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Two Serpent stones found in Scotland's North East relay Bible 1 Corinthians 13 Love; The Superior Way.

Aberlemno serpent stone sits on the lamb line ley, it  bear incised Pi-ctish symbols. The symbols on one face include the serpent, the double disc spectacles with Z-rod, Mirror and Comb.

The name root of Aberlemono is made up of two words, Aber means "confluence of waters" or "river mouth" this in turn meant Aber was used as a  double meaning, that relates to sexual union, the secound word Lemno, can be traced to the Greek  cult of  Hephaestus whom was based on the Greek island of Lemnos.  In English the word Hep is used in concourse forms that  means knowledge, or equally correct, on the right path.

Hephaestus is the Greek God of blacksmiths crafsmen, sculptors, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. Hephaestus Roman  equivalent is Vulcan where we can twin the english words vulgar and vulva, the female river mouth.  In Greek mythology, Hephaestus was the son of Zeus and Hera,  the king and queen of the gods.
As a smithing god, Hephaestus made all the weapons of the gods in Olympus. He served as the blacksmith of the gods, and was worshipped in the manufacturing and industrial centers of Greece, particularly Athens.    Hephaestus' symbols are a smith's hammer, anvil, and a pair of tongs.

Going at it like hammer and tongs is frequently used as a sexual related metaphor.

The Grail romance centers around the Blacksmith, in Scotland  right on the edge of the border with England & on the main-gateway out of the country or in if you are travelling in opposite direction is the Run-away Marriage village of Gretna, here the Blacksmith will  preform the marriage vows and legally bind Lovers traditionally done over the metal Anvil Altar that has the distinctive horn incorporated into its design.

The Late Murray Hope in her pre Millenium book Cosmic Connections, give us a printed disclosure of her psychic conversation, with Vulcan, she claims that Vulcan is a somewhat illusive small planet that is difficult to observe because of its size and it's closeness to the Sun, it is considered it takes about 45 days to complete its circle around our Sun, a cluster of independent French astronomers in the 1800s claim to have viewed planet Vulcan.

Murray states,  "Vulcan represents the hidden or higher aspect of the Self:
The secret builder, hidden away in the solar smithy, empowered by his Mother, the Sun?"

Vulcan was married to the most beautiful of the Goddesses Venus, she in turn had many affairs, Vulcan appearance himself was considered to be slightly ugly yet he was given the gift of creating beautiful  "precious" Jewellery, Murray informs us that Hephaestus/Vulcan/Ptah
"is probably best known for his famous Net"  which he forged over the kingdom and used it as a web to catch his infidel wife, when he caught his unfaithful wife & lover, he made public the treachery, of the flies undone zip the mirror of pi-z.

The weaver Murray Hope, was a frequent visitor to the Scottish Borders,   she left a Map that interlaced her own name with her channelings, the key words "precious stone"in German mean Edelstein, which translates in English as Eddleston, a village in the Scottish borders, the Clan Eddleston coat of arms have a Net, designed into their coat of Arms while the name Hope is a Scottish border clan name, in and around Eddleston has several old place names that include Burnhope and Harehope that link the past to the present, in the centre of Eddleston is the Black Barony Castle-Hotel the lands ownership can be traced back to the 16th-century where the Murray family where guardians to the Eddleston Blackbarony lands, the village Church in Eddleston is home to one of the Oldest bells in Scotland, now over 500 years old and still in use.

 Eddleston Bell toll was used to alert the local fighting men of Eddleston to gather for  the Battle of Flodden,  in 1513 the English Army routed the invading Scots and James IV of Scotland was killed.  1507  is the date engraved on the Eddleston bell, John Murray of Blackbarony gifted the assembly Bell, to the  precious stone net valley people of Eddleston, the quincentenary -  four parts of the 500 year circle was recently celebrated, may be it is again a time to gather and put our,
Faith, Hope and Love into our appointmeant.  

The day after Saint Valentine's Day on 15th of February 2013 a large meteorite  impacted in the area around Chelyabinsk central Russia, it took astronomers by surprise because the direction it came from was in front of the Sun. 

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