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So where did RBS get there symbol from?

The first directors of the RBS  famous symbol where looking  for a design that inbeded the mind of the people & would have  the ability to preserve  their divine cause as money lenders to the soldiers of the Christian time prison,  the agreed plan according to Matthew is a great sum of money was needed  as bribe money as the truth about Jesus and the events that accompanied the crucifixion was handed over to the soldiers as hush forgery money,  Matthew 28:11-15 explains the truth had to be altared.

The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, was founded in 1727  by a Royal Charter of King George I. Head of the hierarchy  RBS inducemeant team was the 3rd Duke of Argyll. Neigbours Scotland and England had been at war with each other in some capacity since and even before the border was defined by Hadrian's wall in A.D.122 & when not at War with the neigbours, the history annals are full of neigbouring clan feuds, Scotland & England for hundreds of years was a bloody and brutal place to live, how refreshing to read of a plan for peace,  commanded by Jesus but written by  Bible's Beloved John 13:34  he/she highlights the divine goal for the "freemen",

 "The New Commandment"    "I give you a new commandment: Love one another. Just as I have Loved You, You must also Love one another. By this All people will know that You are my disciples, if you have Love for one Another.

 The 3rd Duke of Argyll  elder brother the 2nd Duke of Argyll John Campbell after the Act of the Union marriage of Scotland & England on the "Beloved's" day on the 22 of July 1707 John Campbell, 2nd duke of Argyll,  (born October 10, 1678, Petersham,Surrey,  Eng.—died  on St Francis day October 4, 1743,   the 2nd D of A  was Scottish supporter of the union with England and commander of the British forces in the Jacobite rebellion of 1715 a defining moments in British history where the Roman Catholic Jacobites where beaten by the Presbyterian-Covenanter forces, John Campbell had viewed Bible John's vision of a  future of peace with our Brothers, the Act of the Union treaty  united the cause.

 The Black days of killing the neigbour had run it's coarse,  (with the exception of  Bonnie Prince Charlie's  Jacobite Rebellion  in 1745-46)  on the agenda was  "Love thy Brother",  this new British Isles concept  brought with it a new surrealism, pioneers and entrepreneurs confidence needed  Trust to do thier Trade, this new rejoiced reciprocal growth needed to have money foundations that suspicious neighbours could do business with, Brothers John & Archie Campbell with the help of Britain's first Prime Minister Robert Walpole  whom was  in offfice from the 4 April 1721 – 11 February 1742  provided the means of support that investors could build on there on loyalty, RBS was born on the back of the "New Commandmeant" foresight, the 3 men are often pictured with profused curly wigs, they where supporters of the Big Whig movement, this mind boggling hair display had  hidden secrets that lay behind the sexual power of the hair, as proclaimed by Samson found in Judges, the English word perm is adaptation of sperm, the more extravagant ringlets, was a sign that brought us closer to the Judge at the Bar, Jesus himself was the Captain of the Sea, or C-Ea the Sea-Seal  he is Overlord of the House of Sea-men. The Bar-Bar shop is where we cut our hair, the Red and White colours found outside the hairdresser, reflect the White-light & Red Mantle of Jesus.

Prison-Seal of time, the fire of the Arse-ornist burning bush is recorded, the mark of the test-icles is recorded on the pi-land-pictland  Tachograph, when we die and  are reborn as confirmed by John 3:3 we enter a period of notime, or never-nevertime, our ringlet circle of life goes on and on.  

  Walpole's strategy of keeping Great Britain at peace contributed greatly to the country's prosperity. Walpole also managed to secure the position of the Hanoverian Dynasty, and effectively countervailed Jacobitism.

The Duke of Argyll's family name was the Clan Campbell this name before the 1200's is hard to pinpoint, many historians claim the Campbell's derived from the Clan McDiarmid, in Irish, Gaelic the meaning of Diarmaid is "free man", today in the heart of Scotland Saint Johnstone football club  named after the Bible Saint John, plays thier home matchs at the football ground name McDiarmid Park, direct Ratification, of Field Commander John Campbell's inner understanding to gain his freedom in the soldiers prison of Christian time may be found at a unexpected location, Saint Johnstone's club badge, has the double head Eagle of the symbol of John the beloved, here 2 into 1 is preached and expressivly practiced.

 John Campbell's Red Coat mantle (Jesus) Army was outnumbered 2 to 1 in the epic 1715 Battle of Sherriffmuir, which lies approx 25 miles South-West of  McDiarmid Park. Muir(e) is a gaelic name for Mary, the element of money and time connection, was being viewed by a number of people including transcontinental "pale face" American law founders, John Campbell  based his troops a few miles from Sherriffmuir at Castle Campbell, in the town of Dollar, haveing survived astonishing number of battlefield encounters, where onlookers swore no one would survive, John Campbell gained a reputation of near invincibility, this insuperable passage of British History was viewed by masonic Americans in early Washington that John Cambell's mission had bible Soldiers

"Bribed to Lie" undertones,  man has been haunted with the powers of Hair since Adam & Eve's first sin, on our road to regain salvation Samson highlights in somewhat typical Jesus riddle fashion, even the Lion of Judea has been tempted with the amber nector food of the Gods. American spin to recruit Soldiers out of guilt is classically branded with Bible twist in  "The Adventures of Uncle Sam in Search After His Lost Honor"

Sons of Sam  with Sherriff pent badge, has his own hair curls dangling from under his hat, which reminds us of our lust juicy fruit  fire feelings, the tri colours is a number-colour connection that signals the return of the three visitors, due to man's wicked ways God, with the two witnesses  annihilated the citys  of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

the U.S. Soldiers of coarse now payed there bread (body)  Dollars,  in honor to reflect John Campbell's tempory wareing of the Red Coat Mantle, THE ICONIC FIVE POINTED SHERRIF BADGE IN EARLY WESTERN PALE FACE AMERICA USED TO DENOTE LAW & ORDER, GOOD & BAD TAKES ON A NEW SIGNIFICANCE, WHEN WE VIEW  ITS  SHERRIFF MUIR ROOTS.

2nd Duke of Argyll John Campbell wearing period curly wig, and Red Coat Mantle, in front of his heart he wears the Golden badge of the Star of David, this man was a incarcerated time slave to the cult of the "Beloved",  a blue aura is seen around his left cheek and above his left shoulder, the color blue is considered to one of the main colors associated with the "Beloved" also it is indicative of  Clairvoyant  highly spiritual nature, generous, on the right path, & new opportunities.

Royal Bank of Scotland founder Archie-bald Campbell has his picture on all current RBS notes, the modified "beloved" star of David sign in the middle at the top of the above note is the adopted logo of RBS.

as a frequent vistor to Roslin Chapel while staying at his county house at Whim  around 10 miles south in Peeblesshire,  he and his fledgeing RBS team found inspiration to what they wish to reflect with in the South facing outside wall of Roslin Chapel, they borrowed a Star of David  design from arch-itect  expert William Sinclair the founder of Roslin Chapel in1446. The Saint/Sin clairs where of Norman-Viking origins, after the conquest of 1066 Battle of Hastings, the Norman invaders where gifted prime grounds on the Scottish pi zero time line by the Scottish King  Malcolm III.

3rd Duke of Argyll  while  commuting  to work  was overcome with the Whimsical  notion  Symbol of RBS found at Roslin Chapel's south outside wall, the design is considered to be a adaption of the six pointed Star of David with circle in the middle, Star of David is one of the main symbols of the followers of the "Beloved" cult,  the name David means "Beloved".

:Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio - Uncovering the Veil  we find THE Black MIRROR CIRCLE OF LIFE, Martha with Mary Magdalene,  a gold sash hides the embarassing black with white trim dress, the tight protruding abdomen is classic signs of pregnant  sin of the "beloved"  laid bare at the Table, the mischievous bowl that Jesus dips his fingers in is metaphorically placed in centre stage.  Martha finds it hard to comprehend, with dropped Jaw bewildermeant expression,  "how could this be," her left finger gesture is pointing  with in a circle, which sums up the story, Magdalene's left hand middle finger points to the white Diamond, the periodic table relates Diamond with the number six, useing the mirror technique 606 is the number that represents Roslin Chapel, Gold and Black in turn are the colours of the Bee, King Tut's funerary mask unites the soul's death with rebirth, the souls portal was considered by the Pi-Ramesses Egyptians to be in the land of Pi-ctland. 

  The humble Bee works with indefatigable energy  for his Queen.



In the English language the Bee gets its code name by useing number replacemeants, the letter B is 2 and E is five, 2 fives equate to 55 degree latitude land of pentland, Roslin Chapel looks on to the Pentland Hills, above the Altar at Roslin Chapel is a inbuilt Stone Bee Hive. 


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