Friday, 1 June 2012

Hathors Chose Mary


Tom Kenyon  wrote a number of books on the Lion headed people the Hathors, he claimed that they are a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings whom came to Earth at various periods, with in our history, these beings, on the whole have compassionate feelings and have helped Humanity on numerous occasions. 

Tom himself was recognised to be in direct communication with a number of the supernatural star lion people, they chose the meek minded, Tom to share there secret Wisdom,  below is Tom's channelled Hathor disclosure, 

"We are the Hathors. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your earth. If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart. We are your elder brothers and sisters. We have been with you for a very long period of your evolution on this planet. We were with you in eons past – even in the forgotten days before any trace of us is known in your present written history. Our own nature is energetic and interdimensional. We originally came from another universe by way of Sirius which is a portal to your Universe, and from Sirius we eventually proceeded to your solar system and the etheric realms of Venus".

   The Hathors have blessed man with the  knowledge of astronomy, ascension,  farming,  building, and time calculation,  they help set up  Egypt's  3 great pyramids  that aline with the 3 belt stars of Orion, the time line transits them on the 15th,16th and 17th of June respectively.

In the modern calender the 15th of June, coincides with the Heliacal emergence of  Sirius, which has been hidden from view for months, and makes it's return on this date as seen if standing looking on to the sky behind the Grande Pyramid, lost in the antiquity administration of the older Julian calender which interrelates with the ancient Egyptian calender,   the Heliacal rise of Sirius takes place on the19th of July with 20th and 21st of July, they being the trident time days that correspond to the 3 belt star conjunction, this combination mirrors our Easter 3 day tradition of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the light of the arisen Christ falling into the eyes of Mary Magdalene, we celebrate the 4th day Easter Monday as the Day Jesus a-rose, this aspect of the Goddess celebration is honoured with the historical 4th day which attunes and unites the 22nd of July, Mary Magdalen's  feast day, reaffirming Saint Peter's "Living Stone's"  proclamation riddle,  this makes a little more sense when we remember that the word "Helianthe-Mum"  is the definition of  Rock-Rose.

Furthermore human photokinesis illumination is increased when we study the crucial astro date of the 21-22 of July, this  is the "point" in the Zodiac yearly circle where the cusp of the House of Cancer with it's symbol of the crab, moves into the House of Leo, which takes the sign of the Hathors Lion, Magdalene is the custodian, watching tower from above (outside the tomb) guarding  and caring over our own Earthly period of imprisonment, the Hathors chose Mary for us to honour, like the Hathors she  can read the meek love empathy feeling held within our hearts, BELOVED  John, the "Rock" of Jesus, confirms to us of his/her feelings written in Bible JOHN's cryptic love ingenuity messages,

 "Only for those Eyes to See".

Sphinx statue at Giza  takes the form of a crouching Lion with a human head, it sits in the shadows of the 3 Great Pyramids at Giza. A pair of  crouching Lions are used as  Entrance gateways all over the world, usually they sit  aside a doorway before we travel on to reach the otherside, the bible relates the 2 lions as the keepers to the Entrance to Solomon's Temple, the Hathors helped the Egyptians build the Great Sphinx,  it is used as a marker testament to the starting point of the Christian era, around the time of the N.T. "Great Census"  (measurement of mankind) the Angels came to inform Mary and her Cousin Elizabeth, of King Herod's evil plan of killing all baby boys, they fled to the safety of Home of Time calculation country of Egypt.

 He-rod's view, was that he was acting with divine interests and thought Jesus birth as a repeated passover  Judgement Day Time. He-rod  considered his actions as Just, and Marked the male baby's accordingly, the message was clear, Man's days where numbered, when the authentic day of reckoning arrives we are  now held responsible for our own wicked He-rod-serpent repercussions.  


Above is a picture of Egypt's Great Sphinx, the lower Marker towards the Temple Door.
 Below is a picture  of Edinburgh's Arthur's Seat taken from the west angle looking on,  it takes on the outline resemblance  of a crouching Lion, one man whom delved into John's bible revelations was WWII  Daily Mail reporter Comyns Beaumont, in his controversial book, about ancient Britain he claimed Jerusalem is actually Edinburgh, and the Temple of Solomon corresponds to the area around the Seat of Arthur.

Intriguingly the Magdalene Housing estate lies at the bottom of the North-East Angle of the seat of Arthur,  here we can find  the small burn, again named after Magdalene, it in turn flows towards Edinburgh's  Joppa port area, it does make one wonder, after many years of digging for treasures at the foot of the great Lion in Giza,  bounty  hunters may be
 in the wrong location. The seat of Arthur, was considered to be the second Lion that marked the End and Entrance to the Hathors portal.

Edinburgh is the home to the New Year street party called Hogmany, native Scots have celebrated this festival in various fashions since any body in written accounts has written, what makes Hogmany so thought-provoking, is that it confirms Tom Kenyon's Hathor account of the relationship that the Lion people have with Sirius.

The  Hogmany time date marker sits on the evening of 31st of December, after the ring-ing of the 12 bells people embrace each other and wish each other Health,  Love, and Good Fortune for the forth coming Year, integral  to the party is music  and kailzie traditional dancing, here people go round in circles often with different partners to embody the yearly circle with in the great circle of time of 25920 years,  the highly charged felicity dancers change partners to reflect the lottery of the next carnations, with in the time period, the sign of a good  Hogmany party is when the revellers manage to stay awake  well into the next day the 1st of January, these  dates with in the time line circle relate to when the mighty Sirius  alines directly with Earth at the New Year.

 The 180 degree Mirror of the Sirius star takes another twist, when we find that we again aline on the 4th of July!  Independence Day, which takes on a whole different mantle when we consider not the film but the Hathors as our older Brothers & Sisters,  we are informed that they are here to point us in the correct direction as we fullfill our degree in Earthy education and hopefully make the grade towards Graduation and Passover Ascension Day.

The Lion of Judah was the symbol used by Destiny
 Ascension Dreamer Jacob.  King David his son Solomon and  later Jesus, whom were all from the Lion tribe of Judah which was begun by the patriarch Jacob and his 12 sons, challenging evidence, that the Judah's people  where used at times as conduit mediums to the Hathors, the Bible claims that Jacob's stone, was the pillow that was used by Jacob when he dreamed of the heavenly portal. I find it ironic that today, of out all the adversely probabilities that must of arised during the Destiny's  Stone's conception that we locate the Destiny Stone's  Home in the land of the Jacobite's, what is more freaky Edinburgh Castle where it is now housed (1996) after a heavy round of political Horse trade offs, overlooks Arthur's Seat  in  the Royal Burgh of Edin-Eden.

At the time of Jesus the Druids where the chosen Protectors of Arthur's seat  the area directly South that covers the sacred ground of  around 13 miles  of the stone lion, the small  village of Eddleston, it lies on the bottom of the valley,  here the south Entrance of old and new maps has this area marked as "Temple" further up the hill towards  Portmore loch  the remains of a number of  druid settlements, have a commanding view North towards Edinburgh, this sacred area is the crossover location node that is the meeting place for powerful ley lines, the silenced Druids considered this ground to be the hidden Temple of Solomon.  God's Sacred Sanctuary.

Druids Rune of Ea is the Crossover Point on the 42 degree Angle, as measured from the Grande Pyramid, it's Lay out design Marks the 6 points that correspond to the symbol of the Star of David, also know as the Seal of Solomon.

The  Initiated Secrets of Egypt and Scotland where hidden under the name Ea-T  it is here Magdalene "Trained in the secrets of Egypt and the Alchemies of Horus".   Myself and my Husband came together in sacred Union to preform "The Sexual Magic of the Isis Cult".   "When I met who you call Yeshua,(Jesus) I had passed all my initiations."  "I had prepared for the meeting with him by the Well".  Ea is a early period name for God, it also means water, river and well. T is the letter symbol for the Cross.

 As channeled By Mary Magdalene, her-self with the help of the Hathors,  Tom Kenyon and Judi Zion.

  MM Burning Bush  from the very start  was destined to be consummated.  Though vocation the  Druids knew the Divine Lovers Plan, but where callously massacred, as the Dead Tell no Tales.