unprecedented call from authority  road transport in the N.Y. area was banned, knock on effect meant Broadway Th-eaters  and restaurants closed. The Biblical named  Jonas starved Lincoln Center of performing Arts of mental and nourishable indulgences.

With Book, T.V. and Films, Many of This generation where brought up on the back of the distinctive  City's Sex promiscuity tie,  mainly fiction with a element of fact, indiscriminate N.Y. was in the public mind and eye for being a City that harbours and delivers, feelings of desire.

The name Jonas translates in Greek as Jonah which in turn in Hebrew means Dove, in the Bible
the Dove, is the sign of the message from God above during the Baptism cleansing Ea-water ritual, between Jesus and John, both Holy men are for ever linked to Sin and Love........ the Lord's gift of pureness of the Dove was a sign from above, that the act of sin that brings Guilt and remorse had been received ....... now a window of amends in respect of the creator's gifts, must be made known to the public.......the name John is also a variant of Jonas, while Columba and Columbus are named from the Dove.

As signs go large Earthquakes shake and nudge us into areas of awareness, that other wise would be overlooked, while storm Jonah was dumping its Snow, also on the morning of Sunday 24th of January 2016 around 1:30 local time the Cook inlet area around 160 miles south-west of Anchorage  was recorded as the epicentre of a very large 7.1 quake.
The name Anchor is often given to something that halts something that previously on the move, time to take a stop and perhaps support the mind that is constantly on the move.
In a slightly different context a Anchor is the name given to a Man or Woman whom
has withdrawn from the world, especially for religious reasons, Anchorage is the name for recluse's

As storm Jonah now heading eastwards towards U.K. on the 25th of January 5:22am, just ahead of the storm's European arrival, a second large quake, monitored at 6.3 magnitude, hit  the region of North Morocco near the City of Al Hoceima and Gibraltar area of Southern Spain, both countries, reported minor damages to the areas near the epicentre impact zone.

Picture wikipedia
Coat of arms for Gibraltar, shows key on red arc above is the watch tower-castle, the name Magdalene means watchtower, while the Scarlet Red leads us to the door of Revelations notorious prostitute.
Right up to 1969  St Peter's Vatican
lady of shame was defamatory degraded as a outcast honey trap, whom stained the honour of the
Catholic Church.
In leg-end,  Gibraltar forms the Northern pillar of Hercules, while the Southern pillar is considered to be Morocco's Jebel Musa, translated as the Mountain of Moses, albeit it may be the other Moses
Mountain, but our ancestors considered this location to have values that directly relate to the Laws of Mankind.
Pictures Wikipedia shows the map of twin tower entrance to Mediterranean, while below is
Pillars of Hercules with crowns on top are seen standing on water, the rib-bon, ties the sweetness of love between Man &Woman, considered to be a doorway-portal that is renowned for its curse & Great Danger, the pillars of Hercules also house the 12 labours, regarded to be a metaphor for the 12 astro birth houses, key legacy may lie with in the name Hercules itself, when broken down Her means She, while cules is a French-Spanish word that relates to the ass-butt, if there was any significance of a Earthquake in this area, it may be worthy to consider the nexus of the name Jebel, Jabel whom found in Genesis 4:20 was the forefather of All Shepherds, his procreative title was "the Father of those who dwell in tents (womb) and have livestock" (offspring) in Bible semi-code number 42 is the number that all roads leads to Rome, the home City of Romance.

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