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Honouring Martin's Wicked Serpent Mound at the Head of the Valley of Water/Ea

Dalan Eas Gateway leads to the Serpent's Mound,
in Gaelic Dalan Eas, means Blind water well.

On the West fringe of Loch Nell a few miles South of Oban lies a forgotten man made Land mark, the Loch Nell Serpent Mound is considered to date back to around the time window that Genesis was written.
Jewish belief is under the firm opinion that Moses was the writer of the first five/pent books of the Bible, in the Trinity chapters of Genesis, "in the beginning" of God's relayed words, the cunning Serpent, is directly
linked to Temptation and Fall of man,

In English the word Fall has many meanings that include, to stumble, both physically and mentally, Water/ea and Love and Death attach themselfs to Fall, in Hebrew the  word  for Love is Ahab, in I Kings 16-22 Ahab/Love is the King of Israel while his Queen Jezebel contained in her name etymology is the fallen disreputable semen helmet head holder.

Kings 18 Elijah's message to Ahab/Love
After a very Long time, the word of the Lord came to Elijah, in the third year, (2ooo years according to 2 Peter 3 :8)
"Go and present your self to Ahab/Love. I will send rain/ea on the surface of the Land."

2 Peter 2:17-20

These people (of Ahab/Love) are like springs with out water/ea, mists driven by a whirwind (romance).
The Gloom of darkness has been reserved for them.
For uttering bomb shells, and empty words, they are seduced by fleshy desires and lifes of debauchery, people  try to escape their errors throu each others nakedness.

The promise of Freedom. but they are mere slaves to corruption, since people are enslaved to what ever defeats them,(Gentiles)
For if, having escaped from the world's impurity through the knowledge of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ, they are again entangled (hair has the power to ensnare) in these things and defeated,
the last state is worse for them than the first.


yet there was a time at the start/end of the NiS-SiN arc, when the naked lure of Mounds with Serpent holds no shame when Man is with his Wife...... 
Genesis ch 2 :24

DIY sign keeps us on the right path.

Walkers on the back of the S bend Serpent Mound.

A pile of Stones mark the Serpent head, here in days gone bye, the giver of new life energy was worshiped, a place where wedding vows would be exchanged in front of family and friends, before Christianity religion the people's belief in the area of ancient Argyll was the soul's circle of darkness/death followed by rebirth neo and Light. The famous book of Kells depicting endless loops, reflects the journey of the soul,  with in Scottish lore the Kells book was created on the Island of Iona located with in the region of Dal Riata/Argyll. Iona is considered by some to be the birth place of Martin or John Martin, oldest son of Jesus and his Beloved Wife.

Cross-roads of pleasure and pain, is found up the blind alley of Dalan Eas(t)

"Butt the face of the Lord is against those who do Evil."

The tale of repentance is bend back with the five cup petals, the very start and End of the Bible give answers to our Journey morals.

Has the mon- Day arrived when Pi-late hands are now washed snow white clean?

1 Peter 3:8-10
Now finally, All of You should be like-minded and sympathetic,
to those whom believe in Love

"for the One who wants to Love Life"

Champion Prize inheritance is the blessing of the Golden Cup.

Demon-strative of the Serpent with in the urban City. Living water/ea From the c-up is "Our Source of Life" nestled in to the Bosom of the Beloved

John 18:11

Jesus asks?  "Am I not to drink the Cup that the Father has given me?.........

unto Peter, Put up thy Sword into the sheath;
the Cup which my Father has given me,
Shall I not Drink it? "

Loch Nell lies at the top of the Mull of Kin-tyre  penis-ula/peninsula.

It may be no surprise to find that Nell's Serpent mound's sin suggestive  name also means Horn and Light, the latter is sometimes converted to mean understanding,while the Horn carry's male euphemism undertones, in Latin  Cornelius  is bracketed with Nell, in the Bible Cornelius the centurion was the
first Gentile to be converted to Christianity by Peter, found in Acts ch 10 (X), evolution of the ongoing war between Cornelius related theme of sin reproduction has many facets that are sourced from Nell/Cornelius/Horn and the ongoing  birth/reproductive/death circle that can be overseen in a pie chart as 1-100% Cornelius himself was viewed as just another circle with in many circles, many even consider the chapters Genesis and Revelations could in fact be noon/pi that unites the ring of Time.  

Due to historical Bible related offensive morals, the "Head" offender is Liable to be screened and overlooked,  used as our vehicle for  our return, the Bible itself reveals a potent return message when conveying the very last word found in the Bible, "Amen" 

The name Amen is a adhesion of Amun the Egyptian male deity that as seen above is undeniably linked to Horns and Serpents, 
Behind the naked back of Amun is a vertical pole, the back to front-front to back message is clear, a  horizontal bar dissects thru the mouth of Amun, the mouth is considered to be the face's D-Delta representation of the female orifice, extending out the west direction from the pole mouth is what appears to be another bell, this time upside down so that the pole rims the bell mouth, a hand is clasped around where the bell handle may be found, again the bell mouth with feminine design shape confirm the validity of Amen's message, the ringing of bells today as yesterday alerts our Ears of a impending gathering, below the arm of the bell ringer and directly in line with the wee head of Amun, looks what we may consider to be a spoon, in gaelic the name spoon is given as Spain, which  lies in global map reference to the South of Scotland, in gaelic language ios means downwards or below. Towards the North of Spain it lies on the 42 degree North line of latitude, the same world rib road transits thru Rome, the significant number 42 with in many occult circles relates to ground zero, which alludes to adult acts that involve Bell mouths and Rods,  this well trodden path ties neatly to the alternate story of the Messiah and his own Love failings of his "down below"  human body, which gives raise to the sister word of ios, Iosa which in Gaelic means our Saviour Jesus.

Worthy of consideration is the commonly used phrase "Born with a Silver Spoon in my Mouth" which binds Arg-Silver-gyle-womb with Mar-tin, named after the son of war Mar and Tin the silver white metal that answers in the periodic table as Sn/S(i)n its number value 50 that with a nod and wink means ios or in pie 100% chart corresponds to that place down South, the lowly humble pie.

Returning back to Amun's rear vertical rod, observation turns to  a shorter horizontal Bar further down the back of Amun that is directed towards the calfs, with in Bible laws of Man, when God commanded the X rules to Moses, his brother Aaron with followers flaunted the New Covenants with the Golden Calf(s) mould, the wrath of Moses and God
now hung over our heads every time our eyes come into contact with the style of calfs.

In Egyptian antiquity Amun/Amen was regarded as......

"King of Gods and God of the Wind"

The Powerful Clan Campbell and their ancestors where many came from bloodlines from Ireland thru the last 2000 years owned much of Argyll lands, the Snake and Power throne was based at Dunadd, which lies next to the meandering river Add, the English word for the snake, Adder directly comes from Add, in Gaelic Ad is the Beavers Hat, a innuendo that relates to copulation

"Campbell's are comeing" is a well used middle ages term that was given to the Campbell Clan enforcemeant Army, as a result of the Earl of Argyll Archibald Campbell attaining the rights to the head of the Kintyre peninsula, in 1667  formerly known as Kinlochkilkerran, the Earl brandished his rule by consecrating the "head" town as Campbelltown.

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