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"The brightness comes at the same time as the Voice."

                      "The brightness comes at the same time as the Voice."

                                  "Besides the Voice, do you see anything?"

"I will not tell you all; I have not leave; my oath does not touch on that. My Voice is good and, to be honored. I am not bound to answer you about it. I request that the points on which I do not now answer may be given me in writing."

                "The Voice from whom you ask counsel, has it a face and eyes?"

"You shall not know yet. There is a saying among children, that 'Sometimes one is hanged for speaking the truth.'"

                               "Do you know if you are in the grace of God?"

"If I am not, may God place me there; if I am, may God so keep me. I should be the saddest in all the, world if I knew that I were not in the grace of God. But if I were in a state of sin, do you think the Voice, would come to me? I would that every one could hear the Voice as I hear it. I think I was about 12 or thirteen when it came to me for the first time."

Joan of Arc trial 24th of February 1431

February the 24th is the 55th day of the year.

On the 24th of February 2013  Pope Benedict XVI delivered his final Angelus prayer and blessing, the reason being, 

Pope Says "God Told Him It Was Time To Go"


At the age of 12-13 The female Messeger of God,  Joan of Arc  was told to "Go on her Journey."



Pope John Paul II coat of Arms with Saint Andrew's style cross over Keys. On top of the shield is the golden triple crown made in the shape of a apian beehive, the M represents the great 1000 year seal of revelations, that the Saint/Sin clear ones of 1066 reincarnated came to reopen on the command of the Lord. The Golden cross is not full on, there is a bit missing on the rose compass West direction -  the spotlight for  see-kers  shines in & around the 1500 ce  time frame

  Much loved Pope John Paul II was born on Poland the country named after the Pole.

It is conceived that in the past  Poland lies on a co-ordinate geometry spot where world measuremeants can be calculated.   In 1978 John Paul II became the first non-Italian pope in more than 400 years, he died on the 2nd of April 2005  The Papacy of Benedict XVI  began on the 19th April 2005 the day before the 20th April which is the 110 day of the year, known as Axis day, on the this day on the year 1889 Nazi leader Adolf Hiltler was born.

Hitler abused  his birth date to give himself a Bible considered edge to his leadership, new fighting partners needed to be bought on board & ready, so that ambitions of world dominance may be shared,  as a result, one of the most aggressive advertising wars in history was masterplanned to suite a fight that Hitler and his inner circle considered in thier own minds to be just,  on the back of the powerful  auspicious birth date,  the Axis alliance, Axis nations, Axis countries, or the Axis, were the nations that fought in the Second World War against the Allied forces.

Roman numerals for the number 110 equate to CX  also known as See X or pronounced together as sex, used as a hidden Bible code.

Genesis 16:13-14

So she named the Lord who spoke to her:
The God Who Sees, for she said,
"Have I really seen here the One who sees me?
That is why she named it the spring,
"A Well of the Living One Who Sees Me."

 The coal bucket is the female orfice for the Neo (reborn) Nazi helmet, when following the coal trial in the bible, the doorway opens to the 4 person mess banquet  of the Arc.

Temptation, sin consequences & the  fall/rebirth of man with in the ark of time are all headlines used at the start of Genesis, they in turn lead to the 1 year (full circle) date before  C the number  100, which relates back to the  Covenant Circumcision Genesis 17

When Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to him, saying,
"I am God almighty.
Live in My presence and be devout.
I will establish my covenant between you and Me  and I will multipy you greatly."

Above is the Iconic German helmet, designed in the shape of the male reproduction Head. The distinctive  design was  seen & used as a reminder of God's Covenant to Man.  


John 18:16  The one Known to the High priest, went out & spoke (wheel) to the girl who was the door keeper and brought Peter in ( Joan of d'ark) The female messenger holds Rose banner, the Horse whispers to the twin towers, the arc of light bridge the two towers.

Underneath the white Horse is the old King whom appears to be dead, a blue/gray sheet the same colour as the water that covers most of the "King's" body, a  180 degree golden arc appears to be connecting  to the dead King's mid drift, and fades somewhere behind the calf of the Horse and souls of the feet of the King.

The artist gives the impression the King lying face up if alive would be able to see the girdle strap of the Horse.

 Furthermore a trio of trees then a single tree then a double tree seem to be growing in the Golden Arc, in the dark shadow a mystery ship in full mass sails to its secret destination, prehaps the message is hidden in the banner, a outer 5 petal rose fits neatly into a inner 5 petal rose, with another 5  jutting out  type  stamens, in a flower are collectively called the androecium from Greek andros oikia, meaning man's house, the Name Andrew stems from this root, from here we can now get insight to the origins why Andrew the first disciple of John the Baptist and Jesus "crossed over " with the Rose symbol and word being at the head of the Resurrection (anglicized from Latin resurrectio) is the concept of a living being coming back to life after death, Jesus repeats the pent-path circle message many times,  these figures symbolise heaven & earth  which inevitably lead us to the numbers 555 that draws a  diameter line with in the circle, with black and white dots in the centre piece they make up the black & white light message of the piebald rose.

The King's  golden crown has been toppled to the side, a small child with out arms  kneels, the child's crown is a garland of leaves which is a timeless  ever green man/woman  metaphor sign of a circle message for victory,  the obsolete form of garland is girlond, this word itself is partly taken from girl a young unmarried woman,  a maid servant or sweetheart,   the child's golden trumpet lies between the child and the King, music and revelations play a important part in this  end story   this scene makes little sense until we learn that in Graceland, Elvis collected marble statues of the Venus de Milo and  Joan of Arc

"The brightness comes at the same time as the Voice."

"You shall not know yet"

At Graceland Elvis beloved Horse was named the Raising Sun, the arc between the two watch towers, has now blinded my eyes like a Telsa fork volt flash.
Elvis Presley at Graceland riding Rising Sun
Elvis Presley at Graceland riding Rising Sun
Elvis Presley at Graceland riding Rising Sun

The number 18:16 when swapped around we now see the profound number 16:18  deep seated knowledge of the
 the golden mean number relates  the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency, which may give us insight why  the High Church leader dressed in lavish Golden robe  has his clasped hands outstreched as a gesture to forgive,  the Catholic church  considered to be the richest institution in the world, has deeply troubled the Chuch head, his face is a mixture of clown white  horror & blood red embarrassment, this day was allways foretold, nobody hear informed me that it would arrive so quickly?

Dressed in white gown a  divine looking choir person  also with garland on head, turns her/his head in dispair, the look of disgust brings her/him to drop on  knees, this confession is emotionally  painful  she does not wish to hear what the Bishop has got to say, she/he is so ashamed, the left hand drop a pair of cherrys, hidden sexual perversions are now being shamefully aired.  

Directly behind the High Priest standing in what looks like long green grass is a black bull, in the Bible the Bull is the centre of God's story that directly leads us to the  Temple Altar, when arrived  the unblemished  Bull was sacrificed as a sin offering, 

Exodus 29 10-11
"You are to bring the Bull to the front of the tent meeting, (pi-noon 12 o'clock in circle) and Aaron and his sons must lay their hands (measuremeant of man & horses) on the Bull's head.
Slaughter the Bull before the Lord at the entrance to the Big Top tent meeting.
Take some of the Bull's blood and apply it to the horns on the altar with your finger, then pour out all the rest of the blood at the base of the Altar.

Effectively God was giving  Aaron  & his sons  a visual embarrassing demonstration of blood on the penis after breaking the hymen, this meeting enters the sacred house of God  which is meticulously calculated, we are all born on our birthday of the big top circle, so every day is a Hi -pi Happy Birthday day with in the yearly Giro -circle-Girl date of initiaton.

Wikopedia states .......The cult of the Apis Black bull started at the very beginning of Egyptian history, probably as a fertility god connected to grain and the herds. In a funerary context, the Apis was a protector of the deceased, and linked to the pharaoh. This animal was chosen because it symbolized the King’s courageous heart, great strength, virility, and fighting spirit. The Apis bull was considered to be a manifestation of the pharaoh, as bulls were symbols of strength and fertility, qualities which are closely linked with kingship ("strong bull of his mother Hathor"  was a common title for gods and pharaohs).
Occasionally, the Apis bull was pictured with her sun-disk between his horns, being one of few deities associated with her symbol. When the disk was depicted on his head with his horns below and the triangle (burning bush) on his forehead, an  ankh  was suggested. It also is a symbol closely associated with his mother. The Apis bull is unique as he is the only Egyptian deity represented solely as an animal, and never as a human with an animal's head—perhaps, because from the earliest of Egyptian religious practices, they were animals sacrificed to the cow goddess and represented the resurrected, renewal of life  Hapy-Hi-pi  and later Osiris.
Apis was originally the messenger,  Herald  of Ptah, annagram of Path,  the chief god in the area around Memphis. As a manifestation of Ptah, Apis also was considered to be a symbol of the pharaoh, embodying the qualities of Kingship.

We as the journey people are advised by sages of old, our best path coarse is to keep close to the middle 1.618 ground, for example  courage a virtue, if taken to excess would manifest as recklessness  and if deficient as cowardice.

To the Greek mentality of yesterday, the Golden number has an attribute towards beauty, following  the arc of time, many people can feel empathy with  Alison Moyet's  lyrical wisdom  "I grow Weak in the Presence of Beauty"  Both ancients and moderns realized that there is a close association in mathematics between sound, beauty and truth, the eye and ear has the in built capacity to grasp the Golden mean property, where it be in real or mirror form.  The poet John Keats,  in his Ode on a Grecian Urn See for yourself
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," -- that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

Aphrodite of Milos better known as the Venus de Milo,   birth coat with out arms, a timeless global stereotype that  holds the eye pleasing motion transmission fix, coined as the  Golden mean,  sometimes there is more to life than fighting & killing.  Elvis was a avid collector of Venus de Milo style artwork, they and Joan of Arc statues where his pride of place possessions at  his home in Graceland.

"The Voice from whom you ask counsel, has it a face and eyes?"

"You shall not know yet. There is a saying among children, that 'Sometimes one is hanged for speaking the truth.'"

Like Joan of Arc considered to be Mark's 5 : 21-43  Girl Restored at the age of 12-13  Elvis Aaron Presley found his own awakening,  at the pivotal age of 13 Elvis with his family moved to Memphis Tennesse, this  journey transformed Elvis, his soul was rebooted, Aaron Elvis Presley  vocation in life, stationed at Tennesse (x -d-ark-see) was now beguinning to be seen and heard by others, the historic assigned diamond -coal messenger  from God role was being repeated, a new recycled Golden Generation Era where busting out the Jail house confinemeants that steal lifes throu the bribe of the 100 year War (fallen slaves of the arc- circle of time) or the horror of World Wars.

 Awakening the people around the Globe with the sound of the messenger's "voice,"   many describe the strange power feelings of empathic spirit that encompanys the "Kings" harmonics,  entering higher states of conscious reality  and being  "transfixed": fascinated; hypnotized;  mesmerized; spell-bound; enchanted are all well used adjective  terms when testifying in there own trials of what was heard & seen.

"The King of Rock and Roll", or simply, "the King"  Aaron,  older brother of Moses, (Exodus 6:16-20, 7:7; Qur'an 28:34) and a prophet of God, had returned to us to rule, this time the medium was bridged with singing &  music.

Apis was originally the messenger,  Herald  of Ptah, annagram of Path,  the chief god in the area around Memphis. As a manifestation of Ptah, Apis also was considered to be a symbol of the pharaoh, embodying the qualities of Kingship.

The brightness comes at the same time as the Voice. 

  According to the Journal du Siège d'Orléans,

Joan entered Orleans on a white horse, this was not the Maid's only mount, history recounts black chargers in war;

The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts waged from 1337 to 1453 between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of France for control of the French throne.

The female messeger of God was pre-eminent in her mission, with the year 1429 exalted 

after the Battle of Rouvray or red Herrings february, 

  the day following the equinox the 22nd of march 1429 the maid writes a letter to the King of England, the letter is in four parts, in a encrypted Bible sourced message with her God given mission, Joan, considered to be one of the four heads of the sacred mantle, "Sent here by God the King of Heaven"  the maid threatens the English to retreat, if they do not peacefully withdraw, the great misfortune of the wrath of God will fall upon them. 

Joan then goes on to take Orleans in late April, the following months we see the English army withdrawn from the Loire Valley. July  17 1429 the demi-god Joan oversee's her French King Charles VII  crowned in Rheims.

September 8  1429 Joan's luck turns as she leads an unsuccessful attack on Paris and is wounded.

November 24 1429 Joan and her Army are  besieged at La Charite. 

Spring 1430 Joan is captured & held as a prisoner of war. 


The number 1429 re enter the mass public consciousness, in the first week of September 2013 the U.S. Secretary of state John F. Kerry claims, "the US has evidence that the Syrian government killed 1429  people in last week's poison-gas attack in Damascus."

Kerry's narrative is a few days short of the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, on the World Trade Center with its twin landmark towers each with 110 stories With countless websites available on the significance of the 9/11 numerics which many allude the numbers can be rearranged  and signify some satanic or illuminate code or signal. 

Lord of the Rings author J.R. R. Tolkien considered the 110 number as one of the essential principles belonging to his classic tale, at the very beginning of his book Bilbo Baggins celebrates his eleventy-first birthday, (111)  the twelve dwarfs where assembled to distinguish the shadow last supper solemn event, with food in abundance, this gathering was going to be remembered, after all  this image of
God's number being none other than the Holy Trinity 111  the symbol is Poseidon's fork.


  Undoubtedly Tolkien was inspired  by Matthew 19: 27-30 & 

The Disciples Reward

27 Then Peter said to Him, “Behold, we have left everything and followed You; what then will there be for us?” 28 And Jesus said to them, “Truly I say to you, that you who have followed Me, in the regeneration when the Son of Man will sit on His glorious throne, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or farms for My name’s sake, will receive 100 (C) times more, and will inherit eternal life. 30 But many who are first will be last; and the last, first.

Much Like the game of Golf the person with the lowest score when doing the rounds, he/she that has the least strokes to get in the hole is the winner.

Exclusive All Male Club Muirfield 2013 Gull-Lane was home to the British Open Championship, the winner with the least strokes wins the prize of the parable product of the Vineyards  workers hard work,  the one that does the most work is last, ironically the pure one winner lifts the wine holding Claret jug, holes in one  and birdies is the name of the game when we go for a round in life, Gull-Lane looks on to the three islands of Fidra, Lamb & Craigleith, claimed by many researchers including Jeff Nisbit they represent the same lay out as the tri Grande pyramids of Egypt, they in turn correspond to  Orion the mighty hunter of the field, and his trinity of belt stars. 

In the coat of Arms of Gullane the Golden Crown is placed at the Top of the two triangle hour glass shape.
The word Crown is formed with the Roman numeral C that makes up the 100% pi circle, while rown is a variant of Round, with row & the letter n at the end chosen to represent  the number 90 the value equated to the letter in mediaeval times, this number in turn makes a regular 90 degree quadrilateral square, the name given in the Bible for the gathering place come  Judgemeant day.

The carpenter's square = 4   90 degree  right Angles.

 The four equal side squares themselfs represent Jesus red mantle distrubution, where at the C end the four crown heads return, the red berry rowan tree is a mountain ash of the rose family that honours the Lambs bread & wine Labour.

See the red rown Ash tree In Viking mythology, Yggdrasil the World tree to all life grew on an island surrounded by the ocean, regared as a Bible related sexual metaphor and a time seal. 

Yggdrasil in Old Norse means gallows this word in turn answers to  Odin's horse. Jesus tells us,  "Am I not allowed to drink from the "C"up my Father provided?"  John 18:11

The innocent look of invisiable Love. Alpha & Omega, cups and serpents marks, equals the day of sums.

The English word Gallon is a water measuremeant phrase, while owe is in respect to money or Labour owned, the Horse links us to the End of the Bible & Revelations, it indicates the comeing, with 4 Jockey messengers, for us to be aware? Judas the hanged decoy of the Gallows crimes paid the sum of 30 pieces of silver, the Roman numerals trident of  XXX  sum signal, in the circle of  minutes relates to 6 o'clock, this was when the 1000 year seal M, the wife of Christ cross dressed, this time as a man, with the promise of Love, he/she returned to break the Bible 1000 year seal, to reveal the hidden histroy of her reclaimed Husband

James 2:26
"For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also without Labour is dead."
"Blessed is a man who endures trials, because when he passes the test he will receive the crown of life."

Jesus confirms to us that time is only a illusion, our reincarnated souls are prisoners to the reproduction generative. Bible palms number 110 confirms the Priestly King, Jesus himself follows the circle of human reproduction.

In Holy splendor, from the womb of the dawn, 
the dew of Your youth belongs to You.
The Lord has sworn an oath and will not take it back:
"For ever & again, You are a priest like Melchizedek" 

In Christianity,  according to the Letter to the Hebrews Jesus Christ  is identified as a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek, and so Jesus assumes the role of  High Priest once and for all.

Melchizedek "my king (is) righteous(ness)") was a king and priest mentioned during the Abram narrative in the 14th chapter of the Book of Genesis.
He is introduced as the king of Salem, and priest of El Elyon ("God most high").  Like the last supper  Melchizedek- Jesus brings out bread and wine and blesses Abram and El Elyon. Shem the son of Noah, confirm Palsms 110 number designate Shem was  known as the great high priest, many Bible researchers consider Shem and  Melchizedek  likely to be  the same ilk.  

Genesis 11:10 records that Shem was still 100 years old at the birth of Arphaxad, but nearly 101  two years after the flood, making him barely 99 at the time the flood began, the name Arphaxed means  healer, water & Jesus are both considered to be healers, administered in slightly different contexts, where we find birth according to the rule of natural death follows, the cycle goes on, in the Bible it confirms  the importance of the  number 110. 

 Joshua 24:29  son of Nun, died  at the age of 110  about 40 years before the Exodus. Joshua was born in Egypt, his early life we are informed he suffered as a slave to ruthless Egyptian gangmasters, later the Lord found favour in the life of Joshua, he rose to be leader of Isreal.  Under Joshua's divine  command  the Israelites conquered the land of Canaan. Joshua considered to be a reincarnation of Melchizedek. Joshua divided the land of Canaan among the 12 tribes the allotted portions where accordingly divided to  the "Words of the Lord."

 A number of people translate the portions as a double meaning that signify the circle of the clock with 12 hours that corresponds to the  disciples accordingly, with Pi 100 % the  noon heal time and the center point in the middle of the circle as Pin King that represents the life of Jesus-Shem-Melchizedek-Joshua .


011 hours  is the mirror of 110 also known as the 11th hour the very last moment, which refers to the parable of the Vineyard Workers,  Money and Labour hire are found in  Matthew XX 6-9


And about the eleventh hour he went out and found others standing. And he said to them, ‘Why do you stand here idle all day?’
 Because no one hired us, they said to him.

The parable of the Vineyard workers can be further explained in Paul's address in 

1 Corinthians 9 :1-14 bearing in mind at the Last Supper we get insight of the double meaning to Bread and Wine, in the eyes of God, we Labour in service to God to have the right to Eat and Drink in the Body replenishing Vineyard, so that we can pay for new Labors via the Haven door, delivering us new bundles of Joy for future day Vineyard stocks, standing idle could indicate no partner,  thus no need to work.

See on top of the Mantle-piece, is the silver ring,  the coal fire is faceing the Jesus family, the Roman goddess of the hearth & household is named as Vesta.  Virgins & women dedicated towards celibacy where consecrated to Vesta. Da Vinci has reversed the naked fire message  so that the viewer is under no illusions as to which arsonist has been poking the fire.

The mirror of the Mantle piece Christ is the Circus Pole in the middle, the six disciples each side point the clock hand to three & nine respectively, underlineing the diameter of the circle, the coalition command of the full arc is the square in a round C.


Paul tells us Am I not free? Confirmation of the Earthly prison.

My defence to those who examine me is this..... Don't we have the right to Eat & Drink?  Don't we have the right to be accompanied by a Christian Wife?




The number 110 is also known as "eleventy", a term a derived from the Old English words hund endleofantig. 

1942 or 1492 both significant dates for America.


  The remixture of 1429 lets us return to the Maid messenger, when mirroring the word maid  we get diam, a abbrevation for diameter of the arc of the circle, the Christian cross and the circle of time start to look as if the full picture is staring us in the face, the French 100 year war  reminds me, to be wary of the number 13 tarot card with white horse,  with Rose message, the word mes on its own means middle, that confirms the bringing in the age of middle Earth.


 Many of the artist of time had the lady messenger on a white horse, the pi circle of 100%  of Christian time reflects the west compass rose direction which will be around 9 o'clock which is only the sacred 8 covenant years out from 1492 which was the year  Christopher Columbus discovered the lands of America in the West.


Reinforcemeant of the significance of the1429 date comes from a alternate golden angle when the countries of Austria & Spain wished to commemorate the Order of Knighthood towards the Golden Fleece, the recovery was the object of the famous 50 (roman numerial L = 50 which is the shape of the carpenter's square) Argonauts & their leader Jason epic sea adventures. 

Picture wikipedia. Chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece (shown in the Schatzkammer in Vienna) the ram is seen hanging from the chain, hanging is a metaphor for the wee hanging sin man of man, when eating at the last supper, even Jesus claimed he was betrayed,  the sequence of the joined 4 horns in the chain is a reconditioned make over for the Pattee 4 head cross, that  is considered to be the  reverable home of Ea, in Peeblesshire. The High School of learning in Peebles has the hung lamb symbol with in there coat of arms.

Coat of arms pf Peebles High School, the hung lamb is in the left hand corner, while the 3 fish is on the right hand side, the burning  torch is in the center.

 Northern  peeblesshire is home to clan grounds of Hay, which is recorded that a number of Scottish Hay's soldiers lent their support towards Joan of the Arc the Maid of Heaven. Hay is dried grass used for Bull & Cow fodder in the Manger, which doubles as the french word for Ea-t.

  Joan of Arc would have known about the Hay Freeman Guardian rose epicentre, which via death and rebirth the doorway that we all enter by horn & "unclean lips" is connected to the transit crossover soul portal Temple prize location,  the invisible  electric ley fabric tweed cloth that spreads its giant web over the world is used to convey the soul back and forth to its destination. History states at the Siege of Orleans, Joan's Scots-French Army  sung "Hey Tuttie Tatie" a patriotic march song of Scotland that  calls the soldier to the duty & service of a nation,  the door of death in service to the Lord,  brings freedom.

Later Robert Burns Scotland's national bard, rewrote the song in 1793 and named it Scots Wha Hae,  the words Hae, Hey and Hay itself convoke together, to Help us see the full 100%  picture........

'Scots, wha hae with Wallace bled,
Scots, whom Bruce has often led,
Welcome to your gory bed (death)
Or to victory.

'Now's the day, an now's the hour:
See the front o battle
See approach proud 
Edward's power-
chains & slavery

Wha for Scotland's King and Law
Freedom's sword wad strongly draw
Freeman stand or freeman fa',
Let him follow me!


On the trial of Ea recycles us back to the Sumerian EA which means "the house of water."   In the Babylonian culture,   Ea or Enki is the Babylonian god of water and bringer of life via Semen, C-man.

Ea the water God covered in scale type marks, which relates to Judgemeant day, Ea seems to be climbing the stair-ladder, in the Bible the ladder is in the dream of Jacob & sees the Angels climbing up and down, a metaphor for life & death.  The Destiny stone was used as Jacob's pillow, is now rested 23 miles due North of peebles at Edinburgh Castle. The  6  fish symbol relate to the origins of the number six, which means sex, Ea overseen the well head,  his standing foot has a boot while  his stepping  foot is naked, Ea confirms his status as the soul scale keeper, that mimics Anubis feather role, the town of peebles has 3 fish in there coat of arms.

Directly North of Peebles & South of the Castle of Edinburgh is the small town of Roslin, which is home to modern day  freemasonry which is based on ancient knowledge, the Roslin Lodge number goes by the obscure number 606  The masonic society is a system based on allegories of words & symbols and advancemeant is gained by degrees, number one degree is named the First Degree  or ENTERED APPRENTICE,  like John and the 153 fish we have to use our right hand side of our mind, to get insight, the clue is the name degree, something that is used in  measuring  a circle's arc, the last degree is the Omega and the First Degree is the Alpha, the ENTERED APPRENTICE, comes into the Lord's service at the very End and Start, Jesus did affirm in his words of wisdom found in.........

 Matthew 20:16 "So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen" 

 Mark 9:35 reaffirms Matthew's-Tolkien circle elevenses  mess-age ..........

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.”


this double meaning phrase makes slightly more sense  when we substitute the words and replace them in classic Masonic improvisation style to form the initials  EA  the masquerading at the time ball is complete at 12:00 o'clock, the Temple of Ea found at the very end-start of the Bible,  now comes into view at the End of the age.

 Sheep stell in the shape of the Omega letter, also the womb, in the circle of time there is a Pi point when each and every one of us, is Last-death and First re-born,  this neo moment was called Hi-Pi birthday throu the ages it is now has the  familiarity tag "Happy Birthday" the candles on the round cake bring us the torch center light in the clock, many of our friends and close relatives give us gifts & Money on our Birthday, which the Lord commands as the "Temple Tax" we in return give them a degree of our Pie cake to Ea-T.

Revelations 22:13

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Serapis, also spelled Sarapis,  Greece -Egyptian God of the sun first encountered at Memphis  where his cult was celebrated in association with Osiris and the sacred Egyptian bull Apis.  In English A pis is to have a pee, or urin-ate, which to a certain extent confirms the name for Pee-bles, the blessed gift to pass water, is also used as man & womans reproduction gifts, which Genesis near the very start of the Bible relate to Sin.


A Crossroads in WWII intelligence was bridged when in January 1942 U.S.  president Roosevelt  was informed by Britain's P.M. Churchhill the news that German submarine that carried the Bible code number 110 had taken a hit. 


Wikipedia Picture of captured U boat 110 - C-X the whole-hole number, with the British warship named Bulldog, we can only ponder on the Highly Classified secret nature of this event, to the fact that a curtain covering navey seal was  implemented, even the President of United States of America F. D.  Roosevelt,  was down the list for insider knowledge awakening, he was informed a whole  7 months later. 



Before  U 110 was sunk, a miracle  mission by dareing British sailors,  managed to reclaim one of the Enigma machines, plus a rosetta stone type codebook, like the numbers 1429 and 110 amongst others, the Allies days of walking in the wilderness puzzle metaphor, meant they too could see the Axis light on the long journey of major dispute from Damascus.


 U-110  was captured by the  Royal Navey on 9 May 1941 and provided a number of secret cipher documents to the British. U-110's capture, later given the code name "Operation Primrose". 

In the Bible Proverbs 5 : 4 & 5 relate to immoral seduction & wormwood, named also in the book of revelations,  that signal  the End days that bring, Judgemeant & death.

 Rose priming, plays a integral part. 

4 In the End she's as bitter as wormwood and as sharp as a double-edged sword. (Lady of Justice)

5 She's dancing down the primrose path to Death; she's headed straight for Hell and taking you with her. 

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