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Three Maps Ring Cross Over Time.

Kidson Cross maps, the Pi-blessed cross  overlooks the valley of Eddleston, also known as Gillemoreston and The Ville of Penejacob. ( The road to Jacob's Village)

Directly below the Cross in the Valley of Eddleston water, the Knight Templar's had two camps, at Chapel hill and Templar Bar, which are around one mile from each other. Temple Bar lies at the bottom of the Entrance of Mailingsland Farm,  named after the post-message. 

Eddleston Parish History of Peeblesshire. by William Chambers.

The light of History breaks on the parish in the beginning of the twelfth century.  When Prince David made his inquisition of the See of Glasgow about 1115 the Vill of Pentejacob the original name of the Parish appears as one of its possessions.

Hugh de Morville was one of the witnesses to that inquisition, and in 1170 his son Richard de Morville, who became principal minister of William the Lion.  (whom I  feel he acquired  the Lion name from our light body friends the Hathors the Lion headed people. William the Lion would have been the Tom Kenyon of his day, the selected medium with heart of love to convey gifts of information). Morville received a lease of the lands of Pentejacob, which then became known as Gillemoreston, from Engelram, the Bishop of Glasgow.

The lease runs as follows:

Know all future as well as present, that I, Richard of Morville, Constable of the King of Scotland, have received in farm from Engelram, Bishop of Glasgow, his land of Gillemoreston with its pertinents, excepting the Church; To be held of the Church of Glasgow, by me and my heirs and assignees from the feast of Pentecost in the year of our Lord 1170 for 15 year term.

I have given Lord Bishop Engelram 300 Merks beforehand.
And the said Bishop shall warrant me in the said lands during the foresaid term, according as his charter bears. And I have promised by oath taken at the Altar upon the evangel of God, for me and my successors that at the expiry of the fore said term the whole fore said land, which of Old was called Penjacob, shall be fully restored to the said Lord Bishop of Glasgow or his successor, without any contradiction or retention.

Chambers homes in on "God's Altar" the Cross of Ea  and the strange events that follow, 

Alas for the sanctity of human vows, for the oath taken at the Altar upon the evangel God!  No sooner has Richard Constable of Scotland, received his lease than he sets out to break his oath.  He signs the lease, immediately assumes the right of a proprietor, and gives a grant of lands to Ea-dulf,  a Saxon settler, in return for the feudal service of one knight.
Eadulf's charter runs as follows;

Richard de Morville, Constable of the King of Scotland, to all his friends and good men, as well future as present, greeting;   Know ye that I have given, and by this charter confirmed to Ea-dulf, son of Uhtred, Gillemuriston, which of old was called Penjacob; to hold of me and my heirs, to him and his heirs by its right marches in fee and heritage, in monastery and mill  and in all liberties thereto pertaining.

Ea-dulf was thus made feudal proprietor on condition of this small vassalage to his overlord, Richard who died in 1189.  But in spite of this seizure of the Eddleston lands, the Popes continued to grant Bulls confirming the Bishops of Glasgow of their  Holy right possession.

From here we can find historical  Parish names of Eddleston  which came from Ea-dulfstun which itself ousted Gillemoreston  which in turn itself had Ousted The Vill of Pentejacob.

So there we have it, God's Altar  we are informed is located  in and around the grounds of Eddleston, as told by William Chambers,  gossip and scandalous rumours, was not the style of accomplished  honest businessman whom became the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, infamous for his tender hearted decision on Gray friars Bobby, the stray dog tale, that captured the nation's Hearts, due to the untimely death of his owner, the dedicated terrier, never lost it's faith, and through  all seasons at night would lie on the Grave of its departed Guardian. Chambers recognised the similarities, of the lost Love tale, where generations of people never give up hope and faith of there Loving Master there Love for him was held with in there Hearts, the Master set up the Christian Church of Love on the tiny Iona Island, Western Scotland, the eternal candle was lit, promising on his return  to the dedicated of there arduous journey, that they would be rewarded.


Significantly  Gray-friar's Bobby, when coming to the Bar, to be judged by Chambers,  and prosecuted by the City's stray Dog Wardens, whom's duty of civic laws meant the dog was to be destroyed, William Chambers sent a message from the Great Hall of Justice, no doubt inspired by his secret knowledge of God's Altar and its own Day of Destiny, that on this occasion due to exceptional circumstances, of devotion, and a lost refound law charter, that came to Light at the Dock at the twelve hour,  Bobby the wee loving dog's life would be spared, and whats-more given the Freedom of Edinburgh City,  for Loyal services of faith to the absent yet enternal Divine Master.

Two sentimental films (1961 & 2006) where made that captured the emotional spectrum feelings of the People and Dog past and present. 

Jesus own Heart is considered to be buried in Scotland.

William Chambers sentence was freedom at the Altar, to Bobby, devoted in the husbandry of Love, the statue of the Dog is situated at the corner of "Candle maker Row" not far from the entrance of Grayfriers Church, where  in 1679, some 1,200 Covenanters were imprisoned in the open Kirk yard pending trial, here was a major  turning point of Scottish History, the events at Grayfriers led to the sensational Divorce of the Catholic Church, lead bye Scottish Law Judges on grounds of ancient constitution, legally supporting  the start of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Scottish law was the basis of moral foundations, many of the decrees where respectfully adopted in principal by  the Commonwealth nations.

Later Church of Scotland  ministers where considered to be the first to adopt the Dog Collar. 

   A common feature  in many of the Church of Scotland Churches is the colourful stained glass windows,  that let  the light of truths in,  giving us  a silent symbolic  tale that you will not see  on the whole in other main Scottish Church faiths. Grayfriers Bobby is buried just inside the arched ark-arc gate of the Convent of God's Church, the dogs  grave is usually littered with sticks of wood. CE-wood is also the marks of Time originally set  out by Enoch.

William Chambers of Glenormiston Estate  is around 5 miles east of  Peebles (16 April 1800 – 20 May 1883) was a Scottish publisher and politician, his brother and business partner was Robert Chambers. Both brothers were highly influential in the mid-19th century in both scientific and political circles.

Chambers was born in Peebles  and moved to Edinburgh  in 1814 to work in the book selling trade, and soon branched out into printing. He opened his own book selling shop in 1819 and founded the publishing firm of W. & R. Chambers Publishers  in 1832. The first Business venture of the Brothers ended in failure, the publishing house went bust, this change in direction in hindsight was probably the best thing that happened, after the pains of failure, Chamber Brothers foreseen a niche in the market for historic word Etymology research, there knowledge of Scottish words was collected along with esteemed words and phrases from around the globe, this package of information was to prove to be a worldwide best seller, with exports of W & R Dictionary's sold all most every where, that bought English language books.

The Chamber Brothers where period experts in lexicology, the study of history and meaning of words, when you decipher certain words and symbols the XP gateway opens to a new world of understanding, another passionate lexicologist was Lord of the Rings author J. R. R. Tolkien.

While studying Anglo-Saxon ancient word orgins, Tolkien uncovered Ea's middle Earth secrets, nervous about eating knowledge from the tree of life, he set about to transmit this underhand stealth wisdom of Good v Evil into our minds in a fashion that appealed to both Children and Adults, the trio of ley lines that hold the keys to Enoch's Temple, where encapsulated, into a Three-volume book.

Tolkien had latched on to William Chambers insight, while commuting on Horse from Peebles to Edinburgh, Chambers was picking up on physic nature energies, in Essence he was travelling the path of Middle Earth. God's Seal of time was playing on the Knowing Soul of Chambers Heart, the orgins of Human Truths, resonating in Chambers as he passed bye the Ancient highly disputed Cross of Ea, this Black and White  inter weaved nodus point, was camouflaged  by time, and name, with the promise of Divine gifts on offer, yesterdays invading Armys  where drawn to the magnetic charms of the interchangeable ley line Cross Over.  
Xp 2001 year was the window to launch the first of three Lord of the Rings fantasy adventure films.

With shadows of John the Baptist name  fitting role,  Elijah Jordan Wood was cast as Seal Ring Keeper Frodo Baggins, starting with "The Fellowship of the Ring.

  Lord of rings director Peter Jackson gave Wood three gifts, one of the sacred Ring props used on the set, to represent the Hoops Ce-ltic Seal, also Frodo's Guardian sword named Sting, named after the tail-End.   His third present was a pair of prosthetic hobbit "feet" which were worn during filming, the inflated feet symbolise many Soul life times.

 The Fellowship of the Ring  alludes to the journey people sharing the same End goal interests that bring about the wedding Rings  to the Lamb and his Wife, as people awaken from our deep sleep the circle of time, goes back to the start,  but highlights the test and trials of boy David,  we are invited to the spiritual parable kingdom with the death of the  all seeing Goliath 3rd eye Giant, whom measures 9 feet, the number of human pregnancy gestation, which in turn relates to our earthly cloth  full time measure, the yarn winder's yarn comes to the End.
Reciprocal  love between God and David is also rewarded to the people of faith and fellowship,

The House of David  embraces all aspects of Love.

Xp  2001 Holy spirit  fate was to play-on the minds of director Peter Jackson crew and cast while filming The Two Towers the second  film in the series,  Xp 2001 9/11  attack on the Twin World Trade Towers happened while recording in New Zealand. The U.S. housing market  had enjoyed  a over sustained growth in values, in 2001 the market was starting to founder many analysts predicted that the market was going to crash. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks  Bush was to declare war on Oil rich Iraq and Afghanistan, the latter  had sympathies with Bin Liden, the Pentagon Number One Xp 2001 Boogieman.  History has proven War is the most profitable industry in the world, the economic crash was delayed, a superficial inflated bubble of real estate growth ensued, our Day of Money Meltdown came in the fall of 2008, when many of the world banks  Over Heated, and consequently where either bought over, or Bailed out by Governments, projected tax payer funds. The Golden Crown in the Money Exchangers House of Jesus's Father  had been toppled,   the message of the False Profit God,
that encouraged "Greed was Good" ethics was in evidence for every One to See.

The year 2003 was to see the Third and Final, Lord of the Rings Tolkien Film, it's name confirmed the long awaited completion of the Ring Circle.........which in turn is the advent of Cross Over Time &

"The Return of the King".

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