Monday, 6 August 2012


A number of resilient Goddess followers kept the candle of Truth alight,  they where gifted with insight  towards   many of the riddles in the scriptures, a loving inner knowing  in their hearts would drive the devoted bunch of saints and supporters  to overcome the many obstacles they had to face, the easy option to give up and follow the mass was not in their make up. Differences of opinions leads to Fighting, the close blood relations of European Royal Families would harbour many bloody battles, on reflection many of these conflicts between God's siblings,  was just too hard to fathom there motives. Today we  have  the benefit of strongly suggested evidence of a hidden agenda of why so many fell, in countless religious  battles.

The Lady in Black  herself was the stigmatised victim of a misunderstood loving relationship, all she wished for was to Love her Husband and bring up there family in a harmonic house of Love, caught up in a sinister Evil v Good  plot this Lady's hidden Life story would give us All hope that her goal would be finally achieved, the Fairy Tale romance was to be  told by John's own visions.

She had a Gold Cup on her Hand filled with everything vile and with the impurities of her prostitution. On her forehead (spiritual third eye) a cryptic name was written:


Keys to Heaven are Held by Saint Peter, Jesus takes Centre Stage  with  John holding the Golden Cup with Dragon emerging from the cup's circle ring. Two fingers of her left hand signal the End of the second millennium. 1999 C.E.was the year that the Film the Matrix was first viewed, for many a door was opened in our conscious that things may not be what is first perceived.  The Matrix  brought in light to our  Earthly Prison, new boundaries set free our minds of ignorance, new questions arose  have our minds  been suppressed or even duped, we need to go back to the bible scriptures and study the secrets of our existence.

Feelings of Scepticism and distrust start to Arise. How could this Be?
 Confirmation comes to the seeker.  "Seek and You will Find"    Post Matrix 1999  the theosophical student of life every thing now becomes a illusion.

 A second question then arises if we Lied To HERE What Other Hidden Truths are staring us in the Face.
     This Stained glass window is located in the "Village of the Covenantor Martyrs" Muirkirk Ayrshire.

The Phantom of Mother Earth's Opera
Sings the tale of the Legendary Love Story.

Dark FEARS of  the 2000 years Prison Bondage  Masks a Woman or is it a Man?


Outside view of Window at Roslin Chapel, X over M  monkeys  basic school boys Love Language.